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 +====== Copyright ======
 +The policy of copyright compliance at
 + respects copyright, questionable information that infringes copyright and even sensitivities can simply be addressed by contacting us. If in breach the data will be reviewed and removed in a timely manner.
 +Copyright at is a question of people being as important as their work, if a work is popular then the people that produced it should find wealth and success equally.
 +As a guide copyright expiration is generally either 50 or 70 years after a work was created.
 +The data at falls into four categories.
 +  - The data is out of copyright meaning ​
 +    - the life of copyright holder plus 70 years
 +    - life of the copyright holder plus 50 years if death was before 1955
 +    - 70 years from publication (sound recordings, cinematograph films)
 +    - 50 years after making (television broadcasts and sound broadcasts)
 +    - 25 years from publication (published editions of works)
 +    - 50 years from publication (photographs,​ no longer applicable since 1 January 2005)
 +  - The data is still in copyright but is published in promotion of a persons work. An example of this is unknown artists that welcome the advertisement. If the copyright holder feels infridged then simply contact us and the data will be removed.
 +  - Their is a general apathy by the copyright holders in the copyrighted information. Not all information that is copyright is worth copyright. An associated party must enforce it.
 +  - The data is released by the copyright owner to be published.
 +Content removal request can be made by  [[:​contact|contacting the webmaster]]
 +Notice May 2014: we are currently in the process of a copyright audit which will continue for several months.
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