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Bacteria and Virus

The ways to protect oneself from bacteria and virus.

Hygiene is a means to deal with bacteria and virus. If bacteria and virus get inside the body through the orifices or wounds humans can become sick. By taking sanitation precautions with the aim of limiting or eliminating the impact of bacteria and virus.

By cleaning with liquids antiseptics that kill bacteria and virus. Surfaces, air, water, food are treated.

The two most effective liquids used are, isopropyl alcohol and bleach. Now these have an odour and some commercial products have treated the odour and smell better. I cannot tolerate the odour of bleach and will not stay in a room that smells of bleach. Places where many people come and go are where anti-B.V cleaning is necessary and common objects such as handles, switches either eliminated or taking special attention.

The western world has long known about bacteria and virus and have sanitary protocols and standards. Sewage must either be burned or taken away and treated because many B.V use sewage, the toilet is sealed after use and the sewage is sent away, open sewers or sewers in disrepair are not good. Dumping sewage in rivers or the ocean is not good. The breeding conditions of b.v are cleaned up and eliminated.

Many agents also live in water and so water is treated, water treatment is done with salts, chlorine or another anti septic agent. Water is also treated by purification methods so that it is clean.

Air quality is as important as water quality. Water filtration of air is cheap and easy while their are more expensive HEPA class filters that are effective against airborne virus and filter. Air purification equipment is found in some modern air-conditioners but require the filter to changed periodically.

Many agents also live in food and so food is treated, if must be heated to 75 or 100 degrees Celsius all the way through the meat before consumption to kill any B.V in the meat or it must be stored sealed, in refrigeration which stops the b.v from breeding, salt has been used as a meat preserver, alcohol or vinegar or another agent and never left open outdoors.

Some animals also carry virus and bacteria and by biting humans they infect humans, such animals are sought for destruction because of this. Any animal that comes into the human living areas and spreads disease is a candidate for eradication. Mosquito and malaria for example and so their is a mosquito program where eradication of the mosquito is sought. All of these animals are seeking food and so keeping the area clean keeps them away. Organic trash is the kitchen will attract many microbes.

People try and clean themselves from bacteria and virus by taking showers everyday and washing changing clothes regularly. Soap does not kill virus or bacteria but deals with human odour but washing regularly is enough.

Product design, the transmission of the bacteria and virus is researched and people have designed products with such in mind, automatic doors, non touch switches and so on.

It is also observed that places where it is either extremely hot or extremely cold as less prone to virus and bacteria.

A person enlightened to be sanitary will be responsible for thinking about all these things for friends and family.

Immune system needs exercise, humans evolve resistance using their immune system against virus and bacteria. Once the immune system learns how to kill a virus a person becomes immune to the virus. This evolutionary power is more important than sanitation ultimately and this immunity power requires training. This is done by vaccine and anti-body injections.

Human ingestible anti-septics anti-virus anti-bacteria agent is ethanol, which is alcohol that people use to get drunk. 70% person ethanol and 30% water is an anti-septic. A good drink will do it, getting drunk is not the end of the world and well tolerated. You can take 70% alcohol and 30% water and put in a sprayer and spray it in your ears, eyes, up your nose, in your mouth and on your skin and everywhere else you want to disinfect. If you breathe in the alcohol as a vapour you must be careful as people have died because they breathed in too much vapour and unlike drinking too much alcohol the body cannot vomit it out. These vapour baths are an attempt to kill virus in the lungs or get the anti-septic into the lungs, such are interval sessions for as long as the virus exists. Many anti-septics are poison and not safe to consume.

Drugs, their are antibiotics and antivirals. Anti-Viral drugs work by interfering in the way the virus replicates. In order to replicate virus need to make more copies of their RNA genome and their are inhibitors that do not allow the virus to do this eventually causing the immune system to beat the virus, but these antivirals need to be given early because virus spreads fast in the human body. Anti-biotics work by attacking the cell wall of the bacteria and are not effective against virus similar to the way alcohol kills bacteria instead drugs prevent the bacteria from synthesizing a molecule called peptidoglycan which provides the cell wall strength so it can survive in the human body. Their are vaccines and also if you take the anti-bodies from someone who has had the illness and inject them into another person that person becomes vaccinated for 30 days. Not all bacteria are bad their are pro-biotics that are beneficial bacteria in the human body.

It is important not to exaggerate the situation. Their are no prizes for grandstanding and persecuting and nagging others. These are medical issues and have no place as law enforcement issues. Police or states will not have any effect on prevention of virus or bacteria.

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