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Sacred Geometry

What is sacred geometry? Cults of the ancient mystery schools researched means of accessing parts of the brain to hypnotise and to brainwash initiates by altering the environment to facilitate and manipulation of the physical body. Other than the usually day long religious rites aimed at deep hypnotism of initiates the parts of the mind targeted are the pineal gland because it is able to powerfully visually indoctrinate. Our dreams come from the pineal gland. The pineal gland secretes an hallucinogen named dimethyltriptamine (D.M.T). The resulting visual experience is processed, the ability to dictate the vision or the dream is sought by brainwashing religions it clocking is television. Pineal stimulation may be as easily accessed as the pituitary gland.

However putting the art of brainwashing sought by priests aside sacred geometry is also concerned with an idea that the universe and everything in it follows rules and these are what is called sacred geometry. Here are examples.


Real Snowflake. Yes it is a real snowflake. I did not Photoship or secretly rule lines to make it Real Snowflake Under Microscope Real Snowflake Under Microscope Real Snowflake Under Microscope

Astro Geological

Red Square Nebula Hourglass Nebula. Damn Thing Looks Like An Eyeball, Damn thing's staring at us Cat's Eye Nebula Golden Ratio Messier 51 Eye Of A Storm Saturns North Pole Created In a Lab show how storms are arranged to create geometry Saturn's Pole Caused by thermaldynamics in pi r square The Universe pirsquare and algorithm of thermaldynamics, a dynamo

some ultra powerful communicating entity, able to command nature for communication at a microlevel and intergalactic level or that cosmological phenomena relates to the situation on earth as with astrology, mystics. Anything can be anything if you are willing to believe it.

Cellular Structure

Analogue to the structure of the universe nautilus Ear


Overlapping sine waves cancel out leaving only the difference in geometric shapes. A drop in a still pond will disperse a wave in all directions equally, if contained by a barrier equal on all sides will rebound cancelling some waves and not others and creating these patterns.

What electrons are. In space no one can hear you scream. Utilizing the vaccum as a medium. Their are rumors by some physicists that Saturns hexagon north pole, its geometry and amounts of energy are applicable to the formation of a dimension.


Not how these waves affect agriculture but how they affect events or the common man. Largely a corruption of the agrarian method for financial gain.

Possible Simularities In Brains Neural Network & The Universe At A Distance

artist representations


Spira mirabilis

The divine ratio in its natural form is termed Spira mirabilis, miraculous spiral, is another name for the logarithmic spiral, it differs from the Archimedean spiral. Mathemtically it is communicated as r = ae It is purely a function and constraints of an outer shape driven by the complex behaviours of the thermo-dynamic algorithm.

Electrical Cymatics - Galileo Galilei

The study of the patterns produced by vibrating bodies has a venerable history. One of the earliest to record that an oscillating body displayed regular patterns was Galileo Galilei. In Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (1632), he wrote:

As I was scraping a brass plate with a sharp iron chisel in order to remove some spots from it and was running the chisel rather rapidly over it, I once or twice, during many strokes, heard the plate emit a rather strong and clear whistling sound: on looking at the plate more carefully, I noticed a long row of fine streaks parallel and equidistant from one another. Scraping with the chisel over and over again, I noticed that it was only when the plate emitted this hissing noise that any marks were left upon it; when the scraping was not accompanied by this sibilant note there was not the least trace of such marks.

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