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 +====== Canino To Spend 15 Years Behind Bars For Wife's Murder ======
 +Posted: 5:10 pm PST January 21, 2011
 +Updated: 5:13 pm PST January 21, 2011
 +SPOKANE -- A Mead father will spend 15 years in prison for killing his wife in front of their young son.
 +In court Friday, a judge told Jeffrey Canino he could never contact his son again.
 +The family of Canino’s wife, Michelle, was there for the sentencing and said losing her has devastated the entire family.
 +His 11-year-old son is a material witness in the case against Canino. On the morning of December 2nd he told investigators he was waiting for his mom outside and went inside the house to see what was keeping her. He found her lying on the kitchen floor bleeding.
 +Michelle Canino told her son to call 9-1-1 to tell dispatchers she was dying and that she had been stabbed by her husband Jeffrey. When the son asked his dad why he stabbed his mom he said because she was going to file for a divorce.
 +The boy also told investigators his dad was depressed over losing his job at Camp Chevrolet where he worked for two years.
 +Canino pleaded guilty last year to Second Degree Murder and told the court he doesn’t remember anything that happened that night.
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