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Monarchy Aristocrats

The Briefing

The monarchy is a natural form of government, a successful family becomes government and basically rules with impunity. The government is usually a butcher of things because of its militancy legitimacy and all things butchered. The butcher doesn't agree.

The aristocrats have traditionally hated the demos in an extreme way and their exists a heated situation among both the religious aristocracy, the caprice and the people. The majority of people incapable of understanding where it stands in relation to the situation. For opportunistic people the royal family represents the stick in the sand. In overt times the aristocracy owns the country and everything in it, the people subjected to torture and poverty, routinely beaten and ignored. In covert times they are the man behind the curtain with extensive apparatus of extended family and cronies rig the system to safeguard for their preservation. The monarchy is made up of an extended family of thousands and even more cronies that are simply installed throughout the positions in institutions. Many cults and institutions that make up modern society are born out of the neurosis, paranoia and fears inherit in the aristocracy. The allegory.

The system of monarchy is concerned with one idea, re-engineer all things for the empowerment wealth retention of the monarch. For example royal families inbreed to keep the wealth concentrated. Every position of power in a monarchy are secretly endowed to a member of the royalty or a trusted crony. The monarchy has an offensive against all others, foreign and domestic. Monarch and aristocrats historically hate the people who are not related to them, they abuse them and they are viewed as sub-human as animals or as similar ownership as would the counting of trees in the country. The rise of monarchism coincides with wars among nations because it gives them the opportunity to increase their power and it also culls people making their status more secured.

They tend to be cruel to the people, maintaining them in abject poverty, starving and murdering them. Controlling information, controlling media, controlling people, everyone copies the monarchy because they want to be them a kind human mimicking phenomenon. You may lose your career or you may be viewed as physically negative. Men who are sub-humanized by the aristocrats tend to hide away and even die. Their are a kind of monkey that exhibits the same social structure where only the aristocratic monkies are allowed to swim in the hot springs and those monkies they shun are beaten and tortured by the other monkies for their entire lives, social ostracization by decree of the aristocratic monkies.

According the Aristotle in his Constitution of Athens, his experience exposes the monarchy as the most barbaric system of government and in Europe arises out of barbarism. This type of government is one in fifty known types of governments and can exist under the chapter of Government. The system of monarchy has issues, one, succession simply does not work, successives tend to be duds. Two, capacity issue, an individuals capacity is limited and cannot manage a large system, therefore monarchy is only suitable for smaller systems or simple systems. The paranoia requires constant insurance against society which means attacking society and arresting the development. Obtuse states of energy.

Below are some rules of the monarchy system of family, the example preference for the eldest male instilled in inheritance laws…

  • The eldest son
  • If the eldest son is dead but left children of his own, then to his children in this sequence:
  • His oldest son who is either alive or has died leaving issue of his own
  • If no sons and no issue of sons, then to his daughters as a group.
  • If the eldest son is dead and has no issue, then the next oldest son who is either living or has left issue of his own (as in the sequence above)
  • If there are no sons and no issue of sons, then the daughters inherit as a group, sharing the inheritance equally. If any daughter is dead, then her own children (in the above sequence) inherit her share.
  • If there are no living issue of the deceased, then his eldest brother (of the same mother) who is either living or has left issue
  • If he had no brothers, then his sisters (or their issue) inherit as a group.
  • If the deceased had no siblings by the same mother, then we apply Rules 5-7 to determine the his heir

When monarchy is in effect, land becomes scarce, funds become scarce, living standards plummet, literacy is not existent and only the privileged are accepted. Weak people not aristocrats refashion themselves to be as acceptable as possible that they may rise, the people copy the monarchy because they know no better, the Grecian form is to implement what best suits your situation that can lead to your goals. Regulation is one means of controlling the situation so that the status quo does not change. Places with monarchies are being regulated on fears and paranoia direct from monarchy itself or a massive body linked to the monarchy, it has installed a comprehensive system that controls the individual and all times in all places. The people's natural way is suppressed and destroyed. Aristocrats severely and arbitrarily regulate in a paranoid flux. Leaving a hard line totalitarian nation. England has a history of this, they do it in Europe and they did it in Britannia and the part of the world that their automated cronies exist, they tried to do it in the US and they kicked them out. A faction of politicians routinely sell out to them. The US pay $20 for registration of motor vehicle. How much do you pay? The US with a population of 300 million has real estate on sale at any price range. The people under any fractional form of monarchy are being smashed by their own state while the monarchy is going about as usual doing photo shoots of their new heirs, great heirs and great great heirs and regulation maintains the status quo. In nation where the aristocrats dictate all systems are rigged and all personel are chosen by them or are one of them, the public believe they are random people.

Arbitrary Sway and The Gatekeeper System

Arbitrary sway is all authority at the whim of the monarch, its a horse tail on a stick handle where orders are waved about, or its a hard that waves a person to his death at whim. The arbitrary sway is the goal of aristocracy and they will fight to get it.

The aristocrats also have a world-view that all people should be slaves and all excess people tortured and murdered. American independence is the only memory against the aristocracy resuming their former status. The gatekeeper system asks one question, who owns you? unless you can supply an acceptable answer the system is closed to you. The work system was called master/slave prior employment and employer. All forms have this hidden question at heart. It is not a system of the highest bidder, in fact you can't buy it. It is a system of who will be chosen and at its core is aristocracy. You are not able to purchase a car in an aristocratic system, you are not able to own in an aristocratic system, do not confuse the American system for the aristocratic system.


The monarchy is the apex family but their exists a large group of people in the extended family collectively these are known as the aristocrats. Their is a manner here. Due to the influence, connection and resource ability, aristocrats can cause society to be influenced with bias towards the protection of the group and destruction of all other groups. Something eats at an aristocrat that causes him to want to kill and so many of the worlds pursuits are in fact whimsical physiological episodes of aristocrats. When aristocrats rise, wars follow.

Contemporary systems see the citizenry as an asset, the dated monarchy system see the the subjects as a threat and so boring sanctioned people as found in hard line nations like England versus the colourful people found in more libertarian systems such as America. Also poverty is the normal in monarchy system while the standard of living in the American system is contemporary generous.

Fluoridation Mass Extermination Infrastructure

It doesn't have to be fluoride, it can be cyanide, a delayed radioactive effect or a delayed bio-weapon. The infrastructure of fluoridation is the logic of poisoning rivers that exterminated native peoples.

As population increases, the aristocrats and the wealthy are pushing and planning depopulation the only question is where will it come from?

A delayed bio-agent in the water system mixed at fluoridation might be the answer.

In August of 2004, quietly and without fanfare, an article was published on the Los Angeles Independent Media website revealing a plan by the U.S. government to depopulate the country via the water system.

Our way, the American way has been in favour of the way to exceed all limitations by ingenuity, its how America was built and life has changed dramatically all over the world because of freedom of ideas and ability to implement those ideas. Things that would have never been possible are possible and so our way is to exceed the illusionary boundary and not self-preservation via animal human husbandry. The American system is not the British system, never group the two or get the two mixed up.

Walk Don't Run

In many nations in Europe and Australia, they say let us break his legs so that he does not run, he will then spend his entire life learning to walk, and each milestone will be significant to him but meaningless otherwise. We can look around and see the maimed people, those hiding and those incarcerated and say how good the place is. Other places in the world do not care if a man can run, they call it the nation.

Many live in a society designed to safeguard the aristocracy where anyone that rises above the fray by talent of initiative is cut down. Olympiads, Cricketers and other talented and gifted people of yesterday lived in an environment of poverty, while the public saw and cheered their heroes when the lights dimmed their was nothing for them. The mentality is enforced by the entire society but the scheme implanted by the aristocracy because it benefits them. The society cannot see its error. Some to this day argue that sports people should not be paid. The front cover on every issue of a magazine had a royal on its cover. It's a bizarre state of affairs.

Nature & Government

The aristocrac organizations be it the Vatican or the Royal Family believe they are better than everyone else, this is well known, the patricians have a low opinion of the plebians. Everything for the family means the monarchy implements feudalism and works to turn everyone into a slave either outright slavery or through 100% taxation. The monarchy push to 100% taxation is well documented and they do it wherever they can. They are also ultra paranoid about being decommissioned and therefore every facet of society has a gatekeeper organization and all of the positions of authority awarded to one of them. A gatekeeper organization is a body that overlooks a practice and can approve of deny an application. Along with gatekeeper organizations they also heavily rely upon used permits, licenses, registrations to shut down initiative. Think of the American economic output compared to say the Canadian economic output, puny compared. If Canada have of followed the United States more closely it could have expected 10 to 50 times the economic activity. They also used privileged council, a privy council is the government direct from the monarch. A people's parliament is only then a facade, dealing in frivolous issues.

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