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The Briefing

The premier gatekeeper organization, when kings and queens crunch the numbers, the civilians largely outnumber the state, vulnerable obsessive anxieties arise and police institution follows. They are primarily responsible for consolidating the state in the civilian, of late as well as state consolation they are also utilized for revenue raising. In relation to taxes the English have always been like a child around a cookie jar, it starts with a quick touch but pretty soon they are shoving the whole jar down their pie hole. They just can't help themselves.

Some laws protect other laws criminalize, Police investigate breaches in law and they maintain the status quo, the monarchs defence against revolution.

The modern Police came into effect in Britain, after the tyrant Queen Victoria found it negative that the people were being paid for their labour and not absolute slaves, the need to police is instinctively British, that is not a compliment. Their is petty policing, and their is the more serious crime investigation.

Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 issued in the first modern Police.

Apartheid Police

Their are special units are specialized Police forces in places like South Africa and Australia special units enforce apartheid. Non acceptable potential such as people from races and nations that are not acceptable have there potential destroyed by KKK units. Non-Australian public people and captains of industry are routinely investigated and destroyed. In Australia these units also assassinate persons thy deem a threat. This is done in covert form, when media reports on these events the fact that the men are Police are not mentioned possibly under the enact of covert operative law identity protection. The indigenous tribal people are murdered as part of the secretive Nazi society the exists in the Police and also in government. In places like Australia the secret KKK society did not have to be secretive in the past, simply instituted its Nazi laws in the nation in something called the White Australia Policy, these elements operate in secret today.

Shutting Down Business & Bribes

The United States have a tradition of bribing Police to remain in business. Business owners are met by Police who ultimate them on a bribe package or the business is shut-down. In much of the English speaking countries Police generally shut a business down if they choose too. As long as the Police are bribed then the business operates, but their are particulars and the protection of a business can in certain cases no longer be afforded protection and then the business is shut down. In many parts of the world bribery is more open as they do not attempt to create a facade of standard.

Cold Blooded Murder

Incidents of cold blooded murder or 1st degree murder where the so called justice system exonerates the murderer because he is a employee of the military junta. Cases where one of the parties is unarmaed or too young to be harmful to a adult. Modern video footage depicts that a murderer can use the Police to play out his tendency. Incidents of lethal force on unarmed children, tasered to death, tasered to brain dead, torture and beatings.

Timothy Runnels used a Taser on Bryce Masters for 28 seconds during the September 2014 incident. That's more than four times longer than officers are trained. He also handcuffed Masters and dropped him face-first into the pavement. Masters was in cardiac arrest and stopped breathing for four minutes before an ambulance arrived and medical personnel were able to resuscitate him. He survived the incident but suffered a traumatic brain injury and underwent 20 months of recovery that the family called “emotionally and physically exhausting.”

Incidents like these are far too common, that the Police institution should be disbanded altogether. Almost all areas on Earth where people concentrate are there Police operating and somewhere in world someone is being beaten, tortured, tasered and murdered unjustly by Police. While millions of other people are having their lives ruined by their encounters with Police as they cause emotional and mental stress that could lead to illness.

Death Squads

In some places death squads operate, military personnel and regular Police dress up in Police uniform and search for people to kill.

Arrested Development

Arrested development is the microcosm can't go cosmic under a state of interference, this is true of government, police and of parents. For example people dislike caravans and RV but in its American form its a big industry, an ecosystem of work and business. If RV's are persecuted wherever they arise then the cosmic state can never occur. This is called arrested development. Another example kidnapped children obey they're captures instead of listening to their best interests or they're instinctual nature because the kidnapper replaces an authority figure. Instead of self-determination, the child disobeying the capture and escaping, worse happens.

Prisons Jails Crime

Breaking the law will land you in jail. Jail is undesirable and something that you must alter yourself to stay out of, political incarceration is acceptable and normal. Here is a list of major crimes in a society.

  • Violence against another.
  • Violence against another's property including theft.

A polis has several rectums, gaol, insanity facilities, and even certain suburbs may be rectal. One seeks and learns to not be digested into the into the rectum of the system.

Speaking To Police

Stopping You Randomly

You must be committing a crime or be suspicious of committing a crime for Police to stop you be it in a car or on the street, if you are going about your business with no indication of breaking the law, Police should not stop you. You should make that known to the officer and he should explain it to you. Questioned without explanation of suspicion. Courts have failed to uphold this right of citizens in society and now they the difference between a hard-line socialist regime and professional society is becoming thinner towards the arbitrary execution of citizens by Police squads or in the secrecy of the Police Station where a experienced Police officer will be exonerated by the court system, disagreeing with the the concept of the Police officer as a investigator in breaches of the law rather than the law unto themselves. As the pendulum is swung, obverse forces are generated and the pendulum swings back to be a designated state of rest. Hopefully liberty. The level of what a crime infact is in regards to courts time is such that one should push the boundary as to exercise their rights, their is no court that will hear these occurrences as they are too petty, knowing this a officer may resort to wasting your time as a mean to cause to pay in some way.


Alleged, Allegations - everything in relation to law and Police is alleged or an allegation. Until they can be proved, allegations remain merely assertions. “The alleged misplacement of property”. The fraternity of legibus has undertaken deep dialectic and debate to arrive at the purity of some decision. To make certain that something is what it in-fact is by intelligent minds. As citizens what we think is not necessarily how the fraternity views an incident. The fraternity has to maintain consistency with previous cases called juris-pudence, it also puts everything in a pot and determines a judgement in a court case.

The Right To Remain Silent - No Answer Interview

When interviewed, you should say I have been advised to answer all questions by saying “No answer interview” it is the other parties work to prove any allegations made against you and not your job. If the Police ask what work you do, it is not the work of aiding the building of a dossier of evidence that leads to court.

Types of Police

There are various types of Police…

  • Patrolling Officiers
  • Criminal Investigators, Prosecutors, general and speciality.
  • Federal Police
  • Border and Customs Police
  • Transport Police
  • International Police (Interpol)
  • Secret Police
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