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Freedom and Liberty

The Briefing

If the first system was egoism, and the second being humilty, their is a question of third system and the final system, the answer can be none other than freedom and liberty and the pointer sits firmly at freedom and liberty.

From the Battle Of Phillipi to the independence of America against the arbitrary whims of royalty and monarchy, to Aristotle on the Athenian constitution and Plato's Republic, the words of Cicero, natural law and Magna Carta, the human struggle over the ages was eternally affirmed in the framing of the constitution of the United States of America, and set in stone, the new system for men everywhere, the system of the free man. Free from the imposition from on high and free to charter his own course.

In the current state of affairs, one could simply throw together a republic based on the present day amount of information and do quite an acceptable job. However again as always we, the free, we, the people are under attack and our right to bear arms is hallmarked for revocation.

Be patient and observe, freedom rising and the government frantically and with a sledge hammer destroying it, as a result the people have no institutions. If men do not have anonymity in their work they are which-hunted and punished, with a warning to all the rest not to side with the renegade. This messianic model is no longer satisfactory. In prison it is sometimes sought to break a man's spirit, or as a horse becomes owned when his spirit is broken, freedom and liberty is not like this, freedom and liberty is the political, legal and military, it is the physiological rebut to the aristocratic pursuit of imperialism and enslavement as per their lofty beliefs and active scheme. Neither holy, nor royal, it is the third estate, it is the people. Unless you are in the religious organization, or the royal organization, then you are a part of us, if you are are a part of us, then you are not a part of the other estates. We are the third estate and our manifest is liberty and freedom from the scheme of the other two estates. Their mental and physical imperialism, their taxes and their lies. The fear, anxiety and paranoia of governments, monarch and religions is the most toxic element in society. It poisons everything it touches.

The Three Estates

The Guarantee Of Rights To Every Individual In Constitution and or Universally

The idea of a natural law, magna carta, a bill of rights is central is a government of the people, the same rights are guaranteed to all individuals. A democracy is mob rules, a constitutional republic is guarantee of right regardless of the mob.

The threats to the constitutional republic come from tyranny, oligarchy, corportocracy, democracy, foreign political or religious science, hidden government, be it openly or secretly. As natural law if god given, the regime of freedom and liberty feels as system-less as possible.

For man to be free he must be free to express himself with caveat to the infringement of self ownership of others around him. Freedom of expression is freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of arts or freedom to furnish his personal space. These relate to value of talent being registered. Totalitarian regimes and regimes that arrest development produce dull people. On the institutional level its freedom of the press.

Freedom Of The Press

“I fear the newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” - Thomas Jefferson

The press can publish without regulation or persecution, in fact it is the duty and obligation of the free press to keep the establishment in check.

The Right To Bear Arms

In protection of freedom, and democide being the largest killer of humans of any killer by a large margin, the individuals right to bear arms is the only safeguard against tyrannical government. In the United States Of America constitution it is referred to as the Second Amendment. It is an exclusive right, without limitation, without caveat.

The Second Amendment

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

and how Alex Jones stopped the world. Freedom's double agent Piers Morgan also deserves a special mention (video right)

Rudolph Joseph Rummel is professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii has impressively coined a new word “Democide” its definition is “the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.”

R.J. Rummel has published a report tallying up the amount of murder by government and has found it to be the single biggest killer of humans.

Along with guns, body protection is important see dragon skin.

Excercise: The Future Of Freedom Document

An exercise for anyone is to write a future of freedom document, taking into account problems of liberty and freedom and addressing them in a document. Those that can pass inadequacy, fantasy are for the critique of dialectical analysis and debate. It can help set the road ahead.

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