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 +====== Frank Ganino and 100th Bomb Group (Heavy) The Bloody Hundredth ======
 +Frank Ganino of the 456th Sub Depot. (Photo courtesy of George Shevlin)
 +456th Sub Depot Personnel: Jake Cohen, Herb Fersko, Red Charney, Kent Scott, Tom Keefe, Donald Putnam, Frank Ganino, George Shevlin, and Macon Rowe.  ​
 +(Photo courtesy of George Shevlin)
 +Members of the 456th Sub Depot at Site 6, Hut 22 (left to right), ​ Kneeling; M. E. Winkler, Frank Ganino, Ehelenbeck or Ellenbeck, Thurman Dobson and Melvyn Hudson, ​ Standing; ​ Don Putman, Rudy D'​Addio,​ Jake Cohen, Gabriel, Tom Keefe and George Shevlin. ​   (100th Photo Archives) ​
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