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 +====== Gun Control Or Homicide Rates? ======
 +Gun Control or Mind Kontrol, Homicide rates have not changed.
 +The main reason the state seeks gun control is to shift the balance to Police in order to save the Monarchy.
 +The Police will then standover people, abuse them, physically injure them, strip search them, order them to stick objects in their mouths and drive needles into them, unlawful search and seizure and unlawful stopping of private persons and interrogation.
 +The Australian public become psychologically incapable of standing up for their rights. They will generally live in fear. When Police stop them unlawfully they will comply and have their personal sovereignty and self-determination ruined.
 +**Police are not allowed to stop you or stop you in your vehicle unless they suspect you of a crime, when Police do this such as "booze bus" it is unlawful.** It is unlawful for Police to arbitrarily wave people down, then ask for identification and then force you to blow into or lick objects, perform blood tests and if you decline detain and violently assault you. It is unlawful of the state to deny Australians the basic tenants of law and natural law.
 +It is a basic tenant of the system we live in, Police are not a super member of the state. The state wants to endow the Police with a super status which renders all Australians injured and worse off. The state wants to psychological damage you into believing the Police are honest and can do no wrong. The state then hides and lies about so called "bad cops" when it comes into the public eye.
 +Mass shooting, terrorism, gun control? it is all fake and the evil people that spread these indicators of reality know they'​re lying. Violence and homicide rates remain pretty much constant. The only reason the state wants the guns is the same reason the English attempted to take the guns from the Americans doing the war of independence. Nothing to do with homicide.
 +Next: The secret mass censorship that Australia lives under to stop homicide.
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