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I get pictures in my head?

While the western world struggles to understand the brain, history has referenced parts of the brain. Some anomalies of the mind, such as pictures, voices were past used by trained priests to communicate with the beyond. However it is a trained skill, without proper instruction it is difficult to communicate, an analogy is like a number of people in a room talking while you only seek to communicate with a specific person. It is a channelled communication. It can also be difficult to understand correctly. The priests of Ancient Egypt performed this duty for the king, woman also have an intuition for those they love. Their is also a history of Shamanism. The information is usually very broad and relates to you or the people you love.

Here are some things to go by… the third eye, the priests of Ra and how they conversed with the gods, the holy spirit, prayer. Mercury the messenger of the gods holds the caduceus. Near death experiences.

Clairvoyance, religion and other methods or tricks grew out of the practice with a view to make money. But their may have been actual dedicated priests that seriously performed the supposed task. If the practice is not kept strict, a) you get way too many gods and b) you get frauds c) it all becomes no better than cacophony in a marketplace.

If you are a person that gets these anomalies, the western world may not understand them however their may be a history of the facet of the mind. You should not be on medication, also you may never be able to develop it correctly as its practitioners are generally not supported as they were in Ancient Egypt.

Note: This is a dedicated skill of a chosen person and a talented person called a preist. Not a common practice for anybody.

How does It Work?

Their is a higher intelligence and parts of your brain are connected to the higher intelligence.

Hope it helps someone. :-)

What Are The Ancient Mysteries?

The ancient mysteries is about understanding communication between the priest and the beyond. A old man in the market place could be a message from the deity or it could just be an old man in a market place. To get the communication correct one needed to develop the method, establish the protocols to insure the line of communication from a myriad of informations. For example if an area was dedicated to a particular god then the protocol would state that the particular god could be found at that particular place. This allows a preist to seek a particular god at the temple dedicated the god, thus separating and identifying the communication party. How precise one could get this communication was an ongoing work called the ancient mysteries. To setup this protocol with the deity is for example an ancient mystery. To be correct takes mastery or you can simply be wrong or a fake. A priest would dedicate himself to learning the ways and if you look into modern religions you will find many of the methods utilized except practitioners do it without expertise to their original use. In time the method was corrupted for cash but originally the support of priesthood because he dedicated his sanity for the community meant he required sponsorship. The priests of Ancient Egypt communicated with the gods using the third eye, the same issues with the third eye exist, getting it all entirely correct. Here is one of the first depictions of the symbol, the caduceus from 2000BC named “Libation cup of Gudea”, it depicts the two snakes encircling the spine with the head at the pineal gland. Mercury the messenger of the gods is depicted as running with the symbol in hand.

Order And Chaos?

The Ancient Egyptians believed that they had devised a system in balance with nature. Just as the sould was weighed in a balance for it correctness so the same with their way of life. If the balance was weighed to one side to much, evil would befall the kingdom, while on the other wide people became too gay. So therefore it was a means of getting the balance right as per the gods specification. Their are some ancients who showed super natural ability in their calculations so their may be a lost science somewhere at the very least lost knowledge in relation to living in balance with nature for maximum peace and longevity. These days you might hear the president say Order out of Chaos which basically means can certain types of people please go abroad.

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