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The Briefing

Historically trade unions and labour unions existed as guilds, it was not until the industrial revolution and later the American corporation with influence from the founding ideas of the USA did the trade union movement come about as we know it. In the early 1800's many men from large cities put together the organization which we now call the Trade Union Movement. In history, men worked long hours and at a wage if any set by the master if not in slavery. Poverty was widespread and one could not hope for any progression in life, the wealthy however got a deal. The trade union movement can be defined as an organization consisting predominantly of employees, the principal activities of which include the negotiation of rates of pay and conditions of employment for its members. Trade unions were effective in insuring the rights of workers, the eight-hour day movement and the forty-hour week movement, fair wage rates anti-slavery and improving conditions and organizing strike action if rights were not upheld. This was very effective in changing the way we live today and has allowed economic liberalism which allow people like you and I to be able a little better. However management is in war with labour unions and slowly the decline of union by government by segregating working to diminish their security away from union and into individual agreements has seen many assurances peeled away to reveal the dangerous repetition of the past. Business seeks to enslave the worker by dismantling the unions.

After the trade union movement and various struggles of people in slavery, it was determined that people, men and women are not property and not owned.

Union men have a reputation for being tough, mean and fearless in the face of all opposition. They can orate to great effect. Powerful unions are a force. The infamous opposition to unions is something called “management”, while one can see management as parcel of the institution, one can also vehemently hate management with workers wondering why a union was even talking with “a person in management”. The politics of aristocracy, royalty and oligarchy have wanted to do away with unions completely. This historically means slavery and a total imbalance of powers. A good politician knows when to move the union in and when to keep them out.

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