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What Happens When You Die?

Doing The Mindwork

I tend to think that we, humans are expendable creatures and in the end we are all pretty much discarded in whole with no part in afterlife but their is some accounts that suggest that their may be an afterlife.

If you are a person that likes to hedge their bet. The worlds spiritual systems will place you in either a forever after world, reincarnation or a ground hog repeating day, or no more.

This is a question religions often use to get people into their religions, the answer is unknown, may always be unknown. Indication says that like a broken machine it simply ceases to function.

Damage triggers the brain to initiate a shut-down sequence. This sequence begins after death as oxygen depletes from the brain. The weights and stress of your body disappear and you become euphoric no longer caring about anything as the oxygen depletes, some even orgasm. At this time persons may see or hear as animated as on earth loved ones or deities, culturally specific. We do not know what happens after the near death experiences (NDE) occurs as people who have NDEs tend to return while others do not. This experience has holistically been associated with the pineal gland.

One should never take an endogenous function and turn it into exogenous dysfunction. Its irresponsible and invalid.

The pineal grand secretes the naturally produced dimethyltryptamine, a physco-active chemical produced liberally in plants and animals is thought to be the means by which we are able visualize in our minds. As a process of death dimethyltryptamine creates a hallucinogenic trip. DMT is either secreted by the pineal gland.

Spiritualists believe that this is a mechanism for expulsion from this reality into another dimension, where it is reported that communication with malevolent and super-conscious super-intelligent beings are possible. It is believed that we either exist within the super-intelligent being, or that super-intelligent beings created reality and possibly harvest our experience in large data banks to build intelligence, others believe that a super-intelligent being that we all exist inside of is bored and enjoys the alternate reality because it differs with its own.

The pineal gland may also regulate human patterns with respect to natural cycles.

The kundalini is a technique of meditation that naturally without additional drugs to focus in on the DMT stimulated area and experience it as a highly spiritual episode. The kundalini experience is energy rising from the spine and blasting out of the head and into an alternate consciousness. Mapped as chakras.

Rising like depicted in the rod of Hermes and other esoteric symbolism, symbolized by two snakes rising from the Sacrum bone at the bottom of the pine, rising around the spine and ending at the pineal gland, “the third eye”.

People who have left and returned either say they do not fear death, do not value being here, value those they love and living systems as important.

Near Death Experiences (NDE)

The Synopsis of near death experiences seem to correlate to state of heart and mind a person is in. People educated Christianity will create a Christian based religious experience, Buddhists, Hindus etc. People who live out of the R-complex will have a r-complex experience, the various dispositions and homeostasis effect the experience. The singular experience is not the multitude of possible experiences, like a hotel with many doors and rooms, their are many places people can be in their experience. However their seems to be a point of no return of which we do not know anything about, and their also seems to be a voice that knows what is happening while the person having the experience is grappling with the situation without knowledge. Is the point of no return the end or does consciousness continue? we may never know.

Btw: The Japanese do not see a white light, they go in a boat, not all near death experiences are death, they can occur with fits, when people are involved in accident but are not injured at all, in normal life and in dreams. Hindu's see their specific gods, Buddhists see what they have been told. Lights love what? While we should not forget that humans are cruel.

Due to non-uniformity of experience nothing concrete can be taken away from these episodes. Consciousness is in a state on which perceptions are formed. The sophistication of a persons soul, places him in heaven or hell or he is unaware of the difference. Para-normality has been known to occur, the ghost destroys electrical equipment or apparitions are seen. The best evidence was the The Ghosts of Flight 401. Where the ghost became associated in the mechanical parts of the plane. Passengers of cannibalized parts that were used on other planes complained of apparitions of pilots in so much that management decided that the cannibalized parts should be removed. Reports also claim that people who have N.D.E have been able to see or hear things from too far away for a human to have heard or know about, such as shoes on the roof of the hospital building.

Near death experiences are very hypnotic views of reality, that is if one were to entertain them as believable realities, this could be a synopsis. It appears that where your soul is at, is where you will end up, a case of birds of feather flock together, it seems the spectrum for this is ferocious animal consciousness versus mild spiritual consciousness. Violent people are bashed and beaten, the cruel tortured while the peaceful treated to peace, the kind treated to kindness. “The spiritual state of the soul” is fed back onto oneself. Once call call onto a better place and be transported to that better place.

Deep Distress OR Deep Need

The paranormal incidents relating to clocks stopping and sparrows and electrical equipment failing may be a result of deep distress emitted from the dying person.

Collection of the best n.d.e's

Caution: It cannot be discounted that religions may be using fake NDE's as a conversion tool.

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