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Living in Australia is like being in a prison, the lemmings are under house arrest again. It is just another place with an oversized government beating on people, far too many rules and far too many public officials.

What has ruined Austrlaia more than anything in modern history is the goods and services tax of 10%, it has caused inflation and increases the cost of living compoundly.

Australia is irrelevant.

Australian business environment is fascist and largely a tax collection operation.

Australia has no flag, it has a British ensign.

Australia is a monarchy. Do not believe otherwise.

Australia is an ignorant and racist country, with Donald Trump like people.

Australia has no freedom of the press, the federal police can and have many times seized journalists work. The media in Australia is approved before broadcast. Censored television is the main form of brainwashing in Australia.

Australia has no bill of rights but has no capital punishment since 1970's

The Police in Australia operate an excessive road fines operation to raise revenue for the state governments. Everyone has fines. There are too many Police and far too many rules.

Australia has working functional socialism, and there is plenty of aid for the sick, the elderly, the homeless, the mentally ill and education. However, there are scams within these programs such as the healthcare system is an over prescription medication scam and an over tests scam. Botched operations are common to create a customer for life. The quality and scam level of these programs are a concern with the usage of taxes non-transparent.

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