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The Briefing

The next most powerful institution of dominion and control is the government usually heavily co-opted by militants, banks and business, still holding a position of ability. Fundamentally groups and titles are derived from family structures who are either military or have a military wing. Chiefs, elders, patriarchs, monarchs, the president and similar titles can be and are derived the majority of times from family and family succession. The select group of ruling families expand to form the aristocratic society, they denote tribal chiefs to the Egyptian Pharaohs, to the Roman aristocratic political system, to the royal families of Europe. In the modern day the majority of systems of government are either royal family, succession type systems, monarchies or constitutional monarchies or constitutional non-family and non succession presidential or semi-presidential based systems, theoretically open to all freeborn male citizens.

Civilian control of the military is a doctrine in military and political science that places ultimate responsibility for a country's strategic decision-making in the hands of the civilian political leadership, rather than professional military officers. Civilian control is often seen as a prerequisite feature of a stable, liberal democracy.

When war subsides in the form of bombs and guns a government may take form, an organisation that claims authority over all the land in its dominion, they regulate, control and own it and everything in it. Its force is derived from military but if the people are like minded then force and militancy can be minimized somewhat and instead replaced with a threat of force and less destructive warfare, social order, domestic control with foreign control policy. Thus it is that all value is at the discretion of the government and all must contend with it by actions of the government. A government is the body within an organization that has authority to make and the power to enforce laws, regulations, or rules, issue money outlaw and inlaw. It effectively uses a police force which is domestic militia to enforce its law on the citizens as well as other means such as propaganda, religions, monetary system and many other means.

Due to their higher position people whom hold these titles are viewed more highly than common people, many of these systems employed the usage of slaves and masters. Politics tend to attract persons of self-interest, totally devoid of morals and empathy and people who can deceive people with words rather than genuine skilled social managers which is what the people desire from government an environment that delivers primary and secondary humans needs. The people tend to exist in a crafted naivety as a technology of social control where government and military are perceived as being good, that naive entertainment has historically been a tragic error. Their is a great disparity between domestic and international security strategy leading to international dominance and a citizens reality.

Due to the high level of affluence that many of these important people reside in, normal citizens aspire to compliance and aristocracy, or at least mimic aspect of them for charisma or association.

A politician who embarks on war is derogatorily a lemon. A politician schemes and operates, a manoeuvre to gain the advantage in an organization by alliances, pacts, plans and events. Families that are powerful have gained their social status by their military exploits/success or as the Austrian Hapsburg by marriage. While many of these families still rule large tracts of resources and people, people are generally disenchanted by the old past. A non-family based political system exists in many of the most developed nations with the caveat from many powerful groups and “royal” families still tugging at the power cord. The more progressive governance system today is the United States System, Greek derived Democracy, Cyrus The Great derived constitution and a Roman style parliamentary senate government systems with departments for works and programs. Thoughtful separation balance/executives of power.

What Are the Different Types of Governments?

Manifold: an administration where institutions are legitimized for some end, Institution: a polis defining structure that has organizations within it, Organization: groups that serve within an institution.

Note: For example the English have many secret councils based on their Royal family such as Privy Councils. These are not in the public record, one should be aware of this possibility.

The various types of government and a little of their nature relative to corruption Constitutional Monarchy, Secular Monarch Head Of State Presidential Constitution, Rule Of Law, Document Constitution An system where religion holds power Australian Government cross between the English and United States System

These things are superficial, the state either engages in murder of its citizens or it does not. Many state in the United States have capital punishment, and many so called free states have political prisoners. One has a superficial bias regarding the nature of their state, but at the end of the day its a status quo operation, too big to fail and a veneer of liberty, a facade, some more than others, some none at all, scratch the surface and you will find the bulk totalitarian regime again and again and all are enemies of the state according to the tyrants in their various “security” agencies.

The Economy

The life blood of any polis is its economy, Governments do not have the same financial pressures that people have, they have the printer and can print money without the constraint of gold inventories to justify fiat currency, fiat currency is floated on the international market its value is relative to another currency therefore their printing habits are determined by their desired position in the global economy. Also their ability to print and borrow is constrained by a credit rating designed the wealthiest of individuals to maintain the status quo. The play moneies value is relative to the amount in the system only if other countries do not follow suit but the real value of fiat currency can only be viewed against gold to really see inflation, gold aollar, petrol-dollar. If the ability to repay national debts is put into question due to weak currency or borrowing beyond their means and they default on their loans then no creditors will trust their money to that country. If that financial isolation occurs a country will be left in a very bad position. The ability to flick the switch on a country is a powerful position.

As the government is the issuer of currency, power and wealth is largely concentrated around government and those it issues money. Liberal economic system and a issuer of currency to prompt people to provide good and services and to purchase goods and services.

Their are 6 ways in which nations are funded…

  1. Debt markets where government bonds and securities can be purchased. Such as, these include domestic owned companies so not all the debt is foreign.
  2. Taxation is used to pay for government expenditures and for interest on debt bonds or the balance of the bonds themselves depending on government monetary policies. The people's labour pays the interest on bonds purchased by private parties and or governments.
  3. Printed into existence by the government mint, either fiat, cheque or digitally at an accepted level of inflation or deflation to maintain currency at a desired value.
  4. Created by banks, where in a closed banking system only the difference is settled between the banks or debt or credit promises are exchanged.
  5. Printed and not recorded. Black budget.
  6. Legitimized through trade, import and export. Deficit / surplus spending, Zero-sum game. The state of the economy is how fast and how much money moves within a system.

Human have needs that are unavoidable as suggested by Manfred Max-Neef and wants based on consumerism means the economy plays a very important role in the affairs of a proper state. The creation of money by government and government spending is prolific and downright obscene. Government creates funds contrary to sound economic theory and via an international banking cartel that manipulates rates and controls nations. This high creation causes currency devaluation, debasement and more commonly known as inflation. Inflation means that the amount of currency required to buy rises. A car was purchasable for $19.95 in the early 1900's which rose steadily to $40,000, $80,000 or more by the end of the century and will continue to rise. During the mortgage crisis of 2008 the government created $700 billion off the books printed money to buy “troubled assets” and prop up the banking system. When government refers to these funds publicly it refers to tax payer money and government investment to imply confidence, government has also indicated that this was not tax-payer money, nor was it an investment. It was as most money is created by necessity without any real checks or balances, the central bank will then strangle foreign economies based on people's labour to get through. Once the money exists it does not go back. The advertised political circus, psychic sessions around such actions informs minds for the maintenance of value and trust domestically and on the international markets in reference to printing it. This behaviour must incur inflation and it does, fiat currencies floated internationally against other currencies and depending on the importance of the nation and other currency follow suit. Inflation still occurs but the exchange rate does exhibit the incident. This creates a need of constant monitoring and action and perhaps larger schemes of maintenance.

Governments build and retain information identifying you and in case used to damage your reputation and prospects. One often implicates themselves to government unaware. For example the primary reason for business registration is for identifying taxation, yet one is concerned with how he done the right thing and now feels empowered because has has a registered business. Their is in fact no empowerment for registering and he continues unaware all the days of his life. Every killer needs a mark and throughout many institutions databases are maintained.

Should you attempt to hold a place of power where character perception has been made important, such as politician or another edorsable personality or even travel abroad this information regardless of any confidentiality agreement or legal non-disclosure agreement will surface. It may be as simple as careless yet recordable credit card purchase.

Records or word and actions used to damage reputations and prospects are empowered by a common social indoctrination, and even law which government is more and more exploiting. This kind of collective mind we term the mind share. Military, government agencies, banks and credit agencies, business, doctors, psychiatrists, police, real estate firms, insurance firms among others have data banks. Whatever the reason for the lack of anonymity justifiable or otherwise one ought to take care, for if the mind share indicates that fornication out of wedlock or even fornication is a no no, an identity or politician will be impacted in such as case. These types of warfare is pioneered and orchestrated by the church and the technology has been adopted by government and others.

Faceless Men Of Political Parties

Their is a whole society of individuals and groups centred around altering politics to their favor and to their business interest and even the political parties at heart are constructed by someone.

A political party is made up of many people elected and unelected who meet at intervals to organize party policy for example the Australian Labor party says it like so; The policy of the Australian Labor Party is contained in its National Platform, which is approved by delegates to Labor's National Conference, held every three years. According to the Labor Party's website, “The Platform is the result of a rigorous and constructive process of consultation, spanning the nation and including the cooperation and input of state and territory policy committees, local branches, unions, state and territory governments, and individual Party members. The Platform provides the policy foundation from which we can continue to work towards the election of a federal Labor Government. In practice, the Platform provides only general policy guidelines to Labor's federal, state and territory parliamentary leaderships. The policy Labor takes into an election campaign is determined by the Cabinet (if the party is in office) or the Shadow Cabinet (if it is in opposition), in consultation with key interest groups within the party. A political party consists of both individual members and affiliated organizations and people, who between them decide the party's policies. Affiliated organizations may pay affiliation fees, based on the size of their membership, individual membership open to all citizens pay a membership fee, which is graduated according to income. These members and affiliates elect delegates to attend conferences, these conferences decide policy, and elect state or territory executives, a state or territory president (an honorary position usually held for a one-year term), and a state or territory secretary (a full-time professional position). The larger branches also have full-time assistant secretaries and organisers. In the past the ratio of conference delegates coming from the branches and affiliated unions has varied from state to state, however under recent national reforms at least 50% of delegates at all state and territory conferences must be elected by branches. conferences, the other 50% coming from affiliated organizations.

The Organisational and Parliamentary wings of the Liberal Party each have clearly defined and separate roles. In the Liberal Party, the Organisational wing cannot dictate policy but consults with and advises the Parliamentary wing, particularly on the development of longer-term policies. The Organisational wing is based on the Party’s paid membership of supporters. Across Australia, the Liberal Party has more than 80,000 members in more than 2000 branches which are governed by their respective State Liberal Party structure - known as 'Divisions'. It is responsible for: Party’s Platform - the broad statement of Liberal fundamental beliefs and intentions, Pre-selection of the Party’s candidates for elections, Management and conduct of election campaignsv, Fund-raising. The Parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party is made up of Federal and State Parliamentarians. It is responsible for: Representation of electorates held by Liberal Party Members of Parliament Liberal Party’s policies, strategies and parliamentary priorities guided by the principles contained in the Party Platform. Commitees form advisory services for the party.

Special Interest Groups

Their is special interests groups people groups, foreign governments that are important to a government, because they can provide important things and their can be a quite a candid but private intercourse between groups. For example Saudi Arabia makes it quite clear to the USA that it wants Iran to be invaded, now Saudi Arabia has place substantial interest over the USA, in business and possibly in regional strategic arrangements. Its contribution can make a nation, its institutions and individual politicians important. Britain is right there second in support of the USA because it too is seen as an key player. Established conventions do not allow for arbitrary invasion of nations therefore their is propaganda to be manufactured. If the contribution fail to satisfy the interests of the special, we may see more drastic action to focus the scales as we saw in September 11 2001. While publicly questions are asked about the logic of the resulting action being the invasion of Iraq and much proposed to medicate the need for the truth, the truth is damaging to people in important positions.

A lobbyist is someone hired to advocate on behalf of a specific company, organization or policy. This happens at the State and Federal level.

Focus Groups, Advisory Groups & Think Tanks

Bills that are not created by faceless business men can be created by teams of interested parties that call themselves Think Tanks or Advisory Groups.


When neccesary the system is rigged, to believe otherwise is nieve, to bring forth some excuse is mind control. In many parts of the world the west accuses nation of electorial fraud for the moral high ground, it itself is highly rigged. The single most rigged event was the slide in the US dollar during the GFC, the markets fluctuations were halted and frenzy money printing made no impact on currency value. The monarchs, chiefs of industry and totalitarian regimes on earth are protected by a rigging of the system. Candidates that do not take militant action but attempt to gain right and so forth by electorial means never do. You only need to type rigged in the google news to get a myriad of incidents proviing that the powers that be can't be trusted to be fair.

The States Mind Kontrol Program

Let it be written that interference of any kind stands as the single biggest destroyer of lives. Government interference in the operation of business means lengthy delays and cost blow outs and those idiots make no apologies for it, they are the single biggest source of bad luck in the world. For example their costly standards certificates for vehicles that are clearly sub-standard from the factory but are acceptable because they are made by Ford. Their inconsistent banning of vehicles, some have minor damage while damaged vehicles are passed on. Their bureaucratic mail asking you to pay after you have resolved the issue that is resent every month for an entire life and beyond.

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