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The Briefing

The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. Erasmus

Plato Cave allegory is no more divinely obvious than television, the allegory made real. Television is the super tool of brainwashing. People use television as an information tool, unconsciously they form answers to all their questions through information and television forms the major means of this kind of process but television is not an authority and the result is confusion and misplaced values. A person may observe a moustache as fashionable while watching a program having nothing to do with moustaches. A person may an indicator of poverty while watching something having nothing to with poverty. A young person may see a male whom becomes the archetype of some social ideal simply because he is on television. Words said that are not innocent but are fleeting and ignored yet registered.

Do not under estimate the power of television in shaping a persons psyche, beliefs, hopes, dreams, fantasies, ideals. It took two years to inverse the convention of a culture being practised for thousands of years of a village of people not exposed to TV. For example the villagers went from seeing obesity as a probable male to seeing slim as sexy. In the western world we subject children to this information and the subjection is through out their entire lives. They stand no chance at forming the kind of values that made civilization real.

The biggest share of television control is the government via “news” and that means its issues quickly become the issue of the populations. If the government via “news” did not post about government its issue would quickly disappear from society. Therefore its issues are a stick in the sand, an object among objects by a belief in television and “news” as being an authority on news.

People in curiosity and in the pursuit of entertainment, the military tek clockwork orange machine is set up so that viewers formulate behaviours and morales consistent with hard military objectives. As the oracle of example, people become as dumb or stupid as those they are presented with on television. The teleprompter further roboticises the projection of an idiot as an example of normality. An example of destruction of a person for some belief or view is enough to set the public into a secret concentration camp mode, normative conformity (Asch Conformity Experiment), intensely sought philosophical truth, moral truth and science as the formulation of consciousness is discarded.

Bad information in the pursuit of entertainment. In a study of the effects of television, a small village who had never seen TV were introduced to TV with information deliberately counter to the mores, the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a society or community of the group. It took only 3 years to completely replace the millennium old mores with the television view. The people preferring the new morales in their decision making absolutely and completely. Grasp the kind of power were dealing with here. Television laced with bad information can kill, torture and ostracize by social conditioning. “Slim down figure in this brand new ad” is really telling what is good and what is bad and you want to good right? The human brain is assuming and doing much more than merely watching TV.

The surrogate reality of media is disconnected from local reality, its not a relativistic version of reality, it just plainly does not exist. We also subtle learn using media. Good complete information in full is not negotiable, a lack of information is as bad as bad information.

The department of defence sought to seize control of information through the acquisition of media companies and media people and has generated a charade of antagonism towards truth and truth tellers. The peoples revolt spawned by for example Wikileaks is simply silenced because it differs with the pentagon. Honest people in many fields are then suppressed and forgotten. That national security state apparatus is not about a fictional villian, its against anyone that differs with its strategy to maintain the aristocrat.

Another example is taking an identical report which possibly has the motive of higher taxes it is sold as something good for you, the total deception is termed public relations. It is the same cult form holding little value for the perishioner and the outworldly force that takes control of cult kills the flock.

Media is information technology, a means of informing people of news, events and other information, the industry has a code of ethics based on pride and integrity in the profession of journalism which is basically a delusion.

Media is underestimated and very powerful while people look for entertainment forces are conditioning the mind, an experiment used media on a tribal village to find that traditional sterotypes on several years were completely changed, while before media being overweight in a tribe was considered a attribute of persuit to a 100% turnaround. It has a profound effect over a relatively short and consistant period of time to completely change the state of mind.

Many nations have media laws, to limit one persons control over media, these laws are not in the interests of wealthy media owners and so they are slowly repelled, business dysfunctions most institutions ad media is not immune, cost cutting will render journalism as an unnecessary expense and informing becomes influencing, propaganda and public relations.

Media from those that pioneer it into the homes of everyone do it for the purpose of brainwashing and their exists total hidden military control over the airwaves, their exists a method based on the manipulation of the psyche at a very sophisticated level, involving complete control of media and information for the kineticising of energies and installation of the status quo. Phantom enemies too far away to be validated are created and used as psychological tools to evoke emotion, shock, perhaps outrage, perhaps rejection. These phantom enemies are in reality created not just media lies and their emotional and psychological stimuli designed by those they are fighting. The horrified and unified populations in rejection of the enemy shouts for safety instead it permits endless war and aristocratic persuit of global domination, imperialism.

What is repeatedly said over the airwaves resonates throughout the society, the regime echos its ideal situation over generations daily. What the brain takes as information can become highly animated in the mind and the actions of the person psychologically detached from the situation. The airwaves brings us news and therefore crime and this adds to the mind state of the individual, when a person is raped, murdered, mugged, beaten or tortured the individual becomes needlessly fearful. It takes a great deal of effort to inform convince the individual that the situation they are in is not the same as that situation, this cannot be done overtly, this has be done theatrically and realistically who cares. The state has perpetrated some prejudice against you and you suffer it everyday diminishing your potential.

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