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 +====== The Increasing Rates Of Taxation ======
 +  * The rates of taxation are increasing in the western world.
 +  * To prefix a -tax is a way to hide increasing tax rates.
 +  * This raise in tax rates is due to the system protecting the status quo with printed money. It is then forced from those with lesser funds.
 +  * If the 1% have more wealth than the 99%, then let the truth stare you blank in the face. Your "​taxes"​ are being sent to the 1%. You will not find the 1% in forbes top 100 magazine that is a part of the lie you live in.
 +  * Remember when royalty of Europe made Europe so inhabitable that everyone there was forced to immigrate?
 +{{ :​king-george_s-revenge.jpg?​nolink |}}
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