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The Greeks

Greeks are infatuated with themselves and that defines all their behaviour in all matters. Greeks usually have a two side to their nature with one being a general persona and an other side which is of low character and for that reason Greeks are untrustworthy.

The Greeks we have known, have been adulterous with best friends wives. Gambling and theft of parents funds to gamble and such is the pattern, the behaviour has a sneaky element to it. So their behaviour culturally introduces bizarre hidden behaviours. Greeks have been known to practice homosexuality with boys. Jews in ancient times were buried as Greeks. Jews may have identity theft of Greeks in Roman times for Jews were the slaves of the Romans. As Jews are also known for their character issues.

The Greeks have been seen to be penny pinchers but not as much as the Jews are, it was reported that a Jew in fact starved to death rather than spend a dime or Jew installed a cage around the kitchen to stop children from eating to save money on food. I have witnessed Greeks trying to get the last drop of petrol out of the hose using money saving techniques, cutting containers open to spoon out the last drops of oil and similar extreme behaviours.

The Greeks treated the Macedonians as sub-greek in ancient times similar to the way the English treat the Scots.

The Greeks consider democracy as a gift to the world. We reject democracy and we do not consider democracy as a preferable form of government.

The advisory is the same as with Jews, have no dealings with the Greeks.

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