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 +====== White People ======
 +{{ ::​no-blacks-no-irish-no-dogs-840-450.jpg?​nolink&​200|}}
 +**London-born Esther Doyle, 61, says she is part of the generation that grew up with the 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish' signs and experienced a lot of casual racism in her early life. This shows how white people are constantly seeking a scapegoat.**
 +White people probably refers to northern Europeans and western Europeans. It is a designation made by white people to distinguish themselves from black people and other races. Be aware that white people used to be racist against other white people before they exported it, so it is not about ideal white people, they require a scapegoat and a lack of race other white people become the scapegoat.  ​
 +White people are...
 +  * prone to racism, they established racial regimes in their colonies. A form of government called Apartheid that separated black from white. We live in a racial world because of the English. They sowed the racial seed where ever they went, they even have played racial card against other white people, such as with the Irish. They wrote a complete erroneous library based on race and crazy science which they have all but covered up. 
 +  * they would eat their own if it came to that.
 +  * they practice human hunting.
 +  * the majority of serial killers are white.
 +  * the majority of public massacre are white
 +  * their aristocratic societies are a death tribal cult
 +  * prone to militancy, the militancy posture of the Earth has been predominantly the posture of English speaking societies.
 +  * In the interest of a white world they have faked everything, their science is fake, their medicine will kill you, the politics fake, the laws fake, the arts fake, the freedoms fake, their history fake, their landmarks fake.
 +  * they are prone to mental illness and ignorance
 +  * scapegoating
 +  * beware they have been the cause of extinction of known species of animals such as the dodo and many others, they are the primary cause of the current worldwide ecological disaster. They poison the world and ruin the Earth. That this their nature. The white man has caused 322 animal extinctions.
 +They are have not been known to openly execute people in the streets in mass number as other regimes do, such as Arabic regimes or the Asian regimes, Stalin or Greco, but they agitate for major wars to achieve the same result. Their prescription of death means mercury in the fish, chemicals in the air, ddt in your food, industrial waste in your water and they also sow the seeds of international conflict, the Russian revolution which saw the murder of the Russian royal family was caused by Queen Victoria'​s rivalry and jealous over the popularity of the Czar.
 +Some white types...
 +  * dumb blonde, for instance Donald Trump.
 +  * mananimal, known to rape and murder.
 +  * psychopath, sociopath, tall large forehead.
 +  * trailer trash, just add alcohol.
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