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Debunking Witchcraft

In witchcraft their are only a few conventions. They are the spell, the hex and the cast. Along with these three main attempts their are exotic powers such as make someone lose their voice, or not being able to move, imprisoning someone, making someone invisible, making people forget your existence, even resurrection and spelling by symbol or artefact. The exotic powers takes more power than a mere individual, it most likely take state level power. Let's explain.

A spell is the law. Politicians spend all their say fashioning laws for widespread obedience. This is simply spelling and those that obey the spells are spellbound, because people will ignore and disobey, a material force take place of a magical force.

A hex, is not being able to destroy the spell because it has compromised you deeply, materially if you have been tortured for speaking out against the regime, doing so later in life may cause you not to be able to do so. This deep effect of a mere spell is called a hex.

A cast, a cast is like being a leper, for example your challenge or resistance to a spell causing the wizard to cast you to all those under spell, because those under spell are malleable to the wizard, he can cast you through them, when you appear they treat you differently.

thus you are in a state.

A wizard is always at war with other wizards, because of the situation that major wizards are constantly at war and practices with all they meet. Some wizards cannot accept other wizards, they want monopoly on magic power.

We will looks at exotic power of high level magicians, making people disappear, making people no longer able to speak, making people invisible, making people unable to move, making people forget you existed. These practices come about due to the daily challenges of contesting wizards against wizards. If a wizard breaks a spell and tells others to do so as well, it will get to a stage that the wizard will attack and in doing so attempt to put the opposing wizard out of business using one or more of these powers. Some wizards use symbols such as the crucifix as part of their magic. The spell in words is endowed to a symbol and the symbol used to convey the spell. Some use books to convey their spells, instead of performing spells they craft it into a book and spellbound all those that read.

If it is not hocus pocus but works, it is no longer witchcraft. Invalid, if it works it is still witchcraft. Let us is leasing, you should never say let us you should instead say We will. That is spelling.

You will eventually require state power to expand your effective power in witchcraft.

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