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Motorhome Civilization

Lifestyle development based around the motorhome. A plan for a civilization based on mobile living, sub-culture or supported lifestyle.


  1. Efficient, the technology can improve homestead living efficiency, while solar is a key technology of motor home living, its flow on effect improves all living styles.
  2. Communal, maintaining the need for people, meeting new people and old people without social anxiety.
  3. Learning Through Experience, why see it in a book, when you can see it for real.
  4. Last but not least, no alimony.

The model of the universe prefers the motor-home rather than a static household, civilization use of static materiel is excessive, too rigid, non customizable. In space their is heaps of space but you have to travel great distances to get anywhere, skipping the static material or static base model for full time open space in a mobile space home just might be the way to go for many people.

A futuristic alternative lifestyle where its normal to purchase your Millennium Falcon and basically shoot off into the galaxy pitching long term wherever one can catch some good rays, collecting meteors for their metal value and collecting exotic material on the way such as anti-matter. All of which can be be exchanged for Romulan roubles at anyone of the various docking stations. The docking station is basically Las Vegas in a space station where all manner of vice is legal, available and encouraged in order to spend those roubles and live it up.

So the motor home model might be more normal in the expanse of the space without stigma or prejudice.

Motorhome Technology Development Graph

Land Based Motorhome

Land based motorhome is about getting everyone who either cannot afford to live in homesteads or whom the lifestyle will appeal to and getting them equipped to be responsible members of the lifestyle. For governments it means providing the support system for this type of lifestyle including 7 day parking areas with public toilets and water. Small concentration of motorhomes in an allocated parking area say 5 maximum but many of them within a city. They are moved on after 7 days but are available to stay another seven days in other allocated areas. A government of this type is a network which binds it all together to provide work and funds, supplies and places to park but also keeps them moving on.

Amphibious Motorhome Level

Amphibious Motorhome lifestyle involves creating ocean nodes and linking the globe making any amphibious motorhome capable of circumnavigating the globe. Multiple permanent barges are set between two routes for example a barge every 5,000 metres from California to Hawaii to Tokoyo with the Islands along the way being major hubs, then with an Amphibious Motorhome one can set off along the route and stay safe, as traffic increases aid and safety will also increase. These barges provide aid and hold supplies, popular barges will grow into Malls while unvisited barges are simply rest areas. With the amphibious motorhome one can drive around the world and access every continent. Governments will need to cater to this in two ways, a) scattering parking facilities across their nation with 7 day parking areas with toilet and water supply and providing inexhaustible work for travellers to do such as generating power using human energy for money. Once Amphibious Motorhome Level is expanding with new companies competing to provide services, the Air Ship Motorhome Level can begin to be advanced and the low earth orbit node. These barges may be situated to form a surfing lifestyle that lead surfers to the best waves around the world, so that keen surfers live kriss krossing the globe.

Airship Motorhome Level


Spaceship Motorhome Level

The whole point was to get to this stage, technology development of all levels was with spaceship level in mind. Preliminary a person takes a flight to a space station where they can rent a pod which provides the group with autonomous access to space within an assistable zone, an assist truck can aid any situation or like dodge cars a pod can be controlled to a service centre, but the basis of autonomy is set and the pods made smarter, more independent and bigger and the assist zones larger, until the assist zones are called off and space becomes fully autonomous for any person who can afford a vessel. Where he can create any service to fulfil any need. For a period of time the orbiting bases form the matrix of control. These bases like the barges in the prior level that form the material network, with popular bases becoming malls and smaller bases rest areas.


Safety should not be allowed to stop the show, the show must go on.

Inexhaustible Work

Their are several things a human can do that are inexhaustible in demand. These inexhaustible jobs are available to all people at all places, because mobile living is about moving from place to place then work must also be immediately available across space. Inexhaustible occupations dictate the money supply. Inexhaustible occupations are very low paying but are the ratio for which basic services are priced and can be met. Specialized and higher end occupations pay for the the inexhaustible work product as a luxury in the conventional way we do not produce the electricity we use everyday.

No civilization is legitimate without full capitalization of human energy without resorting to obtuse states of energy.

  • Energy production using human energy in return for Romulan roubles, a person can generate electricity using his brawn in return for David Bowies, due to the unlimited need for clean energy. The ability to produce electricity is through a variety of gymnasium machines, this even allows people who are not mobile lifers to be paid to workout full time. A man should be paid minimum wage for 40 hours of pumping iron.
  • The mining of materials and drop off in return for Romulan roubles, a person can mine asteroids and return the sought materials to any one of the outlets in return for David Bowies. All things in the universe are priced and can be deposited for roubles, that is all element.
  • A space lifer can gather exotic materials needed by science and return them to anyone of the outlets in return for David Bowies.
  • Other, their will be several other inexhaustible work jobs.

Their are no hand outs, a “healthy” person can take part in inexhaustible work at anyone of the outlets that support it without interviews, they simply redeem numbers to their card as the machine they use produces as it is being used. They then take that card to reception and get legal tender funds.

Using pedal power to generate electricity

Using pedal power to generate electricity is not a new idea, of course, but Billions in Change says it has been able to refine the concept. “Energy-producing bikes are not new, but before Free Electric there wasn't anything that produced enough electricity to power 24 light bulbs, a fan, a phone and tablet charger at the same time,” the group states on its website.

The Free Electric was conceived about three years ago. The initial prototype didn't work, but the design has undergone iterative development until a working version was created. Bhargava tells Gizmag that each working part of the bike has then been refined to be made as simple as possible.

The machine is made out of standard bicycle parts, some weights, an alternator and a 12-V battery. It was designed using these materials so that it could be maintained or repaired by a bicycle mechanic anywhere in the world.

In the interests of simplicity, again, there is only one gear. This spins a flywheel, which turns a generator, which, in turn, charges the battery. The bike is said to be easy to pedal with little little trade-off between ease-of-pedalling and productivity. In order to achieve this, an optimal gear setting was configured by engineers at Billions in Change.

Billions in Change says the the Free Electric is able to yield enough electricity to serve one home with clean electricity for 24 hours, although that depends, of course, on what is being powered. The organisation says that it is continuing to refine and improve the efficiency of the bike and so cannot provide any specific output figures currently.

There are two versions of the bike. A simple version for poorer countries will cost around US$250. A more sophisticated model aimed at wealthier countries where electricity might drop out as a result of a natural disaster, for example, is priced at $1,200-$1,500.

Manufacturing of the two versions will begin early next year, with preorders expected to open afterwards.

Pricing All Materials

Mining Rights

Because of the material universe, requirements for materials, gas, liquid and isotopes are always profitable. Material are held back in storage and pushed out at a specific time and therefore it is inexhaustible as a redemption scheme. The material merchant will simply flip it at a hight price the very same day of after processing the material to convention. Then it is used to supply a strong capitalized market base with all the products which raise the standard of existence.

Therefore anyone can purchase the equipment to mine the universe autonomously, the material can be dropped off at any one of a number of outlets and redeemed for Romulum roubles at a fluctuating price set by demand and supply. Objects of value are any material in the periodic table of elements and more exotic substances like anti-matter mining, liquids, isotopes, gas. Their are also missions available to be taken on such as exploration missions, courier work. Due to the vastness of the universe their are no limits and getting equipped and mining should be encouraged.

The mined materials will go into improving equipment all round more precisely the creation of a network of entertainment stations for vice. with Saturn 1 projected as being the most profitable station and the crown station of the solar system. The scale of these station objects means large amounts of materials are required for their construction and a fiat base Romulan roubles needs to supply funds as required. Civilization is directly relative to energy so no limits in maximizing potential. The baseless fiat currency must be ample in for the purchase of mined materials, exotic material and the various x-prizes. The fiat money is possibly coupled for science and technology so that all money created is legitimized through science, technology, research.

Due to the constraints of motorhome living, it is an efficient way of life and technology is sought to provide facilities without resource such as toilet facility, showering facility. drinking water and food and fuel that is not locale dependant. Their is the required for a network to connect people and to connect motorhomes to reset places and those places to provide work. The easiest means of limitless work along with element recycling is the use of human energy for fuel creation, providing a mean for a travelling lifestyle.

They own their motorhome, we provide the network, that includes the parking bases and the employment network.

The building of the basis may come from moving a suitable asteroid to the location rather than building a geocentric object from identical rods than clip in. The suitable ateroid is moved to location and a cavern bored or objects built on the surface.

A toilet based on bacteria that eat human waste and then produce electricity from it. The water can be used for hydrogen oxygen separation or shower depending on how clean it is, the shower water is recollected and used again. The rain water hit the roof of the motorhome goes in a big water tank.


Solar Panels and Batteries to hold the power are a must. How well you get your energy supply right will mean how high of a standard of living you can build. You can buy an inverter to go from 12v to main supply, and their are a numerous amount of 12v appliances directly.

How Cities Can Increase Their Water Supply By 90%

How well we innovate the motorhome in relation to challenges the application presents in land, water, air and space does the all cities benefit. Reciprocating shower achieve a 90% water saving.

A Swedish technology company called Orbital Systems is tackling the issue of water conservation with a new household shower that purifies any water that goes down the drain and sends it back to the shower head. By the company's estimations, its closed-loop system could retain over 90 percent of the water and 80 percent of the energy consumed by an ordinary shower.

The already heated water is also reused improving water heating efficiency.

Reciprocating showers using technology found in every water fountain, they take water and recirculate it continuously to create a permanent supply, with showering their is a point of water filtration therefore rethink what goes down the drain, possibly no shampoo, soaps or detergents. Think about keeping the water as clean as possible throughout the process in the first place. Due to the water being continuously reused it may only need topping up every month or so along with filtration cleaning/replacement.

Hamwells e-Shower rains down water and energy savings

In the move toward sustainable homes, the progress of showers has been more of a trickle. Ten minutes in a traditional shower can use up to 100 l (22 gal) of water. The Hamwells e-Shower, however, promises high pressure and volume, while saving up to 90 percent on water and 80 percent on energy.

Hamwells was founded only this year, with the aim of building a shower that could make significant savings on water and energy, while still providing the comfort of a traditional shower. The startup says that it found shower heat recovery systems to be inefficient and wasteful of water, low-flow showers to waste water and recycling showers to require expensive maintenance.

In addition to saving water and energy, the firm wanted its shower to be “cool,” easy-to-use, hygienic and self-cleaning. The key to achieving this was creating a design that would reuse water, filtering it as it went.

As a result, the e-Shower is said to use each drop of water an average of seven times. Hamwells says it is at least twice as economical as its closest competitor, the Nebia, and has been chosen by Heijmans N.V. to help make its Heijmans ONE prefab home energy-neutral. The firm also claims that it “offers at least double the comfort” of low-flow showers (however that is calculated).

The e-Shower has two settings. The “Classic shower” setting uses and delivers water at a rate of 7 l (1.5 gal) per minute. When the “Refresh Cycles” setting is selected, however, it is able to deliver 15 l (3.3 gal) of water per minute while using only 1.5 l (0.3 gal) per minute. To do this, a stopper is lowered into the run-off reservoir and sucks water back around the shower's system to be filtered, purified and reused.

As is seemingly the case with every new product today, the shower is Wi-Fi connected. This does provide a few useful functions, though. Users are able to stream music into the shower, water usage and savings can be tracked via an accompanying iOS/Android app and it's possible for remote monitoring and maintenance to be carried out.

Water usage and savings are gamified, with the e-Shower showing a glowing green tree when more water is saved. Hamwells says that, in the future, the shower will also be able to communicate with the heating system of a user's home.

Among the other features of the shower, Hamwells promises easy installation (it can be submerged into the floor and built into the wall, positioned against a wall or in a corner). It also promises minimal maintenance requirements, without a need for filter replacements.

The e-Shower was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt London earlier this month. It will cost €2,950 (US$3,200) and will begin shipping worldwide from July next year.

The video below provides an overview of the Hamwells e-Shower.

Source: Hamwells

other appliances can also benefit from this method.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is very low power and the ideal choice for the motorhome. A 5 metre strip can be purchased for $20 and provide enough lighting, the strips can be cut and wires soldered.

Music & Movies

Need to come from laptops that can be charged, more accessories can be used to enhance the output of the laptop such as external amps and speakers and cheapest projectors such as the UC40 which have USB inputs and remote controls. Internet connection is also available via 3G. Off the Internet, TV, Radio and Satellites should simply be sourced via the Internet, service providers need to think about having all their programming available via the Internet and also internet provider should think about people who are 100% mobile users.

Human Waste Processing Mobile Living

The simplest solution here is a chair with a hole it in and a bag. You will probably want to pee al naturale to keep it to a minimum and you either need to save the interest on your deposit for a drop off point or discard it in a bin. Their are other solutions, such as compost toilet, chemical toilet, the best being an incinerator toilet…

In a mobile living application their is no flush, taking a dump means you have to deal with it. These are some technology in dealing with it. Many mobile living technology requirements can revolutionize urban living because mobile living is more efficient minimizing the human footprint on the environment.

What is in urine?

  • water 95%
  • urea 9.3 g/L
  • chloride 1.87 g/L
  • sodium 1.17 g/L
  • potassium 0.750 g/L
  • creatinine 0.670 g/L
  • other dissolved ions, inorganic and organic compounds (proteins, hormones, metabolites).

What is in stool?

  • Water 65-85% of stools are water. All the water drank by an individual is completely absorbed in the small and large intestine. In case of diarrhea, the water content of stools is more than 85%.
  • 30 percent of the solid matter consists of dead bacteria;
  • about 30 percent consists of indigestible food matter such as cellulose;
  • 10 to 20 percent is cholesterol and other fats;
  • 10 to 20 percent is inorganic substances such as calcium phosphate and iron phosphate;
  • 2 to 3 percent is protein.


  • The water content in both urine and stool can be discarded as steam and the rest compacted and discarded as an inoffensive solid.
  • The whole thing can be incinerated in an incinerator toilet leaving only inoffensive ash to deal with. After finishing the business, simply push a button and the incinerator does into action. Leave 1 table spoon of ash per use.

Using The ICE Car Engine to Process Incinerate Human Waste

A method to use the internal combustion engine as an incinerator, temperatures in the combustion chamber of the engine can reach 4,500 F (2,500 C) more than enough to turn liquid into steam and the rest into negligible amounts of ash. The head of the ICE will need to be modified so that it can inject the waste into the combustion chamber in amounts that the ICE can handle, possibly controllable at the dashboard so the driver can initiate the procedure when the engine is hot and fully warmed up so that the end result is complete. The use of the ICE in this process and other process such as heating is required and the complicated installation means that the system is a highly professional modification, beware that drilling a hole in the cylinder head can cause it to fail/crack in time. The end results however is ideal in every sense. The mobile home toilet uses a tank to store waste, when the engine is turned on and full warm, an electric pump goes into action sending the waste to a special injector that sends the waste into the combustion chamber at 2500 degrees c the waste is vaporized water clean the piston heads and the rest is negligible ash both of which exit the tail pipe. A person would make about a cup full of ash per month because a high percentage of the waste is water. No cleaning required. or a additive can be used to keep the system clean. If the driver were travelling on the highway and initiated the burn he would feel a slight performance decrease as the water is not flammable and would not combust, how ever the water in the combustion chamber would clean the chamber.

Electric Fridge - Magnetic Fridges

The seeback back is inefficient, only about 5% efficient and so requires improvements to make electric refrigeration an ideal solution.

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