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Doing The Mindwork

A worldview

We are all under attack by organizations busy in mis-information and information suppression that we all need to be doing more mind work.

The mind work is out, bring the mind work up to standard, putting all the connections together. Many in today's society do not and have never done mind work. It has been a long time since we thought sneakers were cool because once we did the mind work, it simply was a false type of existence. So do your mind work and break through the force fields that hold your mind captive.

The awakening of the mind is the realization of the false narrative, in history, science, religion… the co-opted institution education, media, economics… all polluted in the political and military struggle of persons, groups and nations. When we detect fake archaeology, non-factual news the hollow stones of Stonehedge or fake facts and stories in the education system, fake medications and more behaviours natural to monkeys. Then all bets are off, do not fault us for not believing in your scam. Their are a handful of groups that turn the institutions from their perceived purpose into a force for their self-preservation. These groups are the Crown, the US elites and through the US military. They operate large scale operations “for example 5 eyes” into domestic censorship and international war. Get woke go broke is a reference to “them”, targeting and ending alternative views. The censorship of You Tube, online censorship, shutting down websites and the controlled media, the behaviour modification is all a part of their class of operations, even the worship of imaginary Jewish people.


  • Manifold or Platform: where institutions are instituted. Example: General of The Banana Republic.
  • Institutions: a field that is attached to a manifold or platform. Example Banking.
  • Organization: a group within an institution. Example XYZ Bank.
  • Religions, Cults and Wichcraft: Insitu, religions are cults and cults are religions, if an organization attempts to pass itself off as an institution then it is a cult. Religions are cults and priests are wizards.

When one writes and comes to purge extra information while still reference not important enough to be included.

These are the institutions of the Polis, look carefully and see while one institution kills as its primary solutions, the remainder attempt to enslave the individual. Observe that institutions for people are attacked to be destroyed and the people have no institutions. Also observe that their are natural institutions such as family and friends. The cult of the Polis is little more than a need to control and enslave.

A worldview

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