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 +====== China ======
 +[[books:​the_art_of_war_by_sun_tzu]] \\
 +China has a non-apologetic autocratic government. Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39) murdered 23,000,000 (the purges plus Ukraine'​s famine) while Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50) murdered 49,000,000 to 78,000,000 unknown number for certain.
 +This level of psychopathy is a genuine warning to anyone inside China or people wanting to live in China.
 +The Chinese people generally have a non-aggressive temperament and are most likely exhibiting a permanent behaviour modification in co-existing with the hard line government. The Chinese believe themselves to be superior. The China and greater mongoloid Asian looking people worship money. Asian people do not see themselves in the shadow of the west, theirs is an Asian world that does not care or need the west.
 +People envy China because of its "​China"​ answer to all questions. The form is uncomplicated and simple and represents many of the ideal visions of a nation, i.e the representation of a single homogeneous racial group.
 +The Chinese do not see military in the same way western people do. They see it more like a game of Go rather than standing armies. See Mongolia geographic situation as an example. They have ideals of war, they learn from war, they have modest ambitions. In the modern day China plays mind games more than military based threats and theft, many of the martial arts fighting systems come from China. See Sun Tzu Art of War.
 +The United States attempt to encircle China has been largely a failure in Vietnam, Korea and in Afghanistan.
 +Asians do not unite against an enemy instead they combine against an enemy.
 +Of late a kleptocracy is taking hold in China; A kleptocracy is a government ruled by corrupt politicians who use their political power to receive kickbacks, bribes, and special favours in the west it is at the expense of the populace rather in China it may be simply personal status, relatives or associates. Kleptocracy are secretive forms of government usually hiding behind another -cracy or -ism. This structure is called super classing the system and is what the eye of providence depicts, i.e China has elites that are concerned with money.
 +The Chinese think like Sun Tzu and will develop a handbook against an enemy in a similar way to Art of War. For example "​BGY"​ strategy. "​BGY"​ stands for, “The plan (which) includes Blue (control the information),​ Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (get the goods on people, seduce key people with perks). China has a second plan called "​3F"​ and both plans are strategies to pave a way to control of the world.