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Another Way Of Looking At The Universe - The Space-Time Medium - Marconi's Universe

Guglielmo Marconi

Science lacks a cohesive system of understanding the universe, it seems to be torn among two or more systems, two or more theories, hard wired assumptions and plenty of unknowns in so much that a simple question is unanswerable, throw a question at physicists and the answer might be a number of questions in return, like we are the physicists duh.

The simple model is the universe based upon data communications. The tenant of data communication is…

 transmitter → medium → receiver

transmitter medium receiver

and it is not a trivial model, it's unavoidable, impossible, one is absolutely restricted to duplication by measurement as a side effect of the design of the universe. The data communication model is the basis for many applications, electromagnetism, radio/photon communication, human communication, procreation, and more, energy → forces, voltage → current, light → eyes, radio, engine → transmission → wheels, electric motor force modulation, neurotransmitters and much more. It is well established that we live in a radio universe and we should not look for particles, it makes no material sense, it is bad form.

We know plenty about communication so let us apply it something we do not understand like Youngs famous double slit experiment.

Let us make light analogous to sound and apply all the we know about sound directly to light after all light is part of the radio spectrum. Transmission hardware vibrate atoms all the way to the reception hardware for decoding. Light transmission hardware effect a medium (spacetime) all the way to the reception hardware. Lightning exhibits a search and connect algorithm, perhaps light exhibits its own form this. Further on is each successful connect an entropy increasing operation? While the experiment has become an attempt to outsmart the universe or find its bounds we want to know if entanglement survives time-dilation?

In this model it is easy to see that we confused concerning whether light is a wave or a particle, we should be thinking about the transmitter, spacetime and receiver triality.

Dark transmitters transmit to the spacetime medium. This transmitter hardware is dark because the transmitter is not part of our reality, just as the radio tower is hidden to the broadcast.

What is the measurement problem? quantum level reality only exists when someone is looking at it. So the reliance on measurement creates reality rather than describing something that is there.

Peel away the conventional view, the universe is at heart 3 objects, receivers, transmitters and a transport medium and iron clad physics is subordinate to this intelligence building design of the universe based on communication.

In Humans

The inability to process reality directly rather build reception hardware to duplicate a transmission is a tell tale sign of the kind of environment we are in, one could be forgiven for believing that what he sees is actual but that would be impossible. Eyes akin to satellite receivers, psychological facilitation and signal processing. Is neuroscience the laws of physics?

Transmission, reception, interpretation, presentation, human psychology and the brain plays a major role in determining reality as we unsuspectingly believe it to be. The brain accounts for as much 99% of reality so neuroscience is a large part of the whole picture. This signal processing, interpretation accounts for a multitude of physical and mythological theory over human evolutionary history. Like TV, radio, phones and computers, signal processing encodes a super simple deviation and leaves the interpretation equipment to build a presentation of it, the presentation need not resemble any relation to the equipment generating and the encoding is unlimited in meaning and analogue. Dreams and near death experiences require no external signals and colours are implemented in complete form only by the brain.

Near death experiences require no external transmission, the hardware in the brain that generates interprets an external reality is advanced enough to perform this function without the outer reception. We can assume a living universe and we can assume a facet of the involuntary system with the purpose of managing the trauma of dying. The retro-time effect of the double slit experiment applied to this scenario is for trauma aversion and therefore being comfortable the reason for the near death experience. In contrast maths seeks answers to an equation of which it does not have foreknowledge of the answer and therefore assumed applied as the nature of reality linear time. Obversely, it is possible that the universe can run multiple programs simultaneously, parallel without adverse effect, in a man made virtual reality system bugs would be a quality issue. Trauma aversion should not be underestimated as drivers of evolutionary or building systems including the universe. Both communication and discomfort aversion form the biggest motivators driving the intelligence building process.

When we strip away the visuals we have electrical networks communicating to build intelligence. We assume in N.D.R that another aspect of our own brain is communicating with other aspects of the same brain and we not aware that it is electrical networks communicating baring no resemblance to visuals. We can extend that to the entire system of the universe as an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) network.

Freeman Dyson has suggested a kind of cosmic metaphysics of mind. In his book Infinite in All Directions he writes about three levels of mind: “The universe shows evidence of the operations of mind on three levels. The first level is the level of elementary physical processes in quantum mechanics. Matter in quantum mechanics is […] constantly making choices between alternative possibilities according to probabilistic laws. […] The second level at which we detect the operations of mind is the level of direct human experience. […] [I]t is reasonable to believe in the existence of a third level of mind, a mental component of the universe. If we believe in this mental component and call it God, then we can say that we are small pieces of God's mental apparatus” (p. 297).

However, intelligent or conscious universe is just too difficult to deal it even though nature is superior here and humans form a bad attempt at deciphering what nature is doing and then calling it its own. So the popular view is the computer analogue.

What Is The Universe Really Like?

Branche network, intelligence is not respect to area but how much of the network one has access to. Trees, Lungs, Lightning, the brain, the nervous system expose the communication system which is otherwise hidden in virtual states and virtual concepts that are in actual a massive branche network communicating. This branche network includes the human brain. Data comms. We can see some of the rules in this network and we can see the branche structure being used in the system, lightning strikes and paths of least resistance are rules that build the intel of the system. It is believed that this network was created by beings who exist outside of the network but not to find unknown answers to problems but as panacea.

First Blood

Claude Elwood Shannon's Universe

The Smart Medium - The Computer Analogue

The observed quantum phenomena of non-euclidean cause and effect has given rise to the smart medium and the computer analogue, for example random access memory is electrified and all times and any part of memory is instantly available without serial access. An electrical state instantaneously disappear and reappear at any part of the area if the causality program found that action rectifying of parity error.

Simulation theory/hypothesis/reality, digital physics, informational physics are a means of dealing with the quantum issues using computers as the premier example of non-linear reality. The simulation hypothesis first appeared with the advent of computers, simulations and learning systems. Made mainstream through the movie The Matrix (1999) and the lesser known The 13th Floor (1999). Konrad Zuse in his book Rechnender Raum (1969). Computer games like The Sims (2000) and more modern Second Life (2003) create an wanting to be in the virtual world where all wants and needs can be fulfilled without the complexities and restrictions of real life. The crossover between a computer based simulation are the real world as a computer based simulation not of our making is simple to make for the right person.

  • Claude Shannon, famous for having founded information theory with a landmark paper that he published in 1948, he is equally well known for founding both digital computer and digital circuit design theory in 1937.
  • Charles Boole and his work on logic and logic gates
  • Konrad Zuse suggested the concept of a computation-based universe in his book Rechnender Raum (1969)
  • Edwin Jaynes in two seminal 1957 paper proposed incorporating scientific fields into computer logic.
  • Alan Turing in 1936, Turing Machine.

It is not simulations in simulation because the essence is common, it is simply a unified AI with low and high network concentration, we are by the electrical nature of the universe urged to pursue further because everything we do make the overall system a little bit more intelligent. To be immersed in unbeknown virtual reality must make for modest yet better than random decision analysis.

If we all lived in a analogue of a computer then one can only suggest that we are the ghosts in a war machine. A W.O.P.R as in the movie War Games. The field has a more sinister military motive, rather to create real intelligence in computers, the universe remains undefined and general freedom is directly related to the universe remaining undefined, those that want to know it are doing so to build better weapons, any freedom you may have had on the universe becoming predictable will be gone in hours and a demonic celebration by a band of evil doers. Scientists have big ego's and they will never cease discussing physics even if everything was known. Humans are routinely dehumanized by science for its military application with scientists mind controlled by military algorithms in colleges. Dehumanization as a means to exonerate the murder required by military that physicists believe has scientific validation but is really military psyops on them.

When physics was was purely about analogue (radio universe) relationships the computer link could not be made, but the more quantum phenomena behaves like a computer, then digital physics arises. If a digital basis is found then computing language will replace the physics language, that's 1 for energy and 0 for space on a 2D grid. Then the movement rules can be mapped out and reality decoded, like Conways Game of life but the real thing. It will then be Child's play to run it in a computer. The effort to replicate the universe in a super computer is bigger than the bomb. Such projects like the Illustris Project may be the top secret A.I of the future, many worlds working on many problems.

The Illustris project is a large cosmological simulation of galaxy formation, completed in late 2013, using a state of the art numerical code and a comprehensive physical model. Building on several years of effort by members of the collaboration, the Illustris simulation represents an unprecedented combination of high resolution, total volume, and physical fidelity.

The Illustris Project run in at over 100,000 lines of code, you can't just bang it out over the weekend.

The ability to generate numerical relationships that describe visual and material phenomena is a big ability, more ancient concepts such as Pythagorean numbers having a nature and associations between two or more numbers having a cumulative nature, where simplification is at the sacrifice of information. Archimedes and the irrational numbers, both Pi and Phi to build a kind of disc where the possibilities and associations increase complexity or entropy and can do so endlessly until intelligence. Descartes describes a logarithmic spiral, in nature it oscillates or is a range from about 1:1.5, earth's core dynamo effect. Natural phenomena begin to behave more like artificial intelligence algorithms, in relationship and patterns. Zipf law, Bacon number, Pareto principle. Compression, possibilities, entropy. encryption. Computers can operate on all these games and problems simultaneously in the same space.

The way the universe is made can be like setting up a range of possibilities and by trial and error getting a heap of of noise with some pay dirt eventually, conversely it can be more specialized from linear to exponential and towards a formula. A y-axis and an x-axis and the distinct results at different intersections as in the generation of the ice-crystals. The entropic chemical cascade of elements can make for a more designer universe one where the previous activity adds to the next activity by following rules and probabilities. The preference for helium to oxygen transmutation than the linear helium to carbon, while the ability to generate other elements in a condition outside the probability and state of development.

Samples of Algorithms

Algorithms are mathematical representation of behaviours. Here is a list of observed algorithms found in nature, not made by man but are from A.I class.

  • Follow the leader, girls chasing the beatles where ever they go, beggers gathering about a rich man
  • The stick in the sand, an object in the sand that becomes the focus point, while the stick in the sand is unseen and not exciting, imagination can turn it into anything. Similar to moths around a light.
  • Electromagnetism, problem equals no problem, the inverse of the problem is the solution.
  • Spira Mirabilis, development algorithm, when crossed with electromagnetism can develop solutions to problems.
  • Second law of thermodynamics, energy is not a function of delta, the solution is never reached but people keep trying generating a myriad of cults. Solution / infinity = f(x)
  • Life is good death is bad, get energy, the primary algorithm of living beings is that you have to find energy to live because death is not an option. similar to search and destroy.
  • Zipf law, Bacon number, Pareto principle
  • Virus, biological expansion methods.
  • Liquid dynamics, Vacuums
  • Thermo-dynamics.
  • Prison Holding Cell Programs
  • Search and Connect (optionally destroy, investigate etc), lightning


Some Laws

Second Law Of Thermodynamics: the entropy of any isolated system not in thermal equilibrium almost always increases. Isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermal equilibrium—the state of maximum entropy of the system—in a process known as “thermalization”.

Will the universe eventually thermalize or will something eject and start the whole thing up again?

The Law of Conservation of Energy: states that the total amount of energy in a system remains constant (“is conserved”), energy can neither be created nor destroyed, energy can be changed from matter, atoms to electromagnetic waves such as gamma rays.

We use matter and so dissimilarity accounts for all propulsion in the universe and is the axiom of measurement. The degree of propulsion is the degree of dissimilarity.

The opposite of entropy is enthalpy, enthalpy is undetectable.

Some Newtonian Laws…

Newton's First Law of Motion (law of inertia): Every object in uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. The Ancient Greek version was that objects tend to slow down as they get tired. According to Newton, an object will only accelerate if there is a net or unbalanced force acting upon it. The presence of an unbalanced force will accelerate an object - changing its speed, its direction, or both its speed and direction. In space objects keep moving forever, on earth wind, air and gravity stop objects.

Newton's Second Law of Motion: The relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma.

Newton's second law of motion says that moving a large boulder slowly is the same as moving a small boulder quickly and that both will travel equal distance if a litre of energy was used to move them. F=ma, force equals mass multiplied by acceleration, energy in equals energy out, it is the deposit energy, pushing a heavy object will be at the cost of acceleration and speed, lighter mass, higher acceleration and speed, both resting at the same point if force applied is identical. Gravity is not affected by mass as per Galileo.

Galileo's Law Of Gravity: Objects in gravity fall at the same rate regardless of mass. That rate is 9.8m/s every seconds until terminal velocity is reached that is air resistance equals gravity. Terminal velocity formula is v = the square root of ( (2 * m * g) / (ρ * A *C) ) and is about 120km/hr for a human. Galileo also discovered cymatics, done much of the work Newton is acclaimed for in Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences and was the first to think of Relativity in Galileo's Theory Of Relativity

Newton's Law Of Gravity: Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

Newton's Third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Strange but true. People say this statement all the time.

Einstein's Energy Law: Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, e=mc² relates to the nature of energy as momentum and the quantity of energy in a quantity of matter. to Physics Educational Film

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