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The Briefing


Family is where it starts, the infant child will attach to the parent and they hold a great psychic hold on the child, they also leak themselves as they are on the people around them, garbage and all. A mother that can't hold her waist line will generally blast the waistlines on all those around them, one is meeting a challenge and that challenge is not the county fair weigh in, contrary. Vicious bio hazardous environments include alcohol and drug addiction, violence, molestation, divorce and much more these are by no means small issues and not the life or mind of the child, they are an infliction. The life and mind of the child is built apart of parent.

Therefore family becomes the incubus of success of failure, families are generally made up of one mother, one father and a number of children in one home.

The ancient Athenians saying “the mother the family” is observed, if the mother is strong the children will succeed. Parents can be pillars, they can also be ditches. Philip II of Macedon in educating Alexander the Great instructed him to beware of the parent, their hold on you is nonsense.

As man and woman are tyrants by nature and only by enlightenment can one entertain more, it means born into tyranny and ignorance, possibly your father is a tyrant and your mother clinically retarded or vice versa or both are tyrants or retarded and the means of maintaining that tyranny other than putting at odds with social norms, is altering your decision making so that one make a bad decisions when the tyrant is about, this keeps one locked in control regardless of specific application and largely interference. Intervening negatively in ones ability to create a mind and a life in the maintenance of parents worth which involves subjected offspring. A tyrant can never see anything from another's point of view, even if that point of view is obvious to everyone else.

Put a tame bird in a cage with a savage bird and both will become savage, fact, a mothered man gains the appearance of a pile of fat poop with an egg for a head. The influence is a biohazard.

This marks the first real test of freedom and liberty, those that escape the parents will live, those that do not will die. Those that have escaped even though they have become tyrants themselves know so as well. There, all over the nation are bio hazards of caustic situations.

A tyrant affects the people around them the worst, and the tyrant wants to kill those around them to safeguard him or herself, strangers are beyond the hold of the tyrant and so fair better, real enemies get free service from a tyrant. A tyrant may not know the meaning of the word it comes naturally. I rarely give advice but do not be tyrants your family should not be the victims of yourself, they should advance from where you left off with your aid. Do not compete against your extended family, see their success as an aspect of yours. The system is big and your local sentiments are petty. The core of work is tyranny versus freedom & liberty.

The Sacred Pubescence Of Children

Protection of children against terrorism and abuse is a natural responsibility of the parents or guardians and even magistrates, their are those that seek to psychological operate a programme of terror and control by way of media. horror movies, by way of promoting a low form of normality by way of television prgramming, by consumerism and by molestation and sexualization. The child is then injured and lives in a kind of permanent injury, the effect of terrorization such as with a horror film or the traditional beating or molestation is to create a population in fear and disability. The fear is the control mechanism of the state as a social programme. The terrorization of children is generational.

Perhaps that is what is meant by “programming” or “feed”.


New Technology

  • “Family Values University” - a research centre of professionals designed to test and build the optimal family situation system. The publication and video series will be the state of art good family life practices technology. Not by hearsay or from the desire for experimentation or rebellion. See the coronet videos.
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