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Greatest Philosophical Questions

  1. What am I supposed to do?
  2. How do I know what is right or wrong? Ans: It does not really matter.
  3. Who am I? Ans: Who cares who you are.
  4. Does God exist?
  5. What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose to life?
  6. Is the universe real?
  7. Do we have free will? Ans: Unless you want to wind up in jail, The answer is no.
  8. Is there life after death?
  9. What is the best moral system?
  10. What is truth?
  11. What is the best political system?
  12. What is the best economic system?
  13. What is good and evil, or do they even exist?
  14. What is science, and how does it work?
  15. Is there only the supernatural or natural?
  16. What is knowledge, and the best kind?
  17. What is evidence?
  18. Do we have a soul?
  19. What religion or lack of religion is the true position?
  20. How do I define myself properly?
  21. Do aliens exist?
  22. How did life originate?
  23. What is intelligence?
  24. What is education?
  25. What is art?
  26. What is music?
  27. What is beauty?
  28. What is consciousness?
  29. What is love?
  30. What is infinity?
  31. Has everything been here forever, or did it begin to exist?
  32. When will everything end?
  33. What is mathematics?
  34. What is philosophy?
  35. What is fashion?
  36. What is human nature?
  37. How does the Universe work?
  38. What is time?
  39. How will the future be?
  40. What is history?
  41. What is language?
  42. Does God have properties?
  43. Why should I be moral at all?
  44. What are miracles, and do they happen?
  45. Can we know certain truths without evidence?
  46. Do universals exist?
  47. What is logic and reason?
  48. Should I commit suicide, or should I live?
  49. What does it take to be healthy, and to live the longest amount of time, healthy as possible?
  50. How do you stop suffering?
  51. What is pleasure, how much should we have, and what should be the limits to achieve it?
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