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The Briefing

An online book by Tony Ganino

Power and wealth, miltiades and cult, invention and …?

Get savvy.

Signum, the two chief world systems, two dragons, the imperium and the mysterium.

Imperium: the business of self-gratification by seizing the wealth of the Earth using military force. Challenge imperial rule and influence and face death, torture and destruction. Subjects to imperial rule face a sub-status position, fearful, submissive and subservient. Obverse the imperators enjoy a super-status. The military is then the most important asset, without a supreme military you have no position.

Mysterium: the mystery cults, to believe is to be inducted into cult. Socrates opposed the Sophists. Those in the cult are under mind control. Mysteriums take a human need, mental, emotional, physical and (build) install an agency, the manifold. See prefixes such as Med, Maj, Mag, Medici. Bodies either yield to despair, in the face of courage or the threat of the sword. A mystery only holds audience while it remains a mystery, demystified it is rarely worth a second look. Wean, svezzare fuori religione.

Attacks to the body, dysfunction to the mind, the opposite is mens sana in corpore sano.

Est sicut Pompeius magnus non imperator sed imperatus. Bellum. Quae cum ita est in proelium signum Apollone. Et non tradat desperatio, audacia, et gladio.

Nature and Man, nature in opposition to man, the sombre waves that break on the sandy shore magically extend pull a person in only with the intent to strangle him. Black rain falls and gives rise to the plague grinding all efforts to a halt, reptilian comfort, serpent protection, from the very beginning nature has punished and wreaked havoc upon man's intention, oppressed him, nature is the destroyer of men and so are the overlords it exalts for the very same necessities, prisons. If God does not provide then what will you do? Antarctica does not care.

And so a new generation, Young captive, disorientated from on high to maintain the lost state of man for the preservation of a few, wrist in shackle his chain snakes beyond sight into the darkness. The memory of the policy of enslavement lost as the toxin continues to reward slaves, lies believed, beatings repeat, improved schemes implemented, displaced, distressed lives, victims made. Leaving you wondering why your ancestors could not find more to elevate your position in the slave ship prison planet, they would have been murdered. Blessed are the slaves for they shall inherit the world, for all ye make are slaves.

You have been hit by something that you don't even know what, and if you are willing you are just waking up from it, you don't know who is who and what is what. Nature… Man.

Nature leaves man in a state of destruction in a wretched condition. It is the key actor, identify it, fight it, strategize against it. One must rise above it to make the efforts of nature, man and God subordinate or else you will exist in a constant state of destruction and under indefinite imperialism. It is your only chance to surpass the lies and beatings, repair the damage then will you have chance for physical and psychological agency. Don't give up, don't collapse, don't make a bad situation worse, activate, mobilize, get savvy, get operational and haul it out of there, no limitations.


Man, in a perfect world all men would move against nature without moving against each other but some are too dysfunctional, and man is against man, confused and unable to contend with nature they look to others to sought what they need and a massive source of counter productive energies arise, their can be no victor only cataclysm. The moral authority targets the children to molest mentally and physically. The master slave paradigm generate massive ignorance that grips the nation, imaginary people and imaginary versions of reality to destroy a section to save another section. So if we have gone into the afterlife to prepare for you regardless of your behaviour and you can be assured in that. Be proud of your sexual nature, disregard their so called gods as mental illness and mere mind kontrol schemes which must not befall you. Imaginary people, tulpas, imaginary realities, its mental illness. Make all lines straight and head for the stars.

The system of the universe generates cult as panacea, we should not reside to a cult.

When you engage in business you will be called to create and implement systems to keep your business running and on track to success. Product quality and customer service.

Caput Primum - Numerus 3 - Tetrahedron Super Phi

On nature; treacherous: guilty of or involving betrayal or deception, presenting hidden or unpredictable dangers.

The universe is against man and man has to counter against it to build his set. The beginning form and the beginning of civilization came out of ego, a man forced by age to death wants to create a tomb that pronounces his greatness above those that came before and if done right all those that come after him, but the Pyramids form for us the basis of engineering concepts that is the basis of stability. Egyptology, Hellenology, Romanology…

Unstable states are referred to fire or energy, stable state is termed delta or the arch. Reclamation of energy for growth. If you want to build you will employ the triangle as the optimum value for strength, it is practical and universally applicable in its specific form (which may have to be devised) in all fields. When you build a business you need the most reliable equipment at crunch time you won't know what you have avoided.

Stable Shape

Three forms the most stable state known to man in any application. A triangle has 3 sides, the Pyramids are a 3 dimensional triangle. Having 1 in use and 2 on standby. Nature gives 2 of everything and utilizes triangle like formations in standing up. In the most abstract of applications 3 provides strength, strength against confusion perhaps. Those that build the tetrahedron are always more than those than draw comfort from it. All life comes from pain. The establishment of the tetrahedron is of the utmost importance. Persons able to establish delta have powers.

Stable Shape

The arch is equally as stable and is also applied to management systems. Stable means hard to break or smash. If a man loses the ability to look after himself then he is doomed.


Moves seem to be the point where trouble happens, when objects move friction causes heat which causes their structure to change which causes machines to break. Moves occur when the more powerful force it upon others and then they get raped, people attempt to undertake moves to improve their situation and then get raped in between the move. Some people choose to avoid moving, some people move from mooring to mooring and always begin again, other establish a mooring, build supply and establish another mooring (I think their are man made laws in place against that strategy) and others are continuously moving. To move you must be strong, in resource to withstand the rape and in knowledge to minimize the rape.

The Fibonacci sequence reveals that their are 31 possible solutions to the unresolvable conundrum. Here is a list, Tellurium 128, steel, carbyne, graphene, levels, mitigate, localize, delegate, nature made borders, ditches and dikes, mercedes benz logo, network topolgies mesh start bush tree and ring, good brand, brand new, Achme ratings, controlled failure, 1 over the square root of n, winning the peace, a drain, copies distance apart, rectify from source no subsequent process, Norman Borlaug eugenics, Aikido, Experimentation to bring together a strategy package of the few things that work battle stations implements the multiple strategy package basically a defence (maintaining standards of peace time systems and attitudes), offence and media (bringing as many people on side by being honest to them), the set, rape avoidance. a woman clings to a man and as spira wrecks havoc upon them it draws them closer together and against the world and its ways, this observed method also employs a vast social network which can be called upon for maintenance of state. Fast, easy and cheap to replace, truss.

Delta Strategies

As much as we entertain and reject Ford for their disappointing quality. Ford vehicles engineered many of the delta mastery issues into their vehicles such as mechanical and frictional issues, mating two dissimilar surfaces, maintaining solids, sealing pressurized fluids, sealing pressurized gas, using pressure to do work, all the way to maintaining a vacuum. So dealing with the universe from the vacuum up in one global machine.

Nature (entropy) is doing its own thing, for us its a no win situation, from the age of steel and mined materials, we move to the age of synthetics, an age to come. Nature repeats and zeniths before reclining, the lowest star of the big dipper is true north. Polaris, stella maris the north star is north. Go outside and locate it, anytime you set off into the unknown take note the direction you are travelling in relative to Polaris. [N]ever [E]at [S]ea [W]eed clockwise. What hand do you write with?


Accepting the development of a strategy to deal with entropy, or it will fall down around you. The improbable pyramid, system design has the capacity to put the probability of something occurring beyond scientific possibility, any system that does not meet a certain level of improbability is sub-standard, for example an aero plane only crashes because it is substandard, people do not walk through walls in the same way the aero plane should never crash. The basis of the idea is in information theory and entropy with respect to πr². Its prospect for only positive outcomes can be abused by the malevolent for their application. Designing system with a high level of improbability, as the word is defined by quantum physicists.

Caput Secundum - Spira Mirabilis - The Big Bad Wolf

Eadem mutata resurgo - Tempestates Iuppiter, let us humbly stand corrected and return to the bosom of thy natural blessing, enduring more magnificently than those under your destruction, arising naturally over other men, trusting in your designs, maker of all that is beautiful, nature is paradise, creativity so marvellous and fantastic. Who can disagree with the wonderous vista's all around us, the cool water on a summers day, the warm fire on a winters day. To run, the breathe, to explore, kiss a butterfly, blow the dandelions. The sun rises in the morning and all burst to life with its rays, reclines to bring the evening and rest. Who else gives seven bushels for one. It is not a betrayal of my vengeance, even animals build shelters to reside in. Never against nature, always for nature, nature is always right. Those against nature will in time learn the error of their ways. In its bosom do all seek to be, are the wealthiest so enchanted that they seek to hoard it entirely for themselves. Let us gaze into the rays of the morning sun to calibrate what is light and what is not and escape the forcefield of the black cube. Awe the sacred forms and the sacred odours, pine cone of the spring time, aves in flight.

Spira Mirabilis, a spiral pattern prevalent in nature first mentioned by Archimedes as the mathematical ratio phi 1.16 and we know it through Leonardo of Pisa, Fibonacci's Liber Abbaci, more precisely as a logarithmic spiral of René Descartes. Regardless of variation we are discussing the same concept. Its most modern form is the sine wave on the x, y axis.


The ancient Egyptians innocently beautified their columns to look like papyrus trees, by the Gracian period the spiral patterns used were mathematised as part of unlocking delta and physical logy. Spira Mirabilis, by the Roman period we see the shell in use to decorate shoes.

Spira mirabilis is the storm that destroys delta, in nature and in beast, in man and women when they behave naturally but it is an undesirable quality. It is the ruined vehicle by human error and its the mechanical maintenance hell that arises from friction. Spira is natures form and nature dominates.

Meteorological behaviour or algorithm, crowds are sometimes referred to as liquids derogatory to the desirable solid form as liquid have no mind, flowing where they can, flowing and filling vacuums but around earth. This then extends to something called the law of the sea, the causes and effects of liquid motions and its resolution. Meteorological because the winds, the ocean currency, and other natural movements are thought of as identical in terms of thermodynamics. Nature does not like vacuums, so the creation of vacuums are created or avoided as required, people copy powerful people, so power must be peaceful or violent. Contrary to the law of the sea is the law of the land. Modern business seeks to re-mediate these natural behaviours in return for payment and must be direct, efficient, optimized and successful. The land people are beyond such behaviours. The bank is not the generator of currents, the celestial bodies are.

Ninety nine percent of human existence is electromagnetism following the laws of electricity. In the past thought of as the creation force. All movement change thermodynamic in nature balances potential within the system. Lightning strike identical to the construction of for instance the spider for acquiring its prey only the complexity has increased. All human decision making follows the laws of electricity. Positive, current, (load), earth and the fields generated. It takes mental amplitude to identify causes correctly and implement desired resolution. Ice in cold weather, cool drink in hot weather, problem equals no problem. What is the result of all the force modulation you are under will dictate the electromagnetic response. The electromagnetic force is the interaction responsible for almost all the phenomena encountered in daily life, with the exception of gravity.

We run, we eat, we play, we love, we feel, our hearts beat, the wind, a person running, our business affairs, the rise and fall of empires, electromagnetism means many sold products with little or no effort versus no buyers, it means Don Johnson gets the job while crater face lives with his parents. It's the choice between one organism and another. Yes, we behave like electricity does, our brains even run on 12 watts of electricity.

If a positive comes at us and we are in a state of negative, all else not interfering we will connect and equalize. If a negative comes at us and we are positive all else not interfering we will connect. If we are neutral all else not interfering then neither a positive or negative will be sought. If we are negative and we are supplied with another negative it will not impress, similarly if we are positive and we supplied with another positive it will not impress. Their are compatible contextual connections to this arrangement, for example becoming aroused puts one distant to an orgasmic plateau but is not relative to having to write a report sought as a work task, separate streets. Their may be chains, that is; a neutral that goes to positive and so altering one or more associated values in an arrangement. Their exists states where two negatives are in a formation trapping a positive against equalizing or causing the trapped positive to behave artificially. This state may be steady or it may break requiring an elevation of the positive beyond the power of the negative or the negative may be broken up releasing the captive positive, for example simple suppressed sexual expression that is becoming more and more maligned to escape a condition of deterrent, or steam pressure in a container it may be stable but may increase beyond a threshold. It may also cause the trapped positive in the above case to be destroyed. Space is a resistor, so proximity matters.

It is hard to imagine that avoiding sprinklers equates to a more ideal state at a particular time but turn up the heat and that cool water feels great. Gravity makes up the other %1, for us gravity alters our electromagnetism, it is the reason why our feet are flat and why we are muscular, why we sleep at night and live during the day.

One sets off confused and he does not know it, the equipment begins to fail, is left behind or gets lost, batteries drain, mechanics fail then you are at the mercy of Spira and you might die. Some people are spira for example they will create the hole that lets the rain in that accelerates entropy. Destructive people thinks of themselves ample and strong but the break down is seen as very low mind to those established that is we seek the build facilities not revert to nature.

Spira is a development algorithm, and more energy expands it, with intelligence man can bootstrap himself to a better place, energy is undefined, man uses energy by defining it in a process. Man and nature engaged in destructive activities is Spira, as more energy is fed into the algorithm does the incident grow. When one builds to withstand nature, he also must build to withstand man because some men are more spira than tetra, these men are not good for business. Your business must stand against nature… and man. Natural formed system while not necessarily bad are spiral including people, the atomic family, a women curves, such natural behaviour including parasite based systems. Nature treat more favourable a man with a women in a needy situation then 2 men or 2 women alone by the same concept as lightning strikes, electrically.

It is nature and not man if its even possible to think outside of nature.

The philospohical primum, the highest factor as basis of which all are subsequent is spira and delta, some want to say that it is spira in ones personal service by positioning oneself relative to spira and allowing spira to bless and destroy as it does, while others say that form is basis of agency, once man has achieved significant form in the face of spira does he come into existence. Others want to say that this concept is not philosophical supreme, that some other system dictates reality. You are either enjoying spira, being smashed by spira, or have constructed a sufficient barrier in resistance of spira, delta. When the catherdals ceiling caves in and fire engulfs your sacred places you are philosophically subjective.


The image simply depicts the means that spira mirabilis is formed that is by area and the thermal algorithm oscillating possibly due to a thermal dynamo effect, later creates locking form and later tends against the energy around it. The theory of forms is from energy undefined and into delta and towards more complex platonic forms. Fire is always unstable, delta always stable applicable to all fields. Energy is not a function of delta, only the dead have seen the end of war.

Spira is the cause of fluctuation and destruction and costs in time and money, moving vehicles collide, engine overheats, person attempts to steal your vehicle, and end of vehicle and schedule. Pain, damage, costs, stress, heart attack, end of livelihood. The reality check of operating business, people attempt to implement schemes to filter the situation but that is usually becomes messy and corrupted as well.

The significance of the number 7 in pseudo-science relates to 7 cycles of human lifespan, 7 cycles in the architecture of the universe. 7 is often applied like spira is applied for example DNA, evolution. The Pythagoreans called the number 7 “the Septad”. The seven colors of the rainbow. 7 notes in the diatonic music scale. Pythagoras as numbers having a nature and the irrational number association including Pi.

Traditionally along with reciting the classics from memory and knowledge of the movements of the constellations, the positive and negative come together as the creation force. When a person seeks to build a machine to do some work, he does not implement an off the shelf methodology, he experiments, designing and redesigning each time a more optimized and improved efficient result, keep experimenting such as with monetary schemes and insurance schemes. Tradition compels copulation as the only functional concept and regeneration as the functional scheme. The infinity symbol, perhaps a functional perpetual loop, perhaps a torus, positive and negative in 3 dimensions? The water of the earth and the warmth of the sun intersect to grow the intelligent tree. In the same way men and women copulate. The system of highest knowledge is then to be in the bosom of these the natural way. To accept the enjoyment of being created and suffer being destroyed without counter-action, delta or some other strategy applied to spira, such monitor and move away from the extremes or treat the extremes with some remedy.


Spira and delta are dialectic truth, the platonic solids are missing spira as the first state, you are either implementing the logic of delta or you are implementing the logic of spira. Don't say you don't understand, or you are confused or you lost track of who caused and who was effected by it, or that a deity told you to do it, it's only spira when others do it. Spira is spira, and delta is delta. One is never the other. One acts in one way or the other. Know.

Sacred Geometry
Transmission Model

Caput Tertium - Schema Super Phi - Ponzi Is Not A Criminal

Simili modo ad fratres, maior phi contra spira. In ancient Rome, one could join a society that offered its members burial insurance, everyone paid a little to cover the few instances, everyone got their value worth or return on an investment but the pooling of funds make the organizers wealthy. Schemes are abstract concepts, referred to as sand castles out of air. Their are no limits to generating a scheme, when a scheme is applied to humans it causes voluntary organization, the combined human energy is sufficient to overcome nature. The captain and crew of a sea vessel is possibly a insightful example because the team must perform to stay alive, something they want to do with caveat to mutiny. It can also be devised independently to generate an acceptable offering of return on an investment as a system, be it captain and crew or an unofficial racquet both are entertained and acceptable. The philosophical prime to schema is energy.

Polar Coupling

Schema cannot replace delta, delta must be maintained and schema implemented, spira mirabilis vincit delta in finem and being spira, either baroque, rococo or culture is not befitting of human benevolent. Delta will remain but the limits will quickly be reached, of all that you can do within your limited resources and their will be no one to call, and still the snake will not be held in delta. Maximum entropy, their is no perfect solution to the conundrum (perhaps the machine is consciously against and all the effort of strengthening the outfit is ineffectual, head gasket replaced, access granted? denied?) nature makes cults. We get to the second leap, delta is all about strength above nature, now we get to the generation of scheme to offset the negatives. Devising or crafting a scheme takes intelligence of human needs, your needs, the negatives and the incentives, fortunately we have existing schemes to study.

Contract, preferably the lawyer that drafts your contact(s) will defend them if need be, shift liability away from yourself and your business. Their is a mechanism for shifting the legal liability through a contract to someone else literally. For example if you run a vehicle business and the vehicle crashes your business is not liable, the driver is made liable through him/her signing a contract before proceeding recognized by a court in law. This will give you the luxury of denying all culpability something that you will want to hold in reserve. Even insurance companies run away from risk and if they will insure you at all then expect a gross premium on insurance and lawyers will have draft the agreement for each customer to sign. Then you can operate. Beware that the same garbage that nature wreaks on humanity, are people carriers of as well. This is not a debt-bondage contract, it is a contract that stops your outfit from going out of business against nature.

It seems the lofty aristocrats have awarded themselves a waiver of all liability, they take the benefit and the company structure takes the fall. Obviously this is not something the man on the street would have ever been allowed to propose. Limitation of liability through the company structure, claiming Chapter x (Bankruptcy) should it be required, allowing your personal assets to be separate. The limitation of liability is part of a larger interest in gaining exemptions and you should never settle debt contracts with your own labour. Companies get away with murder literally and therefore all you actions are as an agent of the company. The license plate of your vehicles are registered to the company so the company ignores the liability. The valuable assets are owned by the individual and used by the company through a lease contract. Think about it. You also extend that to your employees including their cars.

1.2 Insurance

Insurance, if possible as risk is still a concern for them and many operations, they will just not insure. If you can get insurance you can be confident, if not take a gamble on a standard policy and not disclose the details of the incident(s) that places you outside the conditions of their policy. Insurance takes a little payment of all members to pay for the expensive incident of a few. For example say you have Accident insurance, the probability of accident is minor but the need for protection is major. So members pay a small amount each month or year and the company pays for damages should it occur. Insurance is a successful scheme, profitable. It has similarities to a lottery.

1.3 Secrecy

Secrecy as a brand and in advertising you want to be known so that customers will use your service and products, obversely, their are those that use information against you, so legally you must be secret, no business banking, no business name registrations if possible or a random name that does not reveal information, shelf company. Nothing that indicates that your activities are any different than a general member of society. Legal is about proof so never incriminate yourself with your own words. You have the right to remain silent, means the right not to incriminate yourself and you should practice that right.

Anti-Thesis Deitas

In all human conditions that are undesirable their is the anti-thesis deity. We do not see the troubles that people can be in from physical and situational. No system can be there at all places at all times except the anti-thesis deity, a person with the information can access the anti-thesis deity from any place at any time for any reason at all with confidentiality and personalization. The deity emanates the anti-thesis in a fix all energy, prison doors open, blind people see, the sick are made well, the dead rise to life, whether this happens or not is limitation of the scheme but it includes training the individual to access natural homoeostatic opiads excreted by the brain through associating it to a mechanism for example when you are feeling well ring a bell, when you are trained the next time you ring a bell you will feel just as good. However to instil that to a deity puts a weight behind it and transcends human limitations. The scheme also can be instilled in an anti-thesis code of living life so that grave situations do not befall people to begin with, a book is authored based on the study of grave situation, people told to relax, not to worry, it won't last, don't behave a certain way and better behave in such a way. It is not how can man still wage war without its ill effects, its logic like boolean is anti-thesis, the opposite, bad to sad, good to happy. Remediation of grievances. This scheme is in the class of the most advanced schemes.

Monetary Scheme

Lotteries, insurances, ponzi, bonds, taxes, pooling are a means for man to create a mechanism to bootstrap a system to a higher level against nature, nature has historically being called chaos but nature has its way its extreme from our point of view. Man requires a civil scheme for personal self-actualization, the monetary scheme is the major scheme.

Humans biological needs are the basis of value, food, water, shelter traded for other kinds of value or used as insurance. A person who has nothing to trade can think long and hard and devise a method, usually deriving from lie and theft but not limited to. As modern schemes do not draw from the earth resources and therefore are effectively nonsense, this nonsensical manipulation of money to get more money is an acceptable state of the system.

The state monetary scheme is a kind of Ponzi scheme, except the government creates fiat money as required, markets are developed through endowment of the individual to purchase. The development of the markets initially comes from servicing government and then through acquiring funds through employment from which other markets can come into existence. The buzz word is market actualization.

The monetary scheme operates at annual compound loss of “growth” percent. Ford motor co. produced their vehicles at a loss, profit came direct from the compound government loss, government purchase of Ford vehicles. Ford motor co. sent the rest of the funds into the public, turning America into a financial power house allowing the full gamut of markets to arise, materialize. The schemes feature to motivate the individual to become active in product and service creation to markets as a way to self-support and self-actualization are a sacred feature of the scheme. Banning the guns destroys a market and that is a cardinal sin of epic proportions because it slows the speed of transaction and the speed of the transaction is the state of the economy.

Congress shall create money, the governments role in market actualization is limited to buying and selling, taking out products services while not creating any product of service other than the business of government strictly. This is because market actualization is about being completely served using arbitrarily printable fiat currency. For government to enter into product and service is a step down. Strictly a product can only be supported or developed by buying it, ordering it, to finance is to enter into ownership of it and the headache that brings preferably you want to purchase it ready off a shelf and complain if it doesn't meet your standard. The strict rule of buying to market actualize may also include buying from a manufacture and then dumping product onto the market via the use of a auction service with disregard for reserve. The unaffordable agrarian machine will boost ability, yields and require other services to maintain operation.

Cashed up citizens purchased products and services and that gave industry momentum. At the same time the Bank Of America opened up banking to the average citizen extending credit lines further. In 1973 fiat backed paper replaced metal backed paper further freeing the scheme from limits but ultimately it still operates on a compound loss. The end of the gold standard of 1971, a profound change was made to money. The U.S. dollar stopped being backed by gold, only the concept remains, your belief a; through acceptable deception that money is money and that money needs to have a value for exchange b; the people need a system to work to provide for their obligations.

Aristocratic systems are puny compared to the American system because Americans welcome the human energy of its people while the aristocrats attempt to limit and kill human contribution in obtuse states of energy along with a paranoid state that prohibits potential markets a priceless amount of loss in productivity. i.e They don't understand it, they are in a permanent self-preservation mode. Trading feudalism for national socialism to the same end.

The debasement or over printing of paper money which can ruin a monetary value is defined as the belief in the value of something, generally caused by a chain reaction of belief. What 1 unit actually buys is completely arbitrary. The recalibration of prices to a currency must be done in the natural ebb and flow. No super imposed scheme be it tax, tariff or other is ever legitimate when the currency (sine wave) presents the ability in a natural way. It can never be through the suffering or murder to the human being, the price of a loaf of bread never changes. If the price of all things at all levels declined by 50% instantly, no one would be worse of better off, if the price of necessities rise exponentially over a short period of time… The other method was to create a mechanism where inflation equals deflation in a dual currency, after a century of two the state gradually alternates. The bank of Japan had none of these problems when their banks lent based on development of industry, they created product and that drove full employment and that created demand for product in balance. In a copy cat world the formula to dynamite has to be replaced with dynamite that doesn't work very well, enough to keep copy cats using Greek Fire, and its weaponized, imperialized form via the central banking system and international money funds etc.

The scheme is as follows, a designated person has the authority to create money, a certificate of a particular value that can be used for the exchange of goods, freeing the concept from mismatched wants and needs inherit in barter. That person gives away money in exchange for work done so that it can do its magic in the community. The people that see it are motivated to get some and they develop products and services and the various industries and in turn pay with certificates to get work done, in turn they purchase what they need and it goes on. People believe in the certificates rather than the scheme, in a lottery people believe in their chances rather than the lottery scheme. The connection between need, wants and the people who are willing to set up a table for the mediation is ideal. The creative space from which men devise for acquiring the certificates is wanted. The ability for new exploration which the certificates can provide is wanted. The tight-grasped master-slave paradigm has passed it time, along with the punishment of economics outside of aristocracy, man remains primitive to the monetary scheme. The dynamics of the monetary scheme at heart is no different than insurance schemes or lottery schemes or prize pooling schemes. People put in to get something out. Sadly for mediocrity, and against government oppression, talents must be rewarded in a real monetary based system naturally. Read your economic books, demand is reckoned with supply, scarcity will raise the value, surplus will lower the value.

Note: the scheme still has some problems that have not been resolved.

Products and services fulfil the needs and wants of the market. The needs and wants of the people and the monetary gain of fulfilling needs and wants is the key bind for boot strapping the system to a higher level, one cannot proposition the market one can only serve or be dictated by markets. One cannot fish where they are are no fish, or sell bait where their are no fisherman. i.e One cannot proposition the market one can only position themselves to take advantage of existing needs and wants. Only giants such as Rockefeller, Ford can proposition the market, cars and petroleum are needs because of them. Global domination is about big business profiting from resources to markets. States cannot allow non-economic thought to interfere in the economic environment. For example the recreational vehicle community is a currency of its own but stigma relating to mobile living will hurt it rather than working it. The recreational vehicle ecosystem, jobs, resources, sub-products, associated services, cannot afford non-economic ignorance ruining its potential. Problems are products of an economic gain. A person with a problem must have means to buy the problem away.

The natural ebb and flow causes human to have needs, business is purely about creating a facility for those needs to be resolved for an exchange of money. A person gets hungry, a person is fed and pays for the meal and repeat. When hunger cannot be re-mediated the result is a dangerous broken system, obversely it is a good system when your needs can be met. To take the pain that comes with life and remedy it through a scheme is a big idea, any third party that does not aid or stay out of way in the process of getting the remedy in operation is unenlightened or nefarious.

Their is scope to this service provision and that is; it is of no concern of the business beyond the re-mediation of the need which a business owner perseveres to provide. The system is complete and needs no further engineering.

The natural ebb and flow never ends. It is the same entropy that breaks business equipment. The second law of thermo-dynamics. The way the weather works.

In relation to the destruction wreaked by nature. The current limited manifold is a big idea, rather than shifting it let us simply nullify it and answer the unresolvable conundrum, the office for the processing of havoc that nature wreaks and the system by which it is nullified, even gained upon, leaving what seems human carriers of havoc.

The scope of polar coupling is operations and bootstrapping where the nature and people need not influence the outcome or the speed of establishment. Perhaps technology and science having power to legitimize the finance agreement so it can make true the reply to nature's destructive tendency.

Schemes are of the heart and mind, they can exploit an existing system or they can be an exchange to some end, it take real skill to create a scheme or exploit a weakness in an existing scheme. The cost of the future will outgrow today's scales and systems.

Find a scam that works and strike hard

Conlectio: The Amicable Customer - The Quality Product

Legitimacy is by strength, a history of war has trained man to behave in a certain way, we must train man to be in an amicable way. You can incarcerate a customer with information theory and contractual security but what you want to build, the ideal customer is the amicable customer, an amicable customer doesn't need contracts or information theory, they have a mental health to pay as they use, to return on time and without damage, lesser damages revealed and offer to pay for. Ideally you want to deliver an equally amicable quality of service and with power ultimately a scheme to weed out the bad prior to business transaction possibly a generic bond. The amicable customer rewarded and the hostile customer prohibit radius / require more bond / re-educated.

Caput IV

Tahiti was paradise before you arrived!

Proposition to establish man over nature, not prisons, the tyranny as the only way and the associated schemes, abuse, interference, dysfunction. The universe is a big project and infighting, stopping and blocking is not the strategy to take on such a project. It is not a matter of further empowering the state until it can be warded off by an equal counter-force or the reason why a fifteen year child is damaged into a persistent vegetative state by “the Police”. These bizarre behaviours hold us bogged. Their is nothing you can do here, the aristocrats simply want it all for themselves and y'all stand in the way. They will kill, torture, deny, steal and destroy to keep it and force prison Earth and slave world, that the gods created man for the purpose of producing the perfect slave.

Plato, the philosopher and mathematician in classical Greece, influenced by Socrates, dialectics and boolean truth, Fibonacci primes, Pythagoras, Homer, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Aristophanes, Protagoras, Zeno of Elea.

Plato describes the state of unenlightened man in the well known allegory, Plato's Allegory of the Cave and this allegory is central to the situation implemented by the western world.

In the allegory, Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire. Between the fire and the prisoners there is a parapet, along which puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers, who are behind the prisoners, hold up puppets that cast shadows on the wall of the cave. The prisoners are unable to see these puppets or the real objects that pass behind them. What the prisoners see and hear are shadows and echoes cast by objects that they do not see.

Such prisoners would mistakenly assume the appearances before them for reality. They would think the things they see on the wall (the shadows) were real; they would know nothing of the real causes of the shadows.

If a prisoner says “That’s a book” he thinks that the word “book” refers to the very thing he is looking at. But he would be wrong. He’s only looking at a shadow. The real referent of the word “book” he cannot see. To see it, he would have to turn his head around. Plato’s point: the general terms of our language are not “names” of the physical objects that we can see. They are actually names of things that we cannot see, things that we can only grasp with the mind. The captives would then award one from another to whom could guess the next shadow to appear or the measurement and meanings of the shadows and resign those that were not interested in their little game.

Then imagine some former captives escaped and returned to smite the captures by releasing a prisoner, when the prisoner is released, he will turn his head and see the situation regarding his perception of reality. Then he will realize the error and all the logic for understanding their world was now completely meaningless, except for the captives that remained untied they carried on as before.

This is the explanation of the current state of the world. The allegory explained…

The captives are the people of the world, all of us.

The fire is the eternal flame the aristocrats fight to maintain, their power, position, the survival of themselves.

The pantomimes form various group and various class of institution in modern society that are there to maintain the eternal flame for the aristocrats. The institutions of the Polis, some natural, some decreed by kings, some by Popes are listed below. They are in order of power, 1 being the most powerful. Appropriated institutions do not disappear and their are also schemes in effect that are not institutions.

It is important to note we do not support the enslavement of the human race, we believe in open systems where the individual must be savvy with no interference. Who can do commerce, who can list on the share market, who can buy property, who can rent a home, who can get a loan. Who can drive a car and what car can a person drive. Who can have access to education, health care, suburbs… It has a far more sinister objective.

  1. The Universe, not to be confused with the study of the universe, the universe stays force undefinable. The study of the universe is called physics and it is a department of military intelligence as per its applications.
  2. Hedgemon, the most powerful nation having imperium. Current philosophy is “World Government” operates via United Nations and other Washingtonian Institutions. Sorting via Hegelian dialectic.
  3. Military, killing, stealing, destroying having its own set of institutions, the DOD is its headquarters and command structure leading to the highest general or generals. The head quarters is a city of its own, the military budget is carte blanche. Current philosophy is “full spectrum dominance” meaning domination across all levels including family.
  4. Government, Federal, State and Local, runs society or the state, the government is the view of the civilian. Monarchs are generally form a type of government.
  5. Law, High Court, Magistrates Court, laws are made by government and courts, breaches in law or questioning the law are heard in courts. People can bring other people to court or Police can enforce the law and one can be locked in cage if he breaks the law.
  6. Religions, cults that indoctrinate people with some program or belief that is unsubstantiated.
  7. Banks, Business, business is what it is all about. Men do business, business exists in all organizations or institutions. The US government is controlled by the business community. The U.N was founded by business people. Business is about the possession of money or wealth.
  8. Media, people are very powerful and having them either for you or away from you is the large piece of the work, media delivers what is called programming and feed to the people. Media is also about entertainment, fun which is what is very important to people. The education is also media.
  9. Monarchy Aristocrats, a type of government and a royal family, that families copy because they imagine they are them.
  10. Fraternities, are clubs and cults that some people are attracted by.
  11. Police, enforce the law provide security crowd control.
  12. Unions, institution that counter acts business from rendering workers as slaves.
  13. Academia, an institution designed to disturb teenagers sleep and to suppress talking.
  14. Society, all of us, we are all part of a society regardless of our position within it. Unwritten law of social norms.
  15. Friends, a portion of society which we live a life with or care about.
  16. Family, persons we are biologically related to. Extended or Immediate.
  17. Yourself, the only person that really exists. Keep the goose juice coming.
  18. Freedom and Liberty, the new way of things.

Captives that copy the pantomimes are under mind control, the puppets instead know they are allegorical. Some people sell out for an award or more pay, some keep away, some stand against it and are searched to be destroyed and suppressed.

Fantastic Planet

The apparatus of preserving aristocrats in history and today is the biggest field par none, when big business was purely aristocratic they awarded themselves limitation of liability, otherwise it would be a capital crime. From the triumvirate to Machiavelli to energy control, a list of schemes in effect… the whole “carbon” thing expose the faction which harbours intense hatred for the human being, the human and all his practices no matter how innocent criminalized. Asked two questions, who you are and who is your owner, unless the owner is acceptable no approval for anything in the system and it cannot be purchased, the aristocratic secretive arbitrary dismissal via application form. The aristocracy grace the cover of the magazine in permanent reservation not because it sells papers, any application for reservation to grace the front cover will be denied. Good luck on your search to grace the covers. Fear, the cave allegory, double standard, double system Δ∇(us/them), racism and apartheid, complicated and expensive process as a barrier for example “bla bla bla we know that 90% of people won't be able to operate a business in so and so environment”, cheating and rigging, enslavement and slavery, silence opposition, limit ability to communicate media and information control, murder, torture, soft kill, mind control, control of energy, petrodollar, control of money central banks Monetary tyranny, extortion, animal herding strategies, spiritual warfare, triumvirate over phi to safeguard the dictator, disrupting readiness by attacks, breaking things (spirit, body, mind, will), trying to affect many by making example of one, installing cronies in key positions, freemasonry style or suppression by social prejudice, segregation, a slow and persistent beat down, “insurance”, controlled game play, game design and game theory, boom and bust cycle, social and economic disqualification/osterized, modelled after an ant colony or another natural process, the hive mind, Occam's razor, double script public action against a boogie man delivers private aims, “eg we need nsa on everyone because (we need to safeguard aristocrats) boogie man wants to kill yall. Gatekeeperss where applications land on government desks and they approves deny every single thing from renting houses to registering cars, socialism / tyranny by stealth.

For example, the central banks about protection (to whom) through the monopolization of value not national management. Beware of government, Seize their guns, take away education, then act like its for the public good rather than to save the wealthy aristocrats, then without a natural resistance they will torture, steal and kill the public either openly or softly.

Are we of standard to produce a situation awareness summary that is true? This is a description of the official state of the theater, this can be dialogued, dialected and propositions challenged, developed at forum and continually refined to be closer to the actual. Here goes… while the Vatican is very powerful, priceless artifacts, art and a holder of real estate portfolio, investor in corporations and other wealth, their also exists a clique of aristocrats, royalty, and the very wealthy sometimes referred to as elites and their corporations that have a great influence account for over 75% of global economics, they operate various strategies such as approved personnel appointment in the institutions described in this book, in Britain the aristocratic appointment of personnel is not a well kept secret but for most its enough, and to name another the intentional collapse of the economic system to monopolize and keep the massess in check. The bond market means the taxes from your labor is paid to them and in their minds this is a slave relationship of which they have a doctrine to re-implement on a more dominant scale in time as does the Vatican. However this is not the reality that the citizens believe, the concept of the free state comprised of government and people is advertised to the people with the Police ultimately to maintain the populous in check, the state only exists to a varying degree, its integrity is brought into question without people gauging if it really still exists. Under the elite the law deems illegal and the Police enforce against one the very things that the clique is involved in, there exists extreme malevolence the death of millions in pursuit of dominance and control is without caveat infact it is a trait of the elite. Elements of what the royal and wealthy believe is a kind of doctrine similar to the German Nazi regime, those doctrine are not confined to that regime. This is the official situation awareness summary, however the corporations are still servicing the the wider community as we all are and one need not to ask anyone permission to do business, well, until taxation and readiness . We are free to do business but it ought to be understood that your work and corporation will form an ulterior motive of resistance and resilience, even operable as the clique do move to affect at the individual micro level for example the great depression or the virtual non-redeemable currency.

Their is no ideology, idea or philosophy neither politically nor mythically, not by any guru or his theory, man is a tyrant and he projects himself tyrannically. Woman are also tyrants, their Polis is really a prison, a concentration camp, their steel bars are the institutions. Some enlightened men are no longer tyrants. When all are equal in an institution the system is not allegorical. War and poverty is bad.

Their are no ideals, no -cracies, no -isms. The standard of living is all and further on the prolonged longevity of ones existence. Man must look after himself, and if he loses the ability to sustain his existence then he is doomed. Your only regret is why you were not stern or strong enough to create or maintain your standard of life or how those that came before you had not done more or been more enlightened as to not feed you into the enslaved inherited common condition of which you have no instruction in. States concerned with the maintenance of a common standard of living including freedom from controls, mature willing participants. The rehabilitation of the product from ages of oppression from king and church.

  1. Manifold: what institutions are attached to.
  2. Institutions: what has Organizations with in it.
  3. Organizations: groups that perform a task.
  4. Individuals: the singular person.

Pro self-interest, con-adversary interests, group pro interest, group con-interest, other groups, equality, the good and the bad, gravitas father speaks.

The powers that be are toxic to your development. Liquids that flow to a design for some outerworldly end. To wedd is to win, just who makes the rules?

Caput V

The last chapter must concern the phenomenon of popularity. That by the enigma of popularity one can ascend. Group acceptance is central to getting more out of life. Groups acceptance using violence, with the after memory for effect. Fashionable likeable comic that seeks to be advertised by media. The popularity of the president of the united states and it militant basis or his entertaining home boy Jesus of Nazareth to pacify society. Delta is utilized to create a tent to cast out the tempests and ills of Iuppiter and inside the cult, relaxation and entertainment and those most skilful at the arts of entertainment rule by some form of “popularity”.

In customer service to make things the way you want them to be by using your mouth. The simple act of talking is catharsis and that is without any scheme and it is the representation of a greater image. It is important to understand that the customer is not always right, nor the product or service but instead it is the relationship that is most important and therefore you are nurturing a relationship between your entity and your customers. This means you have to service the human being and the human being has to service you otherwise the relationship becomes unattainable and therefore the customer is certainly NOT always right. The fact that you do business makes your advertisement for relationship a junction point where many lives cross path. The products and services is compulsory as admission to access to the junction point which is about information, conversation and fulfilment.

The experience must be genuine, sincere and authentic, no murder, no rape, no destruction, no hatred, no fear, no negative internal provocation by verbal or by prop. Sincere like the experience a young cinema goer gets when taking part in viewing a popular movie with the rest of society.

While brainwashing is a premier means of world power, this is more about the chemistry of the liaison. Here rise people who know nothing of all this except being entertaining enough to captive large audiences and more and more genuine people pushing for your attention so in turn a collective audience creates popularity, fame and fortune.

The R-Complex arises from the good and the bad, the ideal situation to aspire towards and the worst situation to avoid and move away from. The manifestation of this in the human being is the basis for artificial manipulation. People's fears, nightmares, their pleasures, fantasies, their hopes and their dreams are triggered to some cause or away from some cause but it is not statistical reality. It is a mere belief of things being one way or another.

Caput VI

An example of a simple generic system.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Their are many ideas of the most important ideas, the best are quality of the life, longevity and your rights and freedoms. Your wealth, your health and your rights.

The Agency

The belief in the fiat

From the belief in the fiat comes the system. The fiat is a person or thing that people will accept and protect.

The fiat has the design, he prints has the right to print money to make his design manifest in reality. The fiat occupy the vacuum so that his certificates stay acceptable and strong. Their is no state, the fiat is legitimate or acceptable without the use of force. For example if a celebrity was deemed the fiat such as John Travolta or Leonardo Di Caprio, their is a wonder to their power and their wealth that makes their certificates in the restitution of services and or objects acceptable in the propagation of their design (the state). As well as the gutenberg the fiat has the design. God has his design, so the fiat also has the design or the aim, for example he may seek institutional control (cult, lawyers) or economic control (arms, narcotics). It may be the next doctrine of civilization or the construction of some machine like the Picoscopic Linear Accelerator or for example Motorhome Civilization. see the Medici, how impression, arts help establish the grandeur of the fiat or battling the infringement to freedom by state, ideology, religion by law, permit, license. An organization that either disbands or nullifies them may be reason.

Alongside a state, in a subsystem where the fiat does not print money, it runs as an insurance scheme except their is no payout. The policy holder is not ordered to pay, like insurance he decides to take out a policy of his own free will.

The agency implements the required support services of which the policy holder does not need to pay for they include but are not limited to legal, health, religious, accounting, banking services, employment, security. The personnel for these services comes from the policy holders. The fiats design may be supra to this agency.

The individuals ability to organize and exist in a network is paramount.

The Endogenous Analgesic For Homoeostases - The Opiate

Religious history has taught us more than anything that mental illness can be systemic, in institutions and governments, while a person feels normal he along with the group are completely off the track. So homoeostases is important to halt systemic mental illness that can arise, the answer to the Book of Throth is the opiate and for the opiate one must go to the East, to the Orient where it is practiced beyond the destructive aristocracy and religions of the west. The west does not understand it, its inclusion ruins it. For us it is about fitness for war. The re-mediation agency in between war begins with the masseur.

This specifies the system of release of the endogenous analgesic for general homoeostases. It was the Vatican to first take a portion of the brain and create a worldly analogue for its spiritual secretion, its centre as an organization is the pineal gland, the centre of many spiritual organizations. The pineal gland situated at the centre of the brain secrets an hallucinogen chemical through to a gateway to spiritual realms. Sexually it is the pituitary gland that secrets, the animation, the trigger and the secretion. We will choose one. The pituitary gland secretes an analgesic responsible for homoeostases for humans. Through the business the analogue creates the animation to trigger the pituitary gland to secrete this analgesic and this shall be the place of recovery.

The feeling of well being is then called the endogenous analgesic. The endogenous analgesic is one of few opioid produced by the pituitary gland, it is the general feeling of well being that is always with us but at times under natural and unnatural stress and duress it is forgone.

Close all the files in your mind and let them become distant, archived. Set the reference pointer to nothing or the universal reference. A holiday puts the mind in such an undefined area and it feels good. This is the endogenous analgesic.

It was proposed that the neural network would be passively created during childhood to be then reactivated during the entire lifetime as required. It was also proposed that business that deal in endogenous analgesic should be sought as an interest and put into one centre of relaxation for its members.


The essence is that we live in a place where organizations have more ability than an individual. The organization does not project the individual it brings together individuals. Individuals are kings in ignorance, organizations play ball.

Bonus Conundrum: We are doomed!, the system is not made to support life, only the product and therefore we are doomed as beings. The conundrum asks us to be definitive. What definitive is for you is the answer the conundrum among answers. Damning the river of the sword that hangs over your head.

Such is observed. I am not the originator of strategy. If you do not get buried in Egypt you will not live forever.

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