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Australia's Future With The Evil Government

The silent tyranny that interferes with every aspect of Australian life has tied you up so it can rape you. Permission denied and pay more tax. Proponents of government and servile females have brought us to this stage and it is only going to get worse. The government is a henchman of the aristocrat not society. In the end their will remain lemmings by choice, those that pack up and leave and victims.

The bigger the government the worse the nation becomes. Complete scamification for personal politician profits and verbal garbage from conmen.

In the United States people poo in the street gutter in the daytime and in the night time they sleep in gutter on the excrement. Now these people are used to garner support for finance, the result is the remedy is traded and sold to the highest bidder and the money spread within the government and its multi-national associates. No one is helped and the problem only get worse.

Welcome to modern government, it should scare you. Modern capitalism means government and multi-nationals at the expense of every one. It is that way in the US and it is fast future of Australia.

This scamification will see the end of western civilisation. While it is common place in the United States, it is more and more finding its way into Australia.

The hospital system has become the same way, none more than a medication scam for pharmaceutical companies.

In Sydney they are driving farmers off the land due to a drought, the Prime Minister advertises funding, its P.R bull dust, they are being shut down and put out of the way, pathing the way clear to get kickbacks from large multi-nationals. The available water does not need to be rationed as their is enough water to go round instead farmers are being denied water in preference to the highest bidder so that government, corrupt politicians and the multi-nationals can run shop and all others are prohibited and shut down.

Such is the future of the English speaking world and the fate of those excluded is hellish. Bubonic plague, drug abuse and homelessness.

The politician does not represent, does not serve, instead they are the face of the multi-national cartel which they serve.

That is the future.

They are evil.

The bigger the government the worse the nation becomes.

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