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The Briefing

“It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not be free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act. “The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.” - Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958

Definition: Religion form part of the state function instead cults are popular. Religions want to distant themselves from cults have determined the accepted definition and distinction for us all. Cults in this piece refers to both religions and cults. Cultification is unavoidable, an innocent attempt to solve the unresolvable conundrum means the best you can do is produce a cult. All groups have their cult whether they know it or not. Cult in the universal context is defined as everything that is not in an energy state, that is never forming due to arson.

Concentrated wealth forms power and what that power determines is legitimate, people have little choice else. Cults form an alternate methodology to delta, cults are not concerned with the rise over nature but about control of people through information for wealth and power aims. Several prominent mystics have expressed information in their works such as Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and the Medes. Socrates opposed the sophists.

Quite possibly the most unbelievable phenomena is man ability to be hypnotized and put into a state of mind control. People are generally good sports, the reality is many people will knowingly play the fool to get the game on because they are simply bored and frustrated, a club offers them social interaction, inclusion and possibility for change. The intense effort of the determined cult makes people lose their minds. 20% of human beings in the world are clinically retarded, they operate in society as normal as anyone else, it does not take much effort to make them believe something false for advantage of cult leaders garden. 20% are below average it takes a little more effort to get them to believe something false for advantage of cult leader loins. 20% are average and it takes even more effort to get them to believe something false for cult leaders lifestyle. 20% are above average it is much more difficult to fool them and the smartest 20% are not fooled at all they are not in the cult. It begins with social inclusion and it turns into revenue raising for the great purpose and it ends with dying for cult leader or doctrine.

Cult leaders become possessed by some force that pressures them and takes them over, a cult leader must be strong or he will try and broadcast his power.

What a man may kill in flesh to remove he may accept as a belief, then those that own the belief will eventually seek to kill the flesh. Mithras was popular religion for Romans on the frontier. The power of belief is to consult the fallible manifold of the mind rather than physical reality, to believe is to be inducted into cult automatically, the basis of behaviour artificially altered and manipulable as a result society can longer believe, they must either know or assume the nature of those behind it, you must be certain about who you are for and who you are against and your activities must be certain in that effort.

Humans are strong and vulnerable, the manipulation of the human physiology is a key weapon of warfare. People have sat down and analysed aspect of the human soul in order to exploit its vulnerabilities and fashion them to be amendable for cult usage. It has not been mapped out.

Did ye not believe?
Trust in the Lord
Obey the Lord

It's a set up.

What comes next? Kill for the Lord.

It's a case of get in (wonder), set up an authority (power) and then command (do this or that). Paying particular attention to treating the state of the reader possibly with promises and examples.

If I asked you what do you believe, and you replied God, then you act as an agent of those that are behind the scheme of your chosen god. This is how imperialism and possession works. We are moved by those above us as though we are acting on our own, that is the subtleness of this type of imperialism. What you yield to and what you believe puts in a state of unknowing possession.

All parts of the human physiology are candidate for exploitation, they include

  • the emotional state
  • the mental state
  • the body state
  • exploit pains, suffering, depression by promising people the opposite
  • knowing something that other people do not know can make a persecuted dumb person feel superior
  • exploitation of primary and secondary human needs
  • operate beyond the mental ability of someone
  • sleep deprivation, innact legislation at night

any physiological manifold is fair to exploit. Historically the mysteries have formed a cookbook to the formation of cults, the schemes incorporated or excluded. Their is also the scheme of systemize the physiological manifold. For example see Derren Brown, their are two people in every person, the con man gets information from the hidden man, people will nod yes, flinch yes before they say yes. Some times people forget in an artificial way. The most common is the ignored fleeting word that arises later to create an agency or even the hurt people. Overwhelming to get them to shut off.

None of it is truth…

The Socratic philosophers did not practice mind control, instead they worked to raise consciousness to render it feeble, however their were a type of class of person that practised, researched and developed mind control cults.

The confusion continues, but you maintain a healthy scepticism of states, society, people and religion.

The Ancient Mysteries

The ancient mysteries are where it all begins, obviously the mysteries are but demystified, it is the constellations personified, the night sky as a story.

Things done, things said, things shown.

Two ideas are the idea of the fisherman who hooks the fish with fairy-tales and the farmer who cultivates the earth or plants the idea upon humanity (the earth) hoping people believe it.

Cults use many schemes to cultivate people into the cult and over man's history have researched all means to make their cults more potent. Words, drugs, rituals, a tiring cross country walk, being asleep, anything that tears down the defences. The human being is strong and also vulnerable, by exploiting his vulnerabilities one gains control over him and then takes all he has. A long story causes a man's concentration to lapse and a man to tire, if a story is filled with fantasy he may begin to entertain fantasies, the stories, rituals, recitations, pilgrimages, signs, symbols and more produce a state in which the mind is pliant enough to slide an idea under the radar, these ideas resisted a great deal counter influence. The concepts of common religions all utilize the methods pioneered in the mystery schools. From the constellation stories that form hallmarks of their identity to the practices they partake in that forms the mind control. The mystery cults or the mystery religions or the mystery schools are the ancient mind control cults.

Their are several styles of cults, from Agrarian Cycles Worship Zodiac based cults, hosts & parasites, lord of hosts, a scheme that feeds off the wider community, none or minor myths such as Judaism, and mind control cults, the group is used to magnify the leader and (kills all others) such as Islam.

In the Egyptians mystery schools its was said that if a man succumbs to brainwashing then he is inferior and deserves to be a slave, if a man by his very nature can rise above the fray then he is of a different class, if it is done by instruction one immediately is empowered and denies his previous state. A cult has degrees that are designed to put people more higher.

For any mental or emotional reason you can join a group and find a passive empowerment by being part of a group. Cult chemistry is about creating a potent mix that exploits the human state to make a person devoted to the cult for the sole purpose of extracting wealth to the leaders.

In Hellenic times it was said that Aristotle was thrown out of Athens for revealing that people entering the temple were going to be put into a state where they would be amendable to suggestion or mind control. The complete rituals to the subject is for full hypnotism not merely institutional training via symbols, rituals, words, hopes, beliefs and a thousand others. Here are the names of some ancient cults.

  • Eleusinian Mysteries
  • Samothracean mysteries
  • Dionysian Mysteries
  • Orphic mysteries
  • Cult of Isis
  • Mithraic Mysteries - Mysteries of Mithras
  • Cult of Attis
  • Arcadian cult of Despoina
  • Cult of Trophonius
  • Serapis
  • Sabazios
  • Navigium Isidis

The worst mind kontrol has not come from religion as such it has come from the American and British mind kontrol programs.

Religions are a real force for mind control and brainwashing that at its heart is about the powerful enjoying riches and staying rich and powerful, and the rest having little and being in no state to confront the issue. In Europe religions and god has kept people dumb for many centuries, an indictment on the fitness of the inflicted. God is evil. God is an imperial tool of a cult, otherwise their is no God, it is as simple as that.

In medieval times it was the church that kept watch on everyone in their most private moments and if they did not they made sure you believed god could see you all the time, today it is America with its global surveillance which does the intrusive surveillance. Neither god, men or nations can see what is going on inside you or your minds.

Roman Catholic Church - The Vatican

The Vatican is the religious organization of the ancient Roman times, after the political and military collapse of Rome due the foederati, Goths serving in the Roman military turn under Alaric and sack Rome, (possibly a microcosm of a much larger problem of hoards of people from he East dreaming of Rome) the Vatican survived and evolved to become Christian under the reforms of Constantine. As Europe descended into anarchy the Roman religious body took it upon itself to re-civilize Europe by creating a network across Europe and accepting rulers and domains in order to establish some kind of form. Through the Vatican, by making the Merovingians and Charlemagne profound they form a bedrock of new Europe. Their is no body in Europe that has done more for maintaining a cohesion and order in Europe than the Roman Catholic Church. Along with the designation of Caesar this form is the design of Europe today.

One must understand mystery religions and legitimate religions on their own. Some religions spring up out of popularity, others are as part of the civil and administrative design of the state such as in Ancient Egypt. Manipulation of the human being is the primary means of maintaining status, the Vatican is not the military organization of Ancient Rome, historically it was tasked with administration of the state of mind of the population via myths, beliefs and Roman religions. The current advertised religion has taken the desirable parts of the mystery religions and fashioned them into one religion out of historical necessity. Justinian was cut down by no one knows what.

The primary means of preserving the religious aristocratic organization is through their social program which involves psychological and physical abuse, by targeting children the society is generationally rendered mentally ill. Their are only a few sponsored peoples left in the world, in a open and messy society sponsorship ceases and all become suppressed and so they fight a secret war against all persons, ultimately limiting their potential and given to mortality which they attempt to trans-mortalis.

From the beginning the acceptance of pacifying Christianity was for the purpose of their survival, the terrorization, indoctrination, molestation of children to maintain themselves. Dumbed down victims cast accusations at the Vatican that they learned because of the Vatican. They do not follow their own doctrines because their doctrines are intentionally dysfunctional and meant for the social control so they can hold onto the wealth and power they have. When a child is ruined by their lies, their ultimate potential goes unrealized. The say and teach dumb things. “Risk everything with your heart for Jesus” its educated in an idiotic tone and it is idiotic purposely, it is the mentorship of failure of which parents cannot even grow beyond. Jesus is really about how dumb you can get before you realize it. In the height morality, send your children to the cult so they can be fudged from the start and idiot parents volunteer their children to a mental illness that plagues their entire lives. Don't send your children to a cult to be educated. Deception from the beginning, you ur bad council. For your own sakes. The slaves shall inherit the earth, for all ye make are slaves.

The Flavians designed a set of religious reforms to bring the Iudaeans into Roman approval, aspects of Judaism were extreme and violent just as some parts of Islam are today, for example the language referring to Rome's reform of exclusive legal tender across the empire. The result being Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity the most popular forms practised today. The first forms of the Iudaeans mystery religion may have been devised by Ptolemy as part of his legitimacy campaign across Egypt and the Levant. Over the next several hundred years Christianity grew to prominence and eventually became instituted as the official religion of Rome. The Vatican was forced to remonstrate with cheiftans as persons favoured by god. Kings provide a physical operation while the Church provides a psychological one, forming a rudimentary civilizing construct. The Vatican also has a hidden nature.

The example of how destructive religion can be on a people and a nation is the Italian example. They have been made completely devoid of their will to fight and they have been made sexually incapable all by a mentally ill state. The French have also suffered weakness and stupidly due to the Vatican. The English rejection of the Vatican and its stupid interference gives them potential for proper council because the use of force can never be sanctioned or it becomes ineffective.

Subtle Warfare Of Christianity

  • Intercepting life experience as the developer of internal strength in a person and replacing it with dependence, weakness and delusion, consolidation of experience and the production of strength to bequeath.
  • Diverting to bad knowledge and bad means rather than accepting the food pain that builds strength.
  • Brainwashing children in so called private schools and then preaching morality.
  • Inventing artifacts to fool people and then preaching against lies and deception.
  • Endocrinating idiocy and fairytales into children that renders them idiots and beliving in people that historically did not exist.
  • Denial of proper knowledge in societies instead more fairytales.
  • Warfare is over generations, the vacancy rectified and actions taken.
  • Effectively an aristocratic organization and movement projecting its war on the individual human being.

You are limited by belief, things are simply not to be believed. Scenario if you were the president would you launch hydrogen bombs that would destroy the planet on a belief? or on a memo? its just not good enough you have to know non negotiable. What if someone told you something, your family has been abducted by aliens? do you believe it. What if he put on a convincing theatre to persuade such, either way you still would be the fool.

Just like fear in the military stops you from achieving your potential, a man can absail down a cliff but his fear will either avoid the situation or cripple him during. A person without fear can achieve more. In society with horror movies and abuse of people, fear saves the status quo.

These strategies that have made education and the press, pillars of the common mans ability to go beyond corrupted, the education system and the “free press” is propaganda. The aristocrats including the Vatican and their works are to save their own power. They utilize a strategy of mind kontrol, the scheme aims to destroy the potential one has to rise with dumb teaching. The daily bread, once we got rid of the religion and the aristocrats everyone has more than his share without religious aristocratic state of man, Sir can I have some more. More! They are there to destroy the common man and maintain his state of destruction for ever, we get rid of them we rise, they rise we start to lose, more and more become slaves again.

They much rather teach blind reliance to thin air, than putting that energy into individuals that can self determination for their own welfare. Again its the status quo they preach to save.

Christianity Jesus & The Church Train People To Be Gullable!

Good Samaritan stabbed while helping woman in Vancouver

No good deed will go unpunished. The pushing of morality on people in relation to religion gives a false sense of security which usually ends in criminality for those believing that entering a situation where a wrong has occurred will not mean that they will be accused of committing the crime and most likely sent to jail and fined for offences they make known for the sake of morality.

The unknown quantity, honesty which is a gamble on outcomes based on the false security religion institutes lose because gamblers always lose to the house. Criminals have risen to great heights on the basis that men will have a moral code that they follow which can be exploited.

Scenario: Say you find an alleged stolen object and it has the name and number of the person on it and you ring the number and tell the person you have their misplaced property. They then turn around and phone the Police giving them your details where a Police officers get a warrant to search your house at 3am in the morning, they go through everything and recover the item, they handcuff you, read you your rights and take you downtown where you are interrogated and finally charged with alleged theft, several months later you have to appear in a court and do so, legal aid tells you to plead guilty and pay a fine, you do so and the judge gives 30 days in jail and a fine of $500 and gives you 60 days to pay. You eventually do the time and pay the court order fine and put the entire traumatic experience behind you and resume your life. Turns out Tara likes to get drunk and leave her stuff around town, either way their is but one idiot in the situation.

Ask yourself is their something wrong with honesty? or the Christian garbage they brainwash you with?

Judasism & Islam

Semitic Homicidal Cults, both have a baseless self-view of superiority and both instruct cult members to murder outsiders. Religion merely forms a bind for war and murder. All Abraham religions molest children mentally and physically. Islam rapes children, Judaism mutilates genitalia and performs fellatio on the infants penis possibly an act of vampirism, child cannibalism and paedophilia. Christianity has a paedophilia crisis epidemic. see the Orphic Religion.


Community Or Cult

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