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 +====== Carmel Ganino ======
 +===== Coordinator of Promotions and Communications,​ Hume City Council =====
 +{{:​carmels_photo.jpg |}}
 +Carmel’s current role is Coordinator of Promotions and Communications for Hume City Council. Prior to this role, she worked in the tourism industry for over 11 years, in both the private and not-for-profit sector.
 +Carmel has a wealth of experience in tourism, with an emphasis on marketing and communications,​ as well as a tertiary qualification in Tourism Management. Her roles in the industry have included Tourism Coordinator at the Melbourne Observation Deck, Business Development Manager at The National Opal Collection and most recently, Media and Communications Manager for the National Trust (Victoria).
 +Carmel has extensive experience with the Victorian Tourism Awards, having been responsible for submissions for the National Opal Collection, and for the Old Melbourne Gaol (whilst working for the National Trust). ​ The Old Melbourne Gaol submission went on to win the State and National Awards for the past two years in a row.
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