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 +====== Sexual Techniques ======
 +A list and study of sexual techniques.
 +  * Be slim and fit so that your body is not a turn off.
 +  * Present a clean body. Remove excessive hair that does is not considered a turn on.
 +  * Use expensive fragrances and deodorants.
 +  * Use beer or wine as lube
 +The mind set is get the woman to orgasm as quick as possible.
 +  * Attempt an introduction to introduce the body towards female orgasm. Attempting to speak to the physiological system rather than the person. This involves moving our hands over parts of the suxual and sensual body. Perhaps rubbing of the inner thighs or parts of the body, spreading the area. You want to be able to speak to the biological system rather than the person to cause orgasm and easily and as quickly as possible.
 +The clitoris itself might be sensitive, all of the action is the use of the hood to act on the clitoris.
 +  * the main action is a fast round and around motion over the clitoris. You want to think of jingling the hood to stimulate the clit.
 +  * fast up and down stroking the hood of the clitoris. This can be at a 45 degree angle that places pressure on the hood.
 +  * Side to side stroking of the clitoris, ​ along each side of the hood of the clitories, perhaps one side with finger the other with tongue.
 +  * Fast tapping the hood clitoris with 4 finger repeatingly to activate orgasm. ​
 +  * Open hand in a round and round motion over the whole vagina especially over clitoris.
 +  * Open hand in a round and round motion over the whole vagina with occasional finger insertion and finger thrusting with 2 fingers and up to 3 fingers along with clitoral stimulation using tongue.
 +  * 2 finger thrusting and round and round the hood simultaneously
 +advanced technique
 +she initiates crouching over the mouth 
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