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 +====== Biotic Mediciations Using Evolution Or Genome Hacking ======
 +The idea of using bacteria, virii to fashion medications for the human body. The human body is home to many micro organisms what if we could train a colony to do a specific task, like clear fatty deposits, clear clots and so on. Probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial to the human body and aid in health benefit while what if we could create such organisms to our requirements.
 +The Carolina Reaper is the hottest chile in the world, it was evolved using cross pollination from the hottest chillies eventually resulting in the Carolina Reaper, now we don't care to evolve medicinal plants. ​
 +These micro-systems are found in every part of the human body and now, scientists have unveiled the first survey the "human microbiome,"​ which includes 10,000 species and more than 8 million genes.
 +A bacteria can also operate for a time until the immune system cleans it up or live in the human on a permanent basis and be in a way a secondary immune system. Take for example Salmonella and e-coli what if a pre-meal beverage was a bacteria trained to feast on Salmonella or e-coli, in order that a food poisoning be made trivial. A biotic microphage. Perhaps a virus can be educated to seek out cancer cells, damaged or senescent cells and gobble them up.
 +The technology of evolution takes a behaviour and magnifies it, but the technology must be developed to create a behaviour in the biotic rather than take advantage of an existing behaviour. I used to think that the fleas, in flea circus were trained to perform tasks rather than say have carriages tied to them. Well does bio-hacking with Cripr have a role play in creating the provirii and probacteria that we require or can we take any bacteria and using some technology retrain to do what we need? 
 +However marvel at the possibility of engineering a micro-organism for health benefits to the human body.
 +<iframe width="​560"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​​embed/​-AHsFKK9YLE"​ frameborder="​0"​ allow="​accelerometer;​ autoplay; encrypted-media;​ gyroscope; picture-in-picture"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe>​
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