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 +====== Humans Are Cruel ======
 +The Torture & Death of Animals and The Torture & Death of Loved Ones
 +{{ ::​animalcruel785x442_1_.jpg?​nolink&​500|}}
 +Humans have a greater dexterity of nature so that means the torture of animals and others who have less dexterity over the situation. The torture of animals is widespread in the world. From the smartest to the dumbest person, scientists perform ghastly experiments on animals and many people slowly torture animals to their deaths for no reason or even to conform with their nature. Keeping animals in cages is a widespread practice.
 +The torture and death of loved ones, children, adults, the elderly also occurs from the beheading of son or daughter in the Islamist video, to the destruction of a child, the rape and torture to death of a child by a pedophile'​s as was the case in Indonesia.
 +The trauma aversion of NDR as some kind of spiritual worthiness is bizarre at best.
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