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 +====== Centrelink ======
 +{{ ::​centrelink.png?​nolink|}}
 +Centrelink is stupid, do something else. Go into study or go into the NEIS program. Wants to do NEIS, they say he needs to be on Newstart, doesn'​t want to be on Newstart wants to do some business training, goes to the trouble of getting onto Newstart. NEIS course starts three months later. They will abuse you and put you through hell either glue yourself to wall until then or just forget it. Save yourself "but you have to be on Newstart to be elidible for NEIS", "its suspended you will have to reapply",​ and "why are you not looking for full time work, get some medication for insomnia"​.
 +Ironically was getting some customers before government business training put him out of business, because if serves customers Centrelink will be on his back, he is a dole rorter. So let's wait until socialism gets its act together.
 +Fail, its crap. Do something else, tell them you want to be registered as unemployed but don't want to be on Newstart.
 +Why do you need NEIS anyway? Answers: have you seen the commercial rental prices, what first year business can afford 500 p/w.
 +Fail, your screwed. Say no to socialism.
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