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The Briefing

Success is the antidote

Plato cave allegory, the fire is the eternal flame that the elites want to keep alive, the puppetees are the prison guards, a mind based on the shadows they cast is no base for self empowerment and clear thought as their job is to deceive, if they fail other means are employed, we are the captives and we must fight and we must be smart.

Advice is flawed, accept no advice, build an information base and accept what appeals to you. One who gives advice cannot appreciate the nuance of each unique life experience and so advice is flawed. What goes in a person, his needs are his own and what he must do is his / her point of view. The tyrant has enlightenment issues, interference ruins plans. The Ancients Greeks formulated and implemented the system that best achieved the desired result. You must implement the system which best serves what you need to achieve.

We serve ourselves, we serve our family, and we also serve our people. We are for our posse and our posse is for us.

American psychologist Henry Murray (1893-1988) was first (1938) to list fundamental human needs. The way we have evolved over some 3 million years, with the desperation to survive by acquiring and processing energy. Our psychology and physiology is then sculpted to survive, with most outlawed attributes of man an aspect of survival, killing, raping, stealing, luring, hiding, forming bonds with the successful or suppressing others. The city is not so clear cut, we cannot kill and rape as we do in nature, instead their are mild forms of the same energies, their professional manifestation within the civille of the poli legi.

  • Breathing, breath is the most important, do nothing that inhibits breathing. Do what enhances breathing ability, in all things that you do weather meditating or exercise you breathe. Breathing unhindered is very important. If you can not take a full breath or are unable to yawn naturally, then something is indeed requiring your attention. Breathing may well be the major meaning of life. Only an idiot hinders his ability to breathe. Take time to secure good air quality.
  • Hydration, the second most important, you may live for months without food but only several days without water. Water is special for you, water should have no taste, if water has taste then it has some foreign additives. Take time to secure a pure form of water. The fondness one has with water should be lifelong, ingrained in the young and it ought to be without additives that hinder the relationship with the nature of water. The nature of water is a baseline frequency therefore it has special qualities.
  • Stress, some people get their pacification from the pain of others and the state uses stress to hurt people because broken people are unable to mount any challenge and therefore the state invests large in breaking people. Some people are just incompatible, their involvement causes stress. Many times one is not able to understand the cause but it may stress related and how stress manifests itself in a range of behaviours, mood feeling down, mildly depressed, mildly insane, mildly suicidal, feeling tired, mental performance, strange body pains and more. Many times the stress is developmental, a type of food because the payoff is worth it, one accepts the pain and allows themselves to change, in other to become better suited to what they want to become, other times their is no payoff and one can remove the cause or if the cause is unresolvable suffer endlessly such as the array of physical destruction caused in the legal system. People dealing with the state or fighting the state, or in the course of business have suffered real health problems. Constant fear may not allow you to rest adequately.
  • Sleep with Rest, very important, often underestimated one requires good rest. Rest, relaxation are big payoff's in modern life, that end of year holiday is about breaking free, resting, relaxing. Teenagers do not rest in sleep because their parents are creating dysfunction in them. Parents will generate dysfunction in children in order to sabotage their ability to be independent.
  • The Sun, causes everything to grow and it is very important. Only an idiot will find the darkest place to spend most of his time. Smarter people eye out the sunlight and the view. When we go on a holiday we tend to follow the sun.
  • Food, if you live in the western world then food is over emphasized. Proper function suggest a height - 100 to weight ratio. Exceeding proper weight will cause one pain.

The Current Situation

We can look back into history and see what was important, where we are now has not been surpassed for a substantial period of time, although it is semi-secretive, here it is as follows…

  • the standard of living
  • the longevity of life

a state that is geared for these two things is contemporary. It remains a permanent state science and a personal one for professional people. A nation should not broadcast itself by being number one on the development indexes but it should maintain an acceptable level perhaps top 5 or top 20 across the sections in an honest way. The most affluent of persons are grading society and its organizations… grading surgeons among surgeons, hospital departments versus hospital departments for their personal own information. States must be sensible in their affairs.

Imagine if you will, buying a life package from VR Earth Corporation which cost you $49.99, it's your life, forget the noise and get your money worth. Bang for your buck.

If you cannot function is difficult environments then you will be very limited in life. The major disability is finding lucrative position and functioning in hell as though its normal. The grade of performance is irrelevant.


Their is a grade of person, some people are functional and some are dysfunctional, some people are liability, some are assets. They are not set up for any aim or goal and then work on themselves to be optimized to become what they need to become to better fulfill their aims and goals in business and in social.

Their are a myriad of dysfunctions and it seems like they appear from nowhere. For example a person maybe in a state where they clearly dysfunctional attack their own kind when those the attack should be aimed at is unaffected even re-veered. A brother may attack his own brother for a penny ineffectual for they are both worthless in a wider reality. A person may be so affected by informational attacks that they lack an i.q and they always revert to a bad deal. A person may be so timid that he is just silly. A person may eat so much that he makes his whole family obese and then destroys them socially and has null mental capacity to understand what they have done. Some people are too angry and make life hell with the way that they are, some people are prone to drug addiction even the legal one some people are blind to their weight and bad lifestyle. A person may a children out of wedlock and then spend their whole life masquerading a total dysfunction. All of these things may have their place but it is ill-directed, for one to become as asset, he must make good and arrange the good to priority, and arrange bad to the enemy if their is one and never confuse the two, the wider reality where men are the wealthiest are the measure.

The Seat Of Judgement - Risk

Success is the antidote.


Development is about how you are set up in order to take advantage of all that is available. It undoes the limitations and understands the world regimes and the world systems. From not able to build large company to being able to build very large company. A person eats pain to become what ever that is. Some people can't speak to one person, some people speak to stadiums filled with people. One person can go from that to that, because repeating it again and again makes you better at it and eventually the fear falls away and it becomes normal. All people are in a state of development. It may be difficult to impossible to find a muse or a theatre to get development.

Their is a case to develop society without the traditional threats from the state to see what people can do when they have no fear in contrast to see self-determination as a threat and destroy and arrest all development. Most people did not register their own state of destruction wreaked by the tyrannical state until rehabilitation was observed. Fear and beatings seem to be the primary tool of suppression and oppression in low quality societies, they use the state apparatus to destroy their own asset population for the preservation of a few, mentally as in religious and physically as in royalty. Fear is not an indicator of anything, its just something that falls away with repetition when a task is repeated to the degree that it no longer creates a reaction.

Rehabilitation and development are the words of our age.

The Seat Of Judgement: Risk Versus Confidence

Men that deal in what they can afford to lose can be confident, men who cannot afford to lose deal in risk. Risk is about possibilities and probabilities. Confidence is about the group accepting you as a winner that keeps you winning.

Let us discuss the contemporary idea of Risk.

You may have heard it said in the past such irresponsible advice like follow your heart, decision from the head, not the heart and the like, one may wonder where do I make a decision from, do I listen to my ideas, my emotions, do I apply a science to making a decision, where should it come from, does one think it over, feel it over, or do it over and over again, what about right place, right person, right time, luck, dumb luck, we all know emotions lead us to making bad decisions, perhaps we may want something and getting what we want is a good decision, perhaps the group has it and you need it as well, perhaps we feel we owe someone, or don't want to appear rude, psychologists have long known that the thoughts one has are not their own. Reliance on deities and religious books to form theories, derive facts or set off on adventures, such things appeal to people who do not know any better. We have long moved from emotional reasoning in relation to the evolution of the brain. Some have reasoned to a calculation, other's simply avoid or mitigate the risks to stay on top, other's believe that nature is predictable and can generally worked to their favour, other have abandoned nature altogether and simply manipulate humans as a primary means of existence.

One must put risk assessment in the mind and generate a plan forward. If risk associated with a particular action is eliminated then the outcome is assured, if risk is not treated then failure is assured. If the elimination of risk is not in the context of your life then you do not know why you succeed or fail.

Identifying risk is gauging the risk associated in a particular action, and then altering your behaviour to match. Decisions to survive and to grow for better outcomes.

Many times even when risk aversion is ordering behaviour, other stimulus fells the approach such as impatience, a local fool, hoping, addiction. For example, people purchase cheap low quality products made by slave labour in China and it may be because it is the only option within a financial situation, other people may be able to afford quality and be assured of quality but money is their deity and over rides the risk aversion in mind.

A beginner that is of mind can identify risk and decline, the more advanced may use a risk minimization strategy, some invite others to risk and be assured a return, others pool, hedge or offset. A beginner can also be limited in identifying the risk involved in a particular action, and in a state of gaining experience. Risk is unavoidable and shit happens.

Theoretical scenario, the million dollar lotto, pick the correct seven numbers and win millions, to eliminate the risk you must know the numbers beforehand and be assured of the win, anything less is risk and you lose, the rest is simply a tease. So one eliminates risk as much as possible in the pursuit of their fancy and dreams or fail in the same way.

Common Question: What car should you buy? Answer: stick to brands known for their reliability. Toyota, Mercedes. Interested groups such as insurance companies generate lists of cars utilizing a variety of indicators, some research is in order. Do not choose a car because its red, or it's cool.

A nation like the United States main driver of logic is confidence derived from its potential power rather than a formula or philosophy such as risk. It thinks about uncertainty against more formidable adversaries rather than the small countries it routinely smashes. One may wait patiently as not to take risk as shown by George Washington not advancing until he was assured victory via he French Navy. If he was not willing to guarantee America would not be free.

All of these concepts have been discarded and the best current answer is risk.


By the simply act of maintaining a large social network many limitations are circumvent, all kinds of checks, balances, regulation, prejudices and a whole array of “bad things” will not apply among friends. The array of licenses, registrations, permits and worthy certificates will make it impossible for people to exist as humans beings and your friend will rubber stamp your emissions test bypassing an otherwise large problem that can range from ridiculously impossible to expensive. Friends also form the basis of martial connections, regardless of your illusions people hookup from friends of cousins or friends or friends. Their is no alpha male, people need to get along. The friend network is key to overall success. The same applies for utilizing services within family regardless of crappy job they do, pay them more.

Aryan or Civilized, fire or form, 1,000 years of subjugation beginning with the organized state of Macedon fire means that forgoing fire is not a well understood idea. The balance is better. In the same way you got to know when hold'em, know when to fold'em. Know when to push ahead, and know when to walk away.

Risk & Nemesis / Prejudice

Prejudice when operated by the state, the powerful or the society is very powerful, it can take a great man and make him an unachiever and it can take an idiot and make hime great. It includes a more ingrained type of prejudice, it's in the natural sense rather as well as in an institutional sense. If you like the taste of a food and not another it can be called prejudice. Nemesis in Risk, when your context is applicable and you are thinking in no risk actions, the resulting viable options may begin to disappear, the only option made available is a risk option and even though good options exist, they are denied you, failure to take the bad option results in a strategy of time depletion. Monitoring decisions like this has a place in information theory. Nemesis may also try and pull a person in. Something may remain available for years only until you show interest in it, then it disappears. It is nothing other than prejudice.


As well as mastering risk, one must manage the activation of fear, when we formulate the new brain networks what we build is not permanent or as permanent as the emotional networks that were designed in primal times and so we have a tendency to fear. The best that we can do is take what we do in our daily lives and what we want to achieve away from fear and into common comfortable experience. Preliminary, fear might be activated, lap it up but with repitition the same activity should not activate the fear network. It drops away naturally.

The fear is stem when it becomes difficult to identify as we may be bad interpretors of our own state it can become very weird indeed, some blanket it all under the word “pressure” but at its stem is fear.

Customer service and the interaction among humans is so important that anything that hinders it is unfit. As customer service people we also need to manage other people's fears, you also have the work of managing a customer's fear to the degree that they are remedied by the encounter and be a returning customer. People gravitate to people that take away bad things and repel people who bring bad things.

Start at a very basic level, where fear is managable or not activated and grow from there. Eventually you will have somwthing called confidence or up to a certain level of growth. People who activate fear or cut down confidence are the some of the worst people.

False inhibitions, their are inhibitions but their are also false inhibitions. False inhibitions stop us from achieving socially.


A person must undergo a development process to get to a stage where they can be their best. Development issues. Development relates gaining a skill that the majority of people do not have by doing a task over and over again. Like speaking to large crowds by comfortably progressing from mastering speaking to one person, to two people and so on. Depending, it may be difficult to obtain any development at all. Personally, professionally and or sexually. Uncoached, unedited marathon slug fests are one way to get hours under ones belt and one must allow themselves to become the proudct such as the “new anchor” or “a politician” or some other representative of information. Those who pay no attention to risk because success comes easily employ confidence. The USA does not guage the risk of an action, it is not risk averse, flare dictates its activities.

Polis Is For Lawyers

Therefore only the lawyers exist within the context of the Polis. They have a body, the rest are like the wind. In life their are all kinds of people, one that way, one another way but they all have one in common, they are all limited, immersed in a pool of failed ideas from which to call their soul. To be felled by human vulnerability and deficiencies, to be slow and feeble in comprehending the status quo or suffer real limitations that keep one from dealing with the status quo. The thread in any society simply and plainly suggests that… it is only the lawyers that exist in the system, the position of least uncertainty relative to all the institutions is the one to yield the known outcomes.

Uncertainty, Risk & Gambling, when you cannot be absolutely certain of the outcome prior and you commit even with unknown outcomes, then you are gambling and gamblers are losers. Gamblers not only reside in a casino, the psychology of gambling can be in the character of a person.

The gambling mindset, a person may gamble but a person can also have a mentality of gambling. Banks and their loan shark scam hate risk, risk means gambling on deals that will lose them money and they want to eliminate the gamble. Honesty is a gamble, speculation is a gamble. Any action on the basis of an unknown quantity is a gamble. A known quantity that has a bad outcome is disqualified like it's as obvious as the gamble.

An agency such as Christianity or government or company may cause you to believe incorrectly that you are safe to trust but you are not safe to trust, you are fooled and you are gambling when you commit while not knowing the outcome with certainty. One may not know and be retarded with no amplitude to know well prior to commit.

To pioneer certainty from unknown quantities takes power which most people do not have.

The Drake like formula for choosing a profession…

highest paid job + job demand / employment security + college entrance requirements + indifferent about doing the job = career, college exam score = college acceptance = career = credit worthiness = self-reliance.

The strategy of purely random and dumb luck must cease as strategy in effect, in its place a more orientated method, more eugenically conscious.

The Art Of Talk

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

My golden rule is that it must feel good for me, because that will create the right connections in the brain. When you engage in harmless mindless small talk, serve yourself primarily that is make it feel good for yourself.

My next rule, is that when people get together silly things happen, expect interchanges to be amateur and flawed, take this as easy even humorous fact of life of feeble state of humans rather than freak out.

People like people that alleviate their condition and avoid people that bring trouble, so ask people the type of questions that they have plenty of information to reply.

Making small talk form is the basis of business interactions. Having a list of topics to Here are a list of memorize to keep the small talk fresh.

  • Talking about the weather
    • Beautiful day, isn't it?
    • Can you believe all of this rain we've been having?
    • It looks like it's going to snow.
    • It sure would be nice to be in Hawaii right about now.
    • I hear they're calling for thunderstorms all weekend.
    • We couldn't ask for a nicer day, could we?
    • How about this weather?
    • Did you order this sunshine?
  • Talking about current events
    • Did you catch the news today?
    • Did you hear about that fire on Fourth St?
    • What do you think about this transit strike?
    • I read in the paper today that the Sears Mall is closing.
    • I heard on the radio today that they are finally going to start building the new bridge.
    • How about those Reds? Do you think they're going to win tonight?

Some ancient questions… Aryan Or Civilized? What should one be? Civil with the civil and aryan with the aryans? Some people have been left wanting when faced with violence, while others may be shunned for being alike the low lives. The low life is in it while the civil are above it. What is the answer? hmm? Ok. the answer is smart, you have to be smart. Risk is a relatively new concept and involves understanding what could happen and building a defense against it, proactively.

Values (such as physical health, social status, emotional well being or financial wealth) can be gained or lost when taking risk resulting from a given action, activity and/or inaction, foreseen or unforeseen. Risk can also be defined as the intentional interaction with uncertainty. Risk perception is the subjective judgment people make about the severity and/or probability of a risk, and may vary person to person. Any human endeavour carries some risk, but some are much riskier than others. Life decision are about risk, and it requires the ability to identify risk and steering towards to best place, none of which may be what you want because you exist in a pool of failed ideas or your ticket is a failed idea.

Another ancient question is the Athenian view of woman versus the Etruscan view of woman. The Athenian system placed emphasis on motherhood, while the Etruscan did not place difference on gender. It is the European view versus the modern American view.

How Much Do You Know

The more you learn the more you earn ― Frank Clark. The more you play the game, the better you should get at playing the game. The more shrewd you should become, the more effective you become. Its easy to make money if that is all you what to do.

The Dead

Think of how it must be to be dead, all of those hopes and dreams denied by the state, take in your effort the requiem of the departed. Your success is their unsung success, sung in part, family, friend and foe alike.

The Tax On Well Being

Protect your sanity, your mental and emotional health. Their are groups that believe in tax, the taxation of funds, but their are authorities that talk about spiritual things, it is not a far stretch to suspect the population having their well being as well as their power taxed by governments through a stand down mechanism. The monetary scheme has advantaged, rich people live longer etc. Don't brush off the idea that your promise may be under attack. You mental, emotion, physical heath sought for degrading.

  • You can't let people punish you
  • You can't let people control your mind
  • You cannot believe
  • You cannot fear
  • You cannot allow yourself to despair, you must roar in heaven and in hell, in strength and in weakness, you must hold delta.

You must know how to protect yourself

You must know how to dish it out in someone. Always as a defence never as an aggressor. If you do not you may cower not from a lack of heart but from a lack of preparation. People of this mind tend are in the animal world and can sense and choose easy targets, once you become prepared sadly they cease to arise.

You must be the personification of a useful skill

In business you must become business, in sales some people can't sell because its against their religion and when they try and do it, its all confused, they use their internal forces to stop sales on religious belief and the phone stops ringing and they sit their bewildered. Someone good at sales personifies what someone must be to be good at sales, the sales happen because the path is clear to sell and all those good at sales who have ever lived seem to incorporate into the person, and those that are not good at sales excluded from the person. Some people are good at customer service, some people are bad at customer service because they entertain aspects of their internal selves which are not tuned to customer service. Instead you must personify customer service completely as a human being without conflict. Some people are good at business because they personify the business ideal. Some people are religious that try to do business and they got it all mixed up. Religion has destroyed the potential of men for a long time, if your religion stops you from becoming the ampli-thesis of a field then become a preist, if you do not want to become a preist then god will waste your time in mind kontrol for his benefit until you make a decision, become an ampli-thesis/bonafide in your chosen field. You will live, eat breathe the field, idealize the masters of the field. If your religion makes you believe that sex is wrong then that will effect your customer service and your social life. Does it make you angry that a god could be so ignorant acting as if he knows it all yet ruining the born capacity of a human being to be the ultimate professional in their class. A doctor must be a doctor, a tennis player a tennis player and so on. The ambassador in the service of god is far more professional and apt than a holy mind kontrol victim acting as an ambassador. European religion is the oppression of mankind using mind kontrol warfare, to educate a man that white is black and black is white, you need to step back and put it right white is white and black is black, its a scheme of confusion 101. When in Rome…. An artist that has been successfully infected with them will never be able to express themselves freely and their art will suffer for it. They are the turd in the punchbowl and when they rise everyone turns to poo. Don't send your children to them to have their heads fudged anymore.

You Are A Standard

You do things well you get respect, you fall short you lose respect.

High Performance People

Most people muse in stupidity and are all knowing in a false cosm, high performance in contrast go after the real deal in the real cosm.

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