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 +====== 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati ======
 +{{ ::​bloodlines_of_illuminati.jpg?​direct&​200|}}
 +These essays are from the book named above by author Fritz Springmeier.
 +Book Slogan: These families are all somehow related to the Illuminati. Read on to find out more.
 +The book sale description:​ Bloodlines of the Illuminati is a unique historical genealogical who'​s-doing-it book, rich in detail, providing a devastating exposé of the people and families who are THE movers and shakers of the United States and the entire world. You will recognize some of the names instantly. Many names have been purposely hidden from mainstream view. From international finance to war, presidents and dictators alike pay heed to these people. "​Influence"​ doesn'​t even come close to describing their power. Who are they? Author, Fritz Springmeier provides a wealth of material and inside information based on eyewitnesses. His outstanding research provides facts that are not available elsewhere. When you finish reading this book, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and you'll see the fascinating big picture. You will know who runs the New World Order conspiracy, and who is in the Illuminati. You may discover for yourself the Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
 +Alternative book sale description:​ Who really controls world events from behind-the-scene?​
 +Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this 624 page, large format book, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties.
 +You’ll learn of the secretive, Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S.A. and around the world.
 +Along the way you’ll find out, \\
 +why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed \\
 +who created the United Nations \\
 +who controls the two major U.S. political parties \\
 +how the Rothschilds invented and control modern-day Israel \\
 +who secretly founded false religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, \\
 +...and much, much more. A literal encyclopedia of rare, unbelievable information!
 +Discover the amazing role these bloodlines have played - and are now wielding - in human history, with family names such as:
 +  * [[Introduction - Foreword By Fritz Springmeier]]
 +  * [[The Astor Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Bundy Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Collins Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The DuPont Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Freeman Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Kennedy Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Li Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Onassis Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Reynolds Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Rockefeller Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Rothschild Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Russell Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Van Duyn Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Merovingian Bloodline (European Royalty)]]
 +===== Associated Families =====
 +  * [[The Disney Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The Krupp Bloodline]]
 +  * [[The McDonald Bloodline]]
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