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Illuminati Genesis

Where it all begins

Lets go back to the beginning of time, way, way back. The earth was very diffrent, The continant of lemuria and Atlantis still existed. Where it all starts, people have only been around for maybe 200 years. We were still a very primitive race, similar to the Neanderthal. At least that is what we looked like because we had no personal hygiene products like we do today. There was either white, black, or brown people, all covered in hair.

There was a great race that existed in the land close to Germany. These people, like most people back in those days were nomadic. Meaning they were hunters and gathers. One day a hunter from the tribe of nomads was out hunting for food and he came upon a great white buffalo.

The hunter returned to the village to tell the elders of what he saw. The elders saw it as a great omen and decided that they should follow the buffalo. The buffalo travelled for many years being followed by the people, until one day it stopped at a large body of water. The buffalo had led the people to the sea. The tribe elders were starting to be filled with doubts, as they were not sure why the buffalo had led them to the sea. In anger the elders asked the buffalo ” Why have you led us to the sea?” Suddenly there was a great light, and the buffalo was changed into a angel.

The angel told them to build ships and go explore the sea, but when they find land, they must never go to the larger island. In obedience to what the angel told them the elders got to work building boats.

The Elders travelled for many days but never came across anything, until one day they finally found land. The island the found was a paradise oasis filled with everything they could ever need. What they didn’t know was that the people of the other island were watching them. The inhabitants of the larger island became infatuated with the daughters of these men and wanted to take wives.

The only problem was that the inhabitants of the larger island were not allowed to leave either. They would fly around in amazing lights and orbs that the people of the smaller island would often see and become amazed and attracted to the sights but knew they were forbidden.

One day a group of curious women decided that they were going to go to the other island without the men knowing. When they arrived they saw the most amazing city. It was the city of Atlantis. The inhabitants of Atlantis were already aware that the women were coming and greeted them. The women were shocked at the islands people, fore they were giant and very fair, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The inhabitants of the island tempted the women with all their amazing feats of technology and knowledge. Some women were even shown beautiful art and music. After the women had become seduced they slept with these other men and conceived 13 babies. Afterwards the women returned to the island to tell the others of what they had saw.

The men were interested in the story’s and decided to go visit the Atlantians as well. All of a sudden God appeared to the people and was very angry, fore he had warned them not to go to this other island. The men were scarred at his sight and hid. God then warned the Atlantians, because of them corrupting mankind he would destroy their island.

The men were taught many things before the island was destroyed, in exchange for this the men had to let their women be used to create more children. These children that were born unto them were known as the 3 starchildren. Combined with the original 13 children that were born, we now had a total of 4 different star children. These children were said to be very beautiful, tall, with blue eyes.

Each group of children had a specific purpose and specific strength. We have 4 divisions of man from the offspring of these children. These divisions are still very distinct today even though we all have parts of each.

The divisions are…

The Green thumbs

These are the people I like to associate with elves, and most likely where the legend came from. These people were said to be very in touch with nature, even to a magical extent.They knew how to grow anything they wanted and manipulate nature at their will. They protected the environment and were really in synch with all of earth and it’s inhabitants. They were used to produce gardens and food. There eyes were of a green colour but they were very beautiful and fair looking.

The architects.

This group was gifted with the natural knowledge of geometry and math. They were responsible for building things, such as the pyramids. They had a higher understanding of how things were to be built, and were responsible for the designs of many of the ancient civilizations we see today. They were very artist and were in touch with their creative intellect They had brown eyes and were very strong, they weren’t as fair looking. In fact many much math and science originated from Africa. This group later went on to be known as the masons

Teachers and Healers

The teachers and the healers, or the enlightened ones. This is the true illuminati, before they got corrupted. To be illuminated, was to be enlightened with a higher energy. They were in touch with peoples emotions, and were able to feel people’s vibrations. They were there to teach people about how we are all connected to God. They were able to heal people in times of pain. This is what were are slowly reverting back to, and the illuminati of now is trying to stop it. They don’t want you to know the strength we hold inside. They were given blue eyes and were very fair looking. They took up most of the grouping of the anunnaki, because this is what we become when we evolve to a higher being.

The decision makers

The final division and not necessarily the most powerful, but the most influential. This is the grouping that the illuminati fall into today. The decision makers were the original 13 babies, thus the 13 blood lines of the illuminati now. They were given the ability to influence people and deceive. They were told that they were the chosen ones and that they should keep their bloodlines pure. They have the ability to shape shift and change the colour of their eyes.

ll the children were trained and ready by the time the end came near. Once it got closer to the time of destruction, the Atlantians made everyone leave including their own starchildren.

As Plato put it, in a single day and single night, the continent of Atlantis was swallowed by the sea.

After Atlantis was destroyed each division played a specific role in building our world starting with The Masons They Left in large groups taking at least 1 decision maker with each group. Their mission was to build our world. They started with things like pyramids, churches and even the sphinx. They built thousands of temples and many different worship sites to the Gods. These things are found all over the world even today. Not only in Egypt but all over the world even under the ocean.

The atlantean people had a plan, it would start in all the major areas we know today as China, Egypt, and Iran. This plan was to slowly spread all over The world. The plan was they were going to travel to all the major villages around the world. They asked to speak to the leaders of each village. They told each leader ” We are sent by the Gods, we have been instructed to help you build your world.”

In order to help further convince the elders that they were not being lied to. The Atlantians would preform ceremonies that would bring the Gods down. At the sight of ships and foreign sites, the people of the village became amazed. After seeing this sight the village elders would instruct the people to build pyramids and other temples in honour of the Gods. The villagers were then told that a Decision Maker would be chosen to watch over the people until the Gods would return again.

The Decision maker would then Shape shift into a God like being, And this was THE TRICK that was played.

They would play this TRICK many times to gain control over populations. They would use their Decision maker as a ruler such as a king or Pharaoh, and would take all the wealth of the people and use it for their projects. In turn this would give all the money,gold, and gems to the builders and the Decision makers themselves. They knew by controlling the wealth they could control the mind of the people. They would also use things such as religions to control the hearts of people, making them think they had something to hope for, “to work harder for”

The builders would then move onto new lands and use the same TRICK. Making sure they would indoctrinate a new leader to take over for them every time they moved on.

The Green thumbs, the people with the unnatural ability to make things grow. They were herbalists and would collect various seeds and herbs from different parts of the earth. They would learn knowledge of the different terrains and the use of each plants. They would be referred to as your early wizards and magicians. They were responsible for our first medical advancements and alchemy.

Not only did they play a big role in this by creating illusions of magic for ceremonies, but they also were able to show people how to advance their agriculture and medicine. They would also get people hooked on drugs and various substances for control. Keep in mind each division was not necessarily evil but were being controlled by the Decision makers and made to do these things. They were manipulated just as much as we are in our society today by our Decision makers.

Teachers and the Healers, they were what the true meaning of illuminati applied to because they were “enlightened”. They are where people get there spiritual gifts from such as spiritual healing,empathy, astral projection and precognition. They had all these gifts because they were very connected and in tune with the vibrations of everything around them, and knew how to tap into this and heal people. These were the most special of all groups, they are what inspired many spiritual teachers,healers, philosophers and spiritual thinkers of today. Their job was to teach everyone that they could tap into this energy and the true power that we all have inside. They taught us about love, healing, music and our true history. This ability has been bread into all of us but most of us have forgotten and lost touch with it. These people were smacked down and shut up by the Decision makers. They didn’t want people to find out what power we had, because that wouldn’t be good for control.

The Decision makers, the most powerful group. The original 13 hybrids, they have controlled the world since the beginning of mankind. They believe they have the rite to do this, and view the rest of us as all livestock that they are meant to control us because God gave them that power. They not only used the average person but the other 4 divisions as well. They used everyone to gain wealth and control they change their names and identities throughout history but the bloodline stays the same.

These Families are huge, they own all of the worlds wealth and manipulate everything we see, not just media but EVERYTHING: Health Care, Schools, banks, science, agriculture are just a few to name.In order to maintain control over everyone their identities and plan must be kept secret. This is why the average person knows nothing, and chooses to ignore the truth even if they find out.

Most of what children our taught today in textbooks is all a lie, just put there to control and manipulate us into a society that they want. Entire periods of time and civilizations are erased. They do not want people to know about the others who have rebelled against them. They must keep people from realising their true power and connection with God.

If you think our world leaders are corrupt today, they were really out of control a long time ago.

If you think this is all just scepticism, then ask yourself what is truly wrong with the world today, why are all these wars going on, and innocent people being killed and our soldiers being manipulated? Why are certain cures for things such as cancer, not allowed to be used? Why are all our leaders out of control? If you can answer this and all of the other reasons our world is so messed up, then by all means do so. I am simply just trying to tell you the truth before it’s to late. Everyone needs to start waking up and realise we have the power and we must start acting to change our world, now.

Remember only you and I can change the world, only you can start speaking up. We have the chance now, lets not fail everyone. Lets start acting now and changing ourselves and loving others, lets start teaching and telling people who they really are.


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