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Buddhism can be easily misinterrupted, ignorance attempts to translate Western ideas on religion verbatim onto Buddhism and mis view.

What is Buddhism?

The rich people in this world have their out, the poor do not. A rich person can buy for what causes him suffering to amead his suffering, the poor cannot afford that out. Buddhism is a way that the poor can fashion the same out as the rich without having to be rich.

Buddha was a royal, rich had everything he needed, palace, comfortable bed, pools and servant girls. His standard of living was very high but he was a prisoner in his world. One day he decided to go out into the world too see what was out there. He summoned his driver and carriage.

As he wandered he was shocked at what he observed, people in all kinds of pains, immense suffering scattered the streets. So taking it all in he sought to understand the causes of suffering so that they could be eliminated or minimized in the kingdom.

That is the dilema, do we create a system that gives people more money, or do we give the people an out such as the rich man has and encourage to pursue that out. Peace without money.

The Buddha then was said to sit under a key to understand the causes the suffering with the view that if he could understand them, then the information could be given to those that were suffering and their world improve. Suffering cannot be eliminated in life, only minimized.

The Buddha indeed determined the causes of suffering, but you ought to determine the causes of your own suffering for yourself and keep it to a minimum.

Hopefully you will now see that Western religions do not make any real sense, while Buddhism makes sense. The rich have their out, and now the poor have their out as well.

Buddhism has no gods, Buddhism instead is the information that allows you to find peace and well being, you must determine that for yourself. Buddhism from 500BC predates Western religions, proof the Buddha is first mentioned in the middle of the 3rd century BC, several Edicts of Ashoka (reigned c. 269–232 BC) mention the Buddha. Most are ignorant but not all people seek peace and well being in their lives, finally there are those that intentionally seek to make others suffer.

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