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Beware Of Cannibals

Cannibals are said to still operate in certain places in the world so beware. The majority of humans on Earth are not cannibals and would not eat other humans, psychopaths have been known to eat humans while psychopaths are always persons to beware of, being eaten by a cannibal is a rare occurrence. This is referring to group cannibalism.

The majority of cannibalism occurs in the breakdown of law and order or super low living standards.

War Torn Places

The No 1. hotspot for cannibalism is Africa, war torn places like Liberia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, parts of South Africa. Food in war torn countries become scarce that people turn to cannibalism as a primary source of food. The eating of humans is more common than you might assume. We all know that Africans do not have a strong farming tradition and might prefer war and cannibalism rather than farming.

The No 2. hot sport for cannibalism is Central and South America where cartels and gangs operate, some of these armed groups control forest areas or are detached from modern cities.

In the DRC five men were attacked and killed by a mob in the middle of the night in the city’s northern Majengo neighbourhood. A FRANCE 24 Observer who works for a local radio station was at the scene the following morning and saw burnt corpses. FRANCE 24 journalists have viewed footage filmed that morning showing people crowding around the corpses and a young girl biting off a piece of burnt human flesh. The video was too shocking to publish here.

Rudimentary Tribal Places

Places around the world where tribes still live as tribes, they may wear bones, or hold spears. Some of these tribes have been known to eat humans.

The Asmat people live in 100 villages in the south of the New Guinea Island. The prolific hunters are known for their wood carvings, sculptures and brutal practices. Its members allegedly murdered and ate a man nearly 60 years ago. Said person got into trouble when his boat overturned off the coast of south-west New Guinea. He swam 10 miles to shore and was then speared through the ribs by one of the tribes men. Said person was smashed around the back of the head and killed – at which point the tribe began their ritual.

Where do such tribes exist? South and Central America, Africa, Various Islands.

The Korowai people of West Papua, Indonesia, practise witchcraft and still reportedly eat human flesh. Members of the tribe encourage the stories when they receive Western visitors.Their first documented contact with the outside world was when a group of scientists met with the clan in 1974. Italian photojournalist Gianlunca Chiodini spent several days with the tribe. He said: “I really wanted to visit one of the most genuine and remote tribes in the world. The Korowai live in the heart of the rainforest, where they’re not yet exposed to the modern world, so they still maintain many of their age-old traditions.”

In 2011, a tourist went missing while on a traditional goat hunt in Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia. His remains were later found near a campfire and it is believed that he was “hacked to pieces” and burned by a tribe suspected of cannibalism.

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