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The Briefing

Animals that live in groups develop social structure, indviduals will compete, can be sought and rise to power while others osterized and die. Societies develop class and societies will additionally determine acceptable and unacceptable rules of conduct commonly referred to as “social norms”, social norms are generally the domain of woman, the other major natural institution is street smarts.

Generally societies are violently hierarchical on the basis of human needs.

Primitive societies are in a state of retardation, more advanced societies are in a state of debilitation caused by religions and by tyrannical aristocrats.

Social Norms

Social norms may mean dress codes, what is beauty and what is not. Perhaps if tattoos and acceptable or not. Weather smart people are sociable or not. The rules that a group uses for appropriate and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. These rules may be explicit or implicit. Failure to stick to the rules can result in severe punishments, the most feared of which is exclusion from the group.

A common rule is that some norms must frequently be displayed; neutrality is seldom an option. Societies can be very strict in these rules and these norms can be influenced by law enforcement, media and government. The credo of society determines its ultimate form, the aristocratic dream. The have nots, the haves and the new group the have more's. It is wealth and best of everything determined by a price tag to create exclusivity and trend creation.

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Street Smarts or Street Wise

This is the ability to gauge or navigate society as it is, on the basis of allowing your personality to mould to have street smarts or be street wise. Here are some tips…

  • you must be able to size someone up on sight whether they are good or bad.
  • you must practice liaison and correspond to gather enough information size someone or a situation up.
  • you must be knowledgeable of the scams people play and the things they attempt to get away with and therefore you must protect against losing to a scam.
  • you will eventually come to war.
  • what happens in vegas stays in vegas, you do not call the cops or take people to court and therefore the activities must be within that threshold. The ability for the streetwise to have civil liberties is paramount to the script.

A person will either get done over alot, or develop street smarts.

Their are people who are not street smart or street wise, they are missing this development and are hiding, they try and describe people to Police like they have seen in a television show and Police go around the corner and laugh.

Street Smarts Plus: Law Smarts or Arrested Development

Street smarts can include law smarts, a street smart person may cross the line where law dictates, he may pickup an alleged item, a law smart person will shout for example don't touch it, knowing that an otherwise innocent and natural act may been seen differently in law and be a criminal act.

Arrested development is Police interference or state interference via regulation that restricts and interferes with naturally becoming something as the product of urban culture, that in a captive situation, a natural should run free as chance permits, an arrested child will obey a captor because he is seen as an authority figure and to the child's determent. That a person that gives themselves will learn to navigate the urban scene without needing assistance. People who have an arrested development are sanctioned, partitioned.

Collective Will Of People

The collective will of the people or through their state of imperialism can cause people to succeed and people to fail. People have prejudices, sympathies, liking and good will and rise and fall spiritually on the collective will of people. For them if feels as though god hates them or as if dead ancestors are changing things to their favor. It is I believe instead the religious and political as well as personal beliefs that someone holds that places you somewhere good or somewhere bad. This force can destroy objects and your health.

Social Bind

When a people hurt other people within a society, seperation occurs, that seperation can become disconnection to any social and human obligation. Some people prosper and require a disconnected society because it allows for certain behaviors that would otherwise not be normal, and it allows for the normalization of exploitation. This may stem out of desperation, it may stem out of greed, fashion or even amateur business. Those that wish to exist within a good society will not create disconnection.

end here

Foreign social entities that have formed cultural traditions have rules that include what one ought to name their children, cultural and social acceptability of names can differ and conflict can arise. In Briton one would name their child after the king or the prince or perhaps after another prominent person in an effort in a scheme to be automatically acceptable and introduced.

Professions are also classed by their monetary prospect to a visible degree. Some people will co-ordinate themselves to dealing with high monetary professions rather than physical appearances.

and social status also means social competition utilized by big business, objects that store social elevation are priced for exclusivity which introduces class, objects like cars, holiday and home locations.

Now it is important to note that not everyone aims for aristocracy or the charisma of fortune, their are sub-cultures that are either not enlightened, they have listened to alternative set of wants or it is just not applicable for them.

Consumerism is the big word here, needs and wants sufficed by products and services through the transfer of currency. It became's apparent that all needs would eventually be met and the system would collapse, so the psychological manipulation towards the creation wants solved this concern. With success or position the need to legitimize authority or publicize success comes at a higher price in the form of objects which may have historical value or be exclusive objects.

Let's throw some examples out there, I am certain fantasy and fun will follow…

  • art from renowned artists
  • aged wine from renowned vineyards
  • Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Aston Martin
  • antiques, old artefacts to old coins
  • rare metals
  • dressed up really nice

Who creates social norms, the answer is generally woman, but a whole slew of other institutions have influenced social norms for their advantage, if you break a social norm you get momentary group shun. Celebrities, their exist the famous, the celebrities they have an influence, and they provide satire, social norms, mores and lately are even publically assassinated as entertainment organization sell the scoop as their careers are damaged. A celebrity should seek damages if such occurs to them, utilizing jurisdictional law or another means. Many stories about celebrities are set up to make money off them the unsuspecting public does not see that.

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