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The Briefing

Law can deliver unto a man a code of function or dysfunction ultimately for some purpose. Be it to supplement the iniquities of the physik or be in to maintain power for the individuals that enjoy it and control of the rest. Possibly as a glue between two or more parties.

The law is enforced by police and descend may mean death or locked in cage.

Law would ultimately benefit the ruling powers and still does very much so today as the predominant means for law but it came so that thinkers brought law into a higher context and that monarchs, governments and even militaries found themselves at the subject of the law and the judge. Man unto himself will create rules, laws based on his view or to promote self interest outcomes and need not any justification. Breaking the rules will result in a form of punishment. the most basic is death, the next most basic is incarceration or locked in a cage a period of time if not for life termed a prisoner of convict. These types of punishment and control is rudimentary to human nature. Parents make rules, people make rules and the phenomenon is expanded in a social framework.

Power births law because the environment creates competition for survival at all levels, that is men vs men, women vs women, groups vs groups and nations vs nations and so comes the power struggle. As the successful have much to lose or be it for the success of another the troop births competitive territorialism. So across the spectrum law is infused.

The First Form Of Law

Law Of Oppression or Law Of Power/Social Structure - Rules to maintain the powerful and keep competitors and all others whose will it is to seize their power disabled or distant from them. Such as taxation. This form of law is best exemplified by who should own armaments and who should not, or who should be first and who should be last. Their came a time of great enlightenment spawned from plenty, when the desperation for mere survival cooled down. The Greeks were renowned at this time and men began to be educated and libraries of knowledge began to be built. These educated men lived in societies and formed the second from of law.

The Second Form Of Law

Law Of Disallowed Practices - Rules that say how men and women should live and how they should and should not conduct themselves. Such as criminalization of cannibalism which was birthed in survival, and the institution of enmity to cannibalism. These laws are broken when survival prompts them to be. Survival progressed and birthed civilization. The civilized are dociled through love, while the wild are dociled through fear.

Law introduces the devices of enforcement, not merely a choice. For without repercussion to birth fear, law is futile.

Control is kept inline through the monetary degree for representation which is weighed towards the issuer of money as well as the issuer of law and even the ability of Apex to influence decision.

Example Of Heirachy of Law Court Systems

Example Of The Process Government/Parliament Creates Law

Guilty Or Not Guilty

Strong evidence will incriminate you, a lack of evidence will cause prosecution to abort proceeding, their is possibility for your lawyer to make a deal with the prosecution and either advise you or talk on your behalf. Either way it lingers unresolved for many months and for some even years before any resolution is achieved and ultimately it is never worth it.

Layers costs can range, some have a free initial consultation, others offer a no win no charge deal. Very modest pricing is something like $500 for preparation, $500 per court appearance, if you plan to contest the charges $900 per day. A long and serious case can go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In most cities their is free legal advice services and their is a right to legal representation if you cannot afford it. Serious charges will require representation, if your charges are not jail worthy you may represent yourself, in this case you most likely will restrain any emotion, frustration and do a mea culpa in the hope you will get leniency.

New Technology

Law insurance - as part of total liability insurance, the law insurance policy provides the ability of representation, pay monthly should you need to lawyer in court you make a claim and costs are minimal.

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