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 +====== The Catholic Church ======
 +  * "​Repent and turn from your evil ways" the highest concept of the New Testament. Comically, it turns out some people cannot be saved. The Church calls these people reprobates but they are psychopaths that are biologically unable to be saved. The psychopath is a new medical diagnosis of a biological phenomenon, the people writing the New Testament could not have known of the medical diagnosis and that not all people are able to repent and turn from their evil ways. It exposes the falseness of the Judeo-Christian God and the limitation of the knowledge at the time of writing.
 +  * Science was the Wikileaks of the renaissance,​ when Copernicus and Galileo proposed the Earth rotating around the Sun and that man and the earth were not at the centre of the universe, the Catholic Church disagreed violently. It turns out that the Catholic Church is ignorant and that God does not know anything about the universe let alone creating the universe. Giordano Bruno was executed by the Catholic Church for this reason.
 +  * Their "​goodness"​ is philosophically flawed, sanctimonious. For example, allowing refugees to enter in large numbers is reckless and irresponsible not "​good"​. The myriad of terrible realities of doing so is completely ignored. Their views on many issues are just as flawed.