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 +====== The Astor Bloodline ======
 +[[13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati]]
 +These essays are from the book named above by author Fritz Springmeier.
 +<​html><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​The original founder of the Astor fortune was John 
 +Jacob Astor (1763-1884). John Jacob Astor was born in Waldorf, Duchy of Baden 
 +(Germany) from a Jewish bloodline. The Jewish origins have been hidden, and 
 +quite a number of various ideas of the Astor’s heritage have been put into 
 +circulation by the Astor'​s. John Jacob Astor was a butcher in Waldorf. In 1784, 
 +he came to America after a stop over in London, England.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Although the story is that he came to America ​
 +penniless--and that may be true--he soon joined the Masonic Lodge, and within ​
 +2-3 years had become the Master of the Holland Lodge No. 8 in N.Y. City. (This 
 +Holland Lodge is a prominent lodge in that many of its members have good 
 +connections to the Illuminati elite. An example of just one Lodge #8 member is 
 +Archibald Russell, 1811 - 1871, whose father was President of a real hotbed of 
 +Illuminati action for many years: The Royal Society of Edinburgh). By 1788, 
 +Astor was a master of Masonic lodge#8. This is rather interesting considering ​
 +Astor could not speak English when he arrived in America, and supposedly was 
 +very poor.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​John Jacob Astor was always very famous for being 
 +coldhearted,​ anti-social,​ “a man who didn’t have charm, wit or grace.” (This 
 +quote comes even from a relative of the DuPont family who wrote a sympathetic ​
 +Biography entitled The Astor Family.) If this man lacked social graces and was 
 +so cold, and was so poor during his first years in the U.S., why did he rise to 
 +such prominence in Freemasonry?​ Certainly not because of his social graces. For 
 +instance, one time later in life at a meal given for elites, when his hands got 
 +dirty at the table he reached over and used the shirt of the man beside him to 
 +wipe his hands.&​nbsp;</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">&​nbsp;</​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​The original financial break came by carrying out 
 +a series of shady and crooked real estate deals in the N.Y. city area. The next 
 +break came when two men who are now known to have been in the Illuminati gave 
 +John Jacob Astor a special government privilege. The two men were Pres. 
 +Jefferson and Secretary Gallatin--both Illuminati members. The United States ​
 +government had placed an embargo on all U.S. ships from sailing with goods in 
 +1807. But Astor got special permission from these two men for his ship to sail 
 +with its cargo. His ship sailed and made close to a $200,000 profit in that 
 +day’s money. Astor strangely profited greatly from the War of 1812, which 
 +crippled almost all the other American shippers.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Astor also worked together with George Clinton, ​
 +another member of the Illuminati, on land deals. Even at that period in history, ​
 +British intelligence worked for the Committee of 300 and for the Thirteen Top 
 +Families, it is interesting then, that John Coleman who had access as an 
 +intelligence agent to secret documents, discovered that the original John Jacob 
 +Astor was also a British secret agent. The Thirteen Families have very intimate ​
 +roles with the American and British intelligence cults. Prior to 1817, John 
 +Jacob Astor entered into the fur trade and remained the biggest player in the 
 +fur trade until he got out of it in 1834. Over the years, he had managed to 
 +build up a monopoly. How he managed to push everyone else out is a good 
 +question. Bear in mind, white people had been trapping furs in the New World for 
 +several centuries, and the Indians for who knows how long. Then this guy Astor 
 +comes along and in a few years totally owns the whole industry! Again this could 
 +only have happened, because the occult power of this Astor family gave them the 
 +right. Obviously, others in the Committee of 300 had to step aside, if his 
 +position in the hierarchy had not given Astor the right, believe me the other 
 +families that originally controlled the fur trade would have gotten rid of 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​One result of his fur company, was that Astoria, ​
 +OR was created. Today, perhaps in honor of the family that originally took 
 +interest in it, Astoria is a real hot-bed for the secret Satanic covens in 
 +Oregon. John Jacob Astor did have a few helpful connections. Three of his 
 +relatives were captains on clipper ships. He had connections in London to the 
 +Blackhouse family. He married a Todd, a family frequently associated with 
 +Satanism. His wife, a Todd, was also connected to the influential Brevoort ​
 +family. And finally for some reason, John Jacob Astor was also on good relations ​
 +with the politicians of the day, perhaps because most of them were Freemasons ​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​For a few years John Jacob Astor had participated ​
 +in the opium trade, but in 1818-he publicly quit running opium to China. John 
 +Coleman in his good book The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee ​
 +of 300, p. 131 notes, “John Jacob Astor made a huge fortune out of the China 
 +opium trade .... it was the Committee of 300 who chose who would be allowed to 
 +participate in the fabulously lucrative China opium trade, through its 
 +monopolistic BEIC, and the beneficiaries of their largess remained forever ​
 +wedded to the Committee of 300.” Interestingly another Top 13 family, the 
 +Russell'​s,​ was also one of the lucky ones to get a slice of the China opium 
 +trade. It is clear repeatedly from history that Astor was privy to inside ​
 +information in the government, and maintained his own courier system. John Jacob 
 +Astor bought up large amounts of land in NY which land greatly increased in 
 +value. The Financial Panic of 1837 allowed him to foreclose on a large number of 
 +mortgages. John Jacob Astor’s wealth continued to skyrocket. As one biography ​
 +said, “When it came to a question of principle versus profit, Astor was a 
 +practical man.” Put simply, he had no scruples. Astor had a reputation for being 
 +a ruthless landlord. He also had the reputation of not paying his legitimate ​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Astor became a banker, and sat on the board of 5 
 +directors of the new national bank that Hamilton created for the U.S. government ​
 +called the Bank of the United States. Astor owned a large block of the stock of 
 +the Bank of the United States. Astor also was fairly active during his life as a 
 +Freemason, holding several more key positions in the secret lodge life. John 
 +Jacob was the richest man in the United States. Note this reference. Meyers, ​
 +Gustavus. History of the Great American Fortunes. London: Stationers Hall, 1909, 
 +p. 147 said, “Statistics issued in 1844 of manufacturers in the United States ​
 +showed a total gross amount of $307,​196,​844 invested. Astor’s wealth, then, was 
 +one-fifteenth of the whole amount invested throughout the territory of the 
 +United States...” Is having 1/15th of all of what American money is invested not 
 +rich? John Jacob Astor’s descendents had a penchant for secrecy, and set up 
 +things to rule from behind the scenes. In contrast, to some of the other top 
 +families, the Astor'​s preferred not to sit on boards of corporations they 
 +controlled. In 1890, a real estate expert calculated the Astor'​s owned 1/20 of 
 +New York City real estate. After making their fortune while residing in the New 
 +York area, the Astor'​s by and large have all gone to England. They still wield 
 +great financial power in the United States through proxies. Forum Magazine, Nov. 
 +1889, commented that authorities estimated the Astor'​s were worth $300,000, but 
 +that that figure had to be an underestimate. Today, my estimate of the Astor'​s ​
 +is that they are worth about 40 billion dollars.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​One of the many foundations that the Astor'​s ​
 +created was the Vincent Astor Foundation, which is controlled from England by 
 +the Astor'​s and has in the range of $100 million tax exempt dollars. The Vincent ​
 +Astor Foundation has typically given to Catholic and Episcopalian needs, among 
 +other things. They also give money to agencies opposed to private ownership of 
 +guns. They give money to NY’s public library. Imagine how much influence that 
 +gives them, when the library is receiving regular help for general support? A 
 +1971 Foundation Directory stated that the V. Astor foundation had its present ​
 +emphasis on preventing juvenile delinquency. Why don’t I trust the Astor’s in 
 +helping out with law enforcement?​ The William Waldorf Foundation states that its 
 +purpose is ‘Promotion of mutual understanding and the diffusion of knowledge and 
 +culture among the United States and the dominions, colonies, and countries of 
 +the British Commonwealth.’ This sounds very similar to the public statement of 
 +purpose that the secretive Pilgrim Soc. has given out to those who need 
 +something about them. Assets for this foundation are a mere $64,000. Vincent ​
 +Astor (now deceased) was a member of 41 private clubs, To give an idea of how 
 +much power just one of the many Astor men wield some of the businesses Vincent ​
 +was involved include: director- American Express Company dir. Atlantic Fruit and 
 +Sugar Co. dir. Chase Manhattan Bank (of the Rockefellers) dir. City and Suburban ​
 +Homes Co. dir. Classical Cinematograph Corporation dir. Cuban-Dominican Sugar 
 +Co. dir. Great Northern Railroad dir, Inter. Mercantile Marine Co. dir. National ​
 +Park Bank of NY dir. NY County Trust Co. dir. Weekly Publications Inc. dir. 
 +Western Union Telegraph trustee NY Zoological Soc. advisor to Bankers Trust of 
 +NY member Amer. Museum of Nat. History member Nat. Institute of Social Sciences ​
 +(notice these last two like so many elite controlled organizations are heavily ​
 +involved in the spread of the evolution theory.)</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Just like the Rothschild'​s,​ DuPont'​s,​ and 
 +Rockefellers,​ the Astor'​s always set one of their Astor males as the head of the 
 +entire family. This headship is passed down as a birthright within the different ​
 +branches of the family, just as any King passes on his throne. On the corner of 
 +33rd St. and 5th Ave. (the site later began the site of the Empire State 
 +Building) the original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was built by William Waldorf, et. 
 +al. The hotel opened in Mar. 1893. It is described as ‘the ultimate in snob 
 +appeal.’ Later two Astor cousins built the Astoria (another even taller elite 
 +Hotel) in New York which opened in 1897. Of course, like many of the other elite 
 +families, the Astor'​s have their Maine property to get away and relax. In 1894, 
 +John Jacob wrote a novel A Journey in Other Worlds where he describes a society ​
 +which operates on the idea of conserving energy. Strange how the elite likes to 
 +promote conservation among us ‘cattle.’ In the late 1800’s, the Illuminati began 
 +to reconfigure its outward face. The higher levels started creating innocent ​
 +sounding cover organizations to hide their meetings behind. In 1901, the Astor'​s ​
 +contributed toward the creation of the Pilgrim Society, which was the cover 
 +organization for Amer. &amp; Brit. 6° Princes of the Illuminati. I believe at least 
 +five Astor'​s are now members of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrims had recently ​
 +included David Astor, John Jacob Astor 8th, and William Waldorf Astor 3rd. And 
 +during the 1970s, Baron Astor of Hever was the President of the London branch of 
 +the Pilgrims. This implies that Astor of Hever was at least the next level up in 
 +the chain of command. The Astor'​s also have been very prominent in the Group’ ​
 +which is Britain'​s equivalent to the Skull &amp; Bones Soc. In Britain, the Astor, ​
 +along with about 20 other families dominate the Group, just as certain families ​
 +like the Whitney'​s in the U.S. help dominate the Order of Skull &amp; Bones.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Again,​ as was earlier pointed out, the key to 
 +understanding Satanism is the bloodlines. In 1910, the muscle and bone branches ​
 +of the Illuminati reconfigured themselves with the creation of the Round Table 
 +groups in 1910. The Astor'​s were the part of the financial backers behind the 
 +Round Table groups along with Abe Bailey. Rhodes and Milner were key players in 
 +setting up The Society of the Elect, a super secret top circle of Illuminati. ​
 +Rhodes Trust in part helped by the Astor, helps finance the Rhodes Scholarship ​
 +system. Rhodes a high ranking Freemason wanted the Masonic clap-trap as part of 
 +these various new groups, but Milner and Brett did away with the Masonic rituals ​
 +and costumes, etc.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">&​nbsp;</​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​In 1919, the Royal Institute of International ​
 +Affairs (RIIA) was created. And the Astor'​s were the major financial backers of 
 +the RIIA which functions as the 4° cover of the Illuminati. For those who are 
 +new to this, the RIIA is the British equivalent to the Council on Foreign ​
 +Relations (CFR) which takes a major role in the policy making process in the 
 +U.S. Waldorf Astoria was appointed to the RIIA. Just above the CFR/RIIA are 
 +round table groups which were initially named by Cecil Rhodes as the 
 +“Association of Helpers”. Cecil Rhodes set up the Rhodes Scholarships to recruit ​
 +and bring top men from several nations to Oxford to be initiated into the 
 +Illuminati and to learn about how to bring in a One-World-Government,​ So the 
 +initial selection into the Rhodes program--1st degree of the Illuminati - is 
 +equivalent to the initiation into the Skull &amp; Bones. In the picture you see how 
 +the Cliveden Astor'​s were intimately connected to the Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes ​
 +Scholars frequently went to the Cliveden Estate. By looking at the genealogy ​
 +chart you can see how the family in London broke up into two powerful segments. ​
 +One part centered around the Cleveden Estate. Another group became Barons-the ​
 +Astor'​s of Hever - or the Hever Astor'​s for short. William Waldorf Astor owned 
 +the Pall Mall Gazette, the Observer, and the Pall Mall Magazine. The London ​
 +Times was largely controlled by the Astor'​s,​ and since 1922 they have owned this 
 +major source of British news. The DuPont'​s and the Rockefeller'​s also have some 
 +major businesses where they too own blatant large holdings. However, most of the 
 +wealth of the 13 Top families is hidden so that the ties to who owns it are 
 +difficult to track. Hoyt Ammidon has been a proxy for Vincent Astor and the 
 +other Astor'​s. (See membership list of Illuminati in this newsletter). The Astor 
 +family also used Owen Lattimore as their proxy for opium trade, who in turn used 
 +Laura Spelman who was funded by the Institute for Pacific Relations (I. P. R.).</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​The I. P. R was the group that supervised the 
 +Illuminati’s decision to allow Red China to share in the Opium trade. The puppet ​
 +strings behind big world events may not be seen by the public, but if we trace 
 +the origins of several big events we see the Astor'​s helping pull strings. The 
 +I. P. R helped lay the groundwork for the Pearl Harbor attack. The Astor'​s also 
 +were behind the appeasement policy in Europe which allowed Hitler to become a 
 +threat. The Astor'​s were also involved in the Temperance movement against ​
 +alcoholic drink which was begun by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. The 
 +Temperance movement was an elite created movement just like today we have big 
 +issues like Apartheid which are made up by them to keep us busy. Joseph Kennedy ​
 +and Onassis, two other top 13 Illuminati families got rich off of the Temperance ​
 +movement by bootlegging. So many people have exposed the Temperance movement ​
 +(See Occult Theocracy for just one expose of Freemasonry’s involvement) that it 
 +is not pertinent to cover it here. Today’s equivalent of the Temperance movement ​
 +is the drug war. Col. Jack Astor, one of the world’s most powerful men, was 
 +among those who went down with the Titanic. To his honor, he didn’t have to 
 +sacrifice his life, but did. If he had been a scoundrel he could have chased a 
 +woman and her children from some lifeboat. Many sermons have been preached on 
 +the significance of the Titanic, and I personally am beginning to feel that God 
 +laid it on the hearts of so many of his ministers to understand that the Titanic ​
 +was a judgment upon the pride of the world. More specifically it was a warning ​
 +to the New World Order’s elite. Another Illuminati invention was Communism. This 
 +has been so thoroughly documented I don’t know why I have to state it here, 
 +except that there are still people who haven’t taken the time to study it out. 
 +James II. Billington’s book Fire In the Minds of Men - a very scholarly work, 
 +and Occult Theocracy are some good starting points to study this. The Fabian ​
 +Society was also connected to the Illuminati. For instance, Illuminati prince ​
 +Prof. George Edward Gordon Catlin, Pilgrim Soc. member was a member of the 
 +Fabian Society’s executive committee. The Fabian logo is a Wolf in sheep'​s ​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Fabians like H. G. Wells who wrote so eloquently ​
 +on the New World Order with such books as The New World Order, A Modern Utopia, ​
 +The Open Conspiracy Blue Prints For A World Revolution was a wolf in sheep 
 +clothing. H. G. Well’s made the New World Order something that sounded ​
 +advantageous to everyone, a Utopia of sorts. That is not what it will be. During ​
 +the 1930’s, the Fabian Socialists created the Political and Economic Planning ​
 +group (PEP). Mason Viscount Waldorf Astoria was a leader of PEP. A confidential ​
 +program that the PEP created and implemented through the British government was 
 +later described in a book Principles of Economic Planning in 1935. The book 
 +doesn’t explain why its cover has a Masonic square and compass ostensibly ​
 +displayed on its cover. George Bernard Shaw, who was a communist and Fabian ​
 +Socialist was the best friend of Lady Nancy Astor, who became the first woman 
 +Member or Parliament.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​These two spend vast amounts of time together, ​
 +much more than Nancy did with her husband Waldorf who she didn’t care to be 
 +around. Waldorf was the Mason that was mentioned earlier who helped lead PEP. 
 +After Nancy Astor was elected (or selected by the elite) to be the first lady 
 +MP, one of the Russell lady's soon afterwards also became an MP. Communism ​
 +pretends it is the enemy of the rich capitalists,​ but both the rich elite and 
 +the communist leaders are committed to wipe out Christianity,​ to wipe out free 
 +trade with monopolies, and to set up an Illuminati One-World-Government. Do you 
 +see they have similar goals? A picture is included of Waldorf and Nancy Astor’s ​
 +visit to Russia during the 1930s. The Astor'​s were not treated like enemies but 
 +like royalty. Can we see how the elite controlled press have deceived us? Do not 
 +trust our Illuminati-controlled elite to protect us from communism, they control ​
 +communism. Besides socialism, Nancy Astor was a big supporter of Christian ​
 +Science. Christian Science was a front for witchcraft from Its very beginning. ​
 +For more information on what Christian Science is about I suggest people study 
 +Be Wise As Serpents, chapter 2.6 ‘The Healing Light”. Nancy Astor wrote The 
 +Natural History of the Vampire and a book on the early Mason/​Communist Bakunin. ​
 +She used Grenfell family papers. The Grenfell family were close friends to the 
 +Cliveden Astor'​s. David Astor, (The Honorable) attended Bilderberger meetings in 
 +1957 and 1966. Alpha Lodge is the lodge in England that is traditionally for 
 +royalty. There are other elite lodges too, where the those of the elite, can 
 +protect themselves from rubbing shoulders with those of less social stature. ​
 +These are the type of Masonic lodges that the Astor'​s Join.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​In summary, an examination of the Astor family ​
 +reveals their close connections with the full spectrum of Illuminati activities ​
 +ranging from Freemasonry,​ the Illuminati itself, the Pilgrim Society, the Round 
 +Tables, Communism, Fabian Socialism, CFR, RIIA. the Bilderbergers,​ as well as 
 +the various politically (that is Illuminati) tainted banks such as Chase 
 +Manhattan. Ava Alice Muriel Astor was an occultist. She was born in 1902, was 
 +pretty but also a very serious woman. She was a very strong willed person that 
 +was able to dominate a person in her presence unless they were also strong ​
 +willed. She was into Egyptian magic and believed she was the reincarnation of an 
 +Egyptian princess and a disciple of Ikhnaton. Alice Astor may have been one of 
 +the first people to enter King Tut’s tomb, where she got herself a necklace. ​
 +Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World as a picture of things that were to come 
 +--most people think as a expose, but it was really more as a plan or blueprint ​
 +Aldous Huxley and Alice did a great deal of occult things together. Their 
 +financial power is unchecked. Myers and others have noted the Astor'​s are above 
 +the law. The Top 13 families don’t obey the law--they are the law. The Astor'​s ​
 +may have Illuminati Kings and Princes in their ranks, they may have dozens of 
 +billions of assets, yet it will all be nothing when they face their Creator at 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana"><​b>​FDR and Lady Astor - 2 socialists</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana"><​b>​Follow up on the Astor'​s</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​One of the items that I felt I should have given 
 +the readers back in the 1/1/93 issue was the Masonic background of John Jacob 
 +Astor (1763-1848). For the record here is his Masonic involvement:​ Master of the 
 +Holland Lodge No.8, of N. Y. C.-1788 Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of New 
 +York-1796-1801 Junior Grand Warden on two occasions-1796 &amp; 1801 Secretary of the 
 +comamandery (then called encampments). For a busy man, he kept himself busy In 
 +his Masonic work.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​THE ASTOR FAMILY REVISITED WITH INFORMATION ON 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Thirteen families or bloodlines are at the top, 
 +and five of these families are the inside core of these thirteen. Prior to Be 
 +Wise As Serpents, the existence of thirteen top families was not known by very 
 +many people. The existence of the 13 families had come out in Berry Smith’s book 
 +Final Notice in the 1980s, but the names were still unknown. Berry Smith of 
 +Australia wrote in his book Final Notice p. 9, “There are 13 families or groups ​
 +heading up the World Government plan. These families are portrayed as the 13 
 +layers of blocks found on the strange seal on the reverse side of the U.S. $1 
 +bill.” In a little read article, one SRA victim recently wrote that Satanism was 
 +controlled by a few families. Recently, one of the DuPont'​s was on a television ​
 +show because the DuPont'​s were trying to kidnap him because they didn’t like his 
 +support for the book Dope. Inc. I was able to get a copy of the book, and was 
 +overjoyed to find such an excellent book. My sources have been telling me that 
 +the top Illuminati families were behind the drug trade. Yes, Satan’s top 
 +followers are also the kingpins in destroying humanity for profit through drug 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​The following families (besides others) or 
 +individuals from these families are mentioned in Dope Inc. as involved in some 
 +aspect of the drug trade: the Astor'​s,​ Bundy'​s,​ DuPont'​s,​ Freeman'​s,​ Kennedy’s, ​
 +Li’s, Rockefellers,​ Rothschild'​s,​ and Russell'​s. It is no coincidence that nine 
 +of the Top 13 families would get there names in a book which revealed the big 
 +names behind the world’s illegal narcotics trade. It should be mentioned that 
 +some other prominent Illuminati families also play key roles in the drug trade 
 +such as the Bronfman'​s,​ Cabot'​s,​ Shaw'​s,​ Bacons, Perkins, Morgan, Forbes, ​
 +Cisneros and Oppenheimer'​s. Where have we seen such names before? There are 
 +names in Dope Inc. that people would do well to know the danger of such as Louis 
 +Mortimer Bloomfield, Robert Vesco, Francois Genoud of Switzerland,​ Ivan Slavkov ​
 +of Bulgaria, the Duke of Kent - Master of the Grand Mother Lodge of the Scottish ​
 +Rite, and Jardine Matheson to mention a few. All our favorite secret fraternal ​
 +groups appear in Dope, Inc. too. For instance, the Triads, P2 Masonry, regular ​
 +Freemasonry,​ the CIA, the Order of St. John, and the Jesuits. The Universal ​
 +Christian Gnostic Church’s which practices black magic has a whole chapter ​
 +showing its connection to the drug trade. Britain’s assassination bureau ​
 +Permindex which has been mentioned previously in this newsletter also gets a 
 +chapter in the book. In the Be Wise As Serpents book, I examine in detail only 
 +the Rothschild'​s and the Russell'​s. I did not present much to back up my 
 +statements about the 13 families. Further, One of the unthinkable items that 
 +most people do not want to consider is that their leaders who they have idolized ​
 +may be utterly corrupt. There was nothing to do but sit down and give the 
 +nitty-gritty details if the threat from the Illuminati was to be properly ​
 +understood. The facts would speak for themselves. The ideal solution for both 
 +writer and reader was for me to write up my research and for you to read it as a 
 +series of articles. There is only so much a person can assimilate at once, and 
 +these articles give lots of details. In January of this year I began a series of 
 +articles on the top 13 families - families which the top experts said nobody ​
 +knew about. I did this with the hope of stimulating others to notice these 
 +families, and to alert a wider sector of the Body of Christ. The young colleague ​
 +David J. Smith, who wrote part of the Jan. 1 article on the Illuminati, was led 
 +to carry out further research in addition to what the Jan. 1 article had. Most 
 +of this article’s information on the Astor'​s then is a result of David’s ​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​DIFFICULTY IN DETERMINING THE FACTS. Most of the 
 +material put out on the Astor'​s shows the unmistakable mark of distortion by 
 +writers and historians giving information in line with what the Astor'​s wanted ​
 +the public to get. Books on the Astor'​s contain both believable and unbelievable ​
 +material, fact and fiction, Some of the real facts may remain obscured forever, ​
 +but that has not stopped us from getting the most accurate picture we could 
 +reconstruct. The Astor'​s do not make the task of investigating them easy. They 
 +have been very secret and very deceptive since they arrived In this nation. John 
 +Jacob Astor, the first prominent Astor was a notorious liar, “he was known on 
 +occasion to invent romantic tales for the edification of people who annoyed him 
 +with questions ...... Men who knew him best were, therefore, neither ready to 
 +discredit completely all legends about his exploits nor to repeat them as 
 +gospel. The truth, they suspected, lay somewhere between the two extremes.” ​
 +(Terrell, John Upton. Furs by Astor., p. 102.) John Jacob’s son insured that his 
 +father’s lies would go unchallenged by incinerating all of his personal records, ​
 +business records and other papers.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​ORIGIN OF THE FAMILY &amp; its NAME The Astor'​s have 
 +come up with various origins for themselves and those for or against the family ​
 +have added more ideas. One strong possibility is that the Astor'​s are 
 +descendants of the Astorga family found in Southern Italy before the 1600s. The 
 +most likely meaning of the name is that both Astorga and Astor are variations ​
 +meaning “Astarte” who is the mother of the occult. Her name is also Semiramis. ​
 +In Babylon the trinity was Nimrod (the sun), Semiramis (the moon), and Tammuz ​
 +(the morning star). In Egypt, these gods were called Osiris, Isis, and Horus. ​
 +The pictures and statues Isis and Horus were renamed by the Roman Catholic ​
 +church as the Virgin Mary and the Christ-child.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​THE FAMILY IN EUROPE The family may have moved 
 +from Savoy to Waldorf, Germany. Although it is not a certainty, the best 
 +explanation from the available clues indicates that Waldorf’s coven had some 
 +important personages in the witchcraft/​satanic system and that Johann Astor’s ​
 +family had power. At that time in Europe, the Astor family had no chance to turn 
 +their occult power into success. The power and class structure In Europe was 
 +rigid and grid locked. The boundaries between peasant and aristocracy were 
 +solidly in place. So the family looked to the New World to transmute their 
 +position in the Satanic hierarchy into financial wealth and power. Johann Astor 
 +In Waldorf was only a butcher. His best son John Jacob (1763-1848) was selected ​
 +to establish the House of Astor in America.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​JOHN JACOB ASTOR GOES TO AMERICA At age 16, John 
 +Jacob Astor quit helping the family butcher business, went to England and then 
 +later to America. Looking at the details of things, and piecing the truth 
 +together it appears that his Satanic authority was already in place, because he 
 +was able to travel to England, and as a German-speaking peasant converse face to 
 +face with the Backhouse family in England. Of course the biographers make it 
 +sound like John Jacob Astor left Germany for himself, rather than his family. ​
 +Michael Astor gives a glimpse of John Jacob’s mission, “He concentrated almost ​
 +entirely on building a fortune, on escaping the poverty of his childhood and 
 +establishing a secure financial position for his family in America.” (Astor, ​
 +Michael. Tribal Feeling p. 11)</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​OVERVIEW The process of 400 years looks like this. 
 +Various Satanic families moved into the Southwest German area in the late 
 +Medieval time period. Witchcraft associated with Diana was practiced In 
 +Southwest Germany, and this began to alarm various elements of the Roman 
 +Catholic church. The Astor family provides leadership in the covens in the 
 +Heidelberg area. Witchcraft spread virtually all over Southwest Germany. An 
 +examination of the old records from about 1500 to 1650 show that witchcraft was 
 +being practiced throughout the area. (I have the names of over 120 towns were it 
 +was practiced in SW Germany, the list derived from old German records.) The 
 +Astor'​s did not have the position, wealth, and power that accorded their 
 +position in the late 1700s of occult leadership. In Germany, England and France ​
 +there was no way to climb the social ladder. However, the New World presented ​
 +opportunities. The Astor'​s sent two sons to prepare the way for John Jacob, one 
 +to England, one to America, and then sent John Jacob their most promising ​
 +brightest son to the New World.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​While in America the Astor family helped the 
 +Satanic elite headquartered in England to maintain its control over America. ​
 +Having come from Germany, and also due to Satanism being secret, John Jacob 
 +Astor’s help given to pro-British-elite moves were more difficult to suspect. ​
 +After establishing themselves as aristocrats in America, the tribe of Astor'​s ​
 +moved to England, where because of their high social position in America, no one 
 +questioned the Queen bestowing titles of nobility on them. All along the 
 +process, people with Illuminati connections opened doors for the Astor'​s. At 
 +this point, it needs to be pointed out that there were ties between the 
 +following groups: English royalty, English Satanism, English Freemasonry,​ and 
 +German witchcraft, and the Italian Black nobility. (Taking the liberty I have as 
 +author of this article, I am going to digress to give some examples of these 
 +connections. Although on the surface this doesn’t directly pertain to the 
 +Astor'​s,​ it does.) When one paints in the bigger panorama of what was happening ​
 +in the occult world, and then one sees a blazing star streak across that 
 +panorama, then the real history of that blazing star is given by tracking its 
 +voyage through that panorama. However, the history books have intentionally ​
 +hidden the significance of so many of the players and groups that lay along the 
 +track of that blazing streak.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana"><​b>​SPECIFIC GROUPS</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Order of the Knights of the Helmet--This was an 
 +illuminated secret society with Sir Francis Bacon at its head. In order to hide 
 +its Masonic rituals, Sir Francis Bacon wrote a play entitled “The Order of the 
 +Helmet.” This was performed in 3 Jan. 1594, and again for twelve days in 
 +December 1594. In Dec. 1594, British Aristocrats who had been demonically ​
 +illuminated,​ met and put on a “play.” Calling their initiation ceremony a play 
 +was a great cover. Sir Francis Bacon was made king and “prince of purple.” ​
 +Various men were invested with the Collar of Knighthood of the Helmet, and took 
 +vows, And a “Series of Charges by six High Councilors” was given in a manner ​
 +that is very similar to what the satanic S.R.I.A. does now. The reader may ask 
 +what does this have to do with the Astor'​s?​ This is simply a few brief look at 
 +the background of what was happening in the occult in Europe. The Queen of 
 +England sent Sir Francis Bacon as a young man in his twenties to the continent ​
 +of Europe. Sir Francis Bacon toured France in places such as Louvre, St. Cloud, ​
 +Blois, Paris, and Poictiers, He also traveled to Germany, Italy and Spain. He 
 +visited the various royal courts, such as the court of Marguerite de Valois. ​
 +Marguerite was married to King Henry of Navarre. Her mother was the evil 
 +Catherine de Medicis. Sir Francis Bacon also met with many secret societies. At 
 +Marguerite’s court he spent time with “The Pleiade” fraternity, which was a 
 +group of 7 intellectuals.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​According to the best biographer of Sir Francis ​
 +Bacon, who was Alf red Dodd (Alfred spent his entire life studying Sir Francis ​
 +Bacon), Sir Francis Bacon was initiated into a large number of secret occult ​
 +societies when he was on the continent of Europe. He learned kabbalistic magic, ​
 +Egyptian mysticism, Arabian mysticism, and the customs of the German Steinmetzin. ​
 +(Dodd, Alfred. Francis Bacon’s Life-Story. London: Rider &amp; Co., 1988, p.10.4.) ​
 +This information has been provided to give some feel for how the occult in 
 +Europe was in contact with its various parts, and that its tentacles included ​
 +many of the royal families.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Hell Fire Club -- This was a secret Satanic cult 
 +which was associated with early Freemasonry. When the connections became known 
 +between the Satanists of the Hell Fire Club and the elite of Freemasonry, ​
 +Freemasonry and the elite made some radical moves. First, Freemasonry publicly ​
 +proclaimed that it had nothing to do with the Hell Fire Club. When the Hell Fire 
 +Club was publicly disbanded by the government (acting on orders from people that 
 +tied-in with the club). Later, quietly the club was reconstituted. Phillip, 1 at 
 +Duke of Wharton (1698-1731) who was the second person of nobility to be Grand 
 +Master of England’s Freemasons (G.M. of the Grand Lodge 6/​1722-11/​25/​1723) was 
 +president of the Hell Fire Club. He was an M.P, in the House of Lords. In 1726, 
 +he left England and was a basically brought into ill-repute by the Masons, who 
 +distanced themselves from him. George Lee, Earl of Lichfield was also another ​
 +prominent Mason who was a member of the Hell Fire Club. Benjamin Franklin, who 
 +was the head of the American Freemasons in various capacities, and also the head 
 +of the Rosicrucian'​s and a number of other secret occult groups was also a 
 +member of the Hell Fire Club. Benjamin Franklin’s Satanism was not mentioned in 
 +my Be Wise As Serpents book, but he was an important Satanist who was part of 
 +the Order of the Quest--that is the group which has been entrusted with the 
 +plans for bringing in the New World Order of Satan. Remember that John Jacob 
 +Astor was very involved with Freemasonry,​ as were a number of his intimate ​
 +friends such as N.Y. Governor DeWitt Clinton and General John A. Armstrong. In 
 +regards to the Hell Fire Club, the Earl of Sandwich, Benjamin Franklin and Sir 
 +Francis Dashwood were leaders in the Hell Fire Club and were also Post-Master ​
 +Generals of the British Postal Service, All were Freemasons too. Their positions ​
 +as Post-Master Generals allowed them total access to the mail, and allowed them 
 +to spy on the communications of the 18th century. The man who became Post-Master ​
 +General after Dashwood, who moved on to be a M.P, in the Br. Parliament, was the 
 +Mason John Wilkes. John Wilkes took over in 1766 (in 1774 was Lord Mayor of 
 +London). Wilkes then brought one of the original Hell Fire Club members, a 
 +friend of his Willis Hill to help with the Postal Service. The next Post-Master ​
 +general was the totally corrupt man the Earl of Sandwich, who served until 1771. 
 +Benjamin Franklin spent the summers of 1772, 1773, and 1774 at Dashwood’s estate ​
 +in West Wycombe. The caves under Dashwood’s estate at West Wycombe were used for 
 +satanic sexual rituals, which were participated in by Benjamin Franklin.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Ordo Saturnus--This is an old secret satanic ​
 +German order. In the last few newsletters,​ I have been educating people on the 
 +meaning of Saturn. It means Satan. This previous information helps us understand ​
 +John Jacob Astor IV when he writes in his book A Journey in Other Worlds, “The ​
 +souls of the righteous departed were found on Saturn, where, to a background of 
 +weird music, pulsating hearts, luminous brains and centers of spiritual activity ​
 +quiver with motion.” (A side comment: John Jacob Astor IV had a reputation for 
 +his insatiable sexual lust to paw women.) One of the people we have to 
 +investigate in relation to the Ordo Saturnus is Valentine Jeune, who was John 
 +Jacob Astor’s mentor in Waldorf, Germany. Jeune may well have belonged to an 
 +organization such as Ordo Saturnus.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​JOHN JACOB ASTOR LEAVES GERMANY FOR ENGLAND &​amp; ​
 +AMERICA John Jacob Astor arrived in England and may well have been introduced In 
 +England to British Intelligence by his brother George. At any rate, he got 
 +involved in British intelligence which has always been closely linked to 
 +Freemasonry and the elite. He spent time socially with the Blackhouse family ​
 +which an aristocratic family. How do you suppose such a supposedly destitute ​
 +young man could be accepted so easily into the Blackhouse social scene? This is 
 +not explained by modern biographers. After four years, his brother George then 
 +sent him to America to represent George’s music company. His brother Henry met 
 +him when he arrived in 1784 at age 20 and introduced him to the occult world in 
 +New York City. Thomas Backhouse &amp; Co. was a leading house in the lucrative fur 
 +trade. John Jacob Astor set out to bring the fur trade under his own control. ​
 +There is a tact that must be faced. the elite’s Committee of 300, a secret ​
 +legislative group of the Illuminati, decided that John Jacob Astor could expand ​
 +into the fur trade and into the opium narcotics trade. Dope, Inc. shows that the 
 +Astor family was the first American family to get into the Opium trade, and that 
 +their opium trade had was a special privilege that most other American ​
 +businesses did not even try to compete with. Why? Dope, Inc. doesn’t say this 
 +but I know that it is because the Committee of 300 decides such things, not free 
 +enterprise. American furs yielded 1000% profit in those days. The privilege of 
 +fur trading was a pot of gold so to speak that the Committee of 300 gave Astor, ​
 +and it could only have happened because the Astor family in Waldorf was already ​
 +part of a principal satanic bloodline. (The Illuminati members of the Astor 
 +family today use their influence to help those of the Illuminati in their dope 
 +trade.) William Backhouse the American representative of the London Backhouse ​
 +family and John Jacob’s brother Henry were two of John Jacob initial contacts in 
 +the New World. Soon John Jacob had met all types of people involved in New 
 +York’s occult world. John Jacob married Sarah Todd. John Jacob’s step-mother ​
 +Christina Barbara is described as “the perfect, cruel fairy tale stepmother.” ​
 +John Jacob ‘raised the principle of self-interest to the level of a philosophy ​
 +and ..... claimed for himself a natural superiority over his less able and less 
 +powerful fellow men, a sort of God-given right to exploit the world and its 
 +inhabitants for his personal gain, This was not mere cynicism, but a genuine ​
 +belief that in some way [he was] among the chosen people for whose convenience ​
 +and advancement life was ordered ..... Such people ... make history, but they 
 +also pervert it in human terms because their world and the codes that govern it 
 +have nothing to do with morality.’ (Sinclair, David. Dynasty The Astor'​s and 
 +Their Times. p. 59) ‘Astor took Freemasonry seriously... [Gov. DeWitt] Clinton ​
 +rose unusually fast in the degrees, but the German Immigrant [John Jacob] who 
 +talked at times as if he had marbles in his mouth was not far behind him. Astor 
 +eventually caught up to Clinton...’ (Terrell. Furs by Astor, p. 84).</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​DeWItt Clinton’s uncle George Clinton, who served ​
 +as Jefferson’s Vice-President was also a member of their Holland Lodge No. 8. 
 +Archibald Russell of the Russell family, as well as two members of the elite 
 +Livingstone family were members of this lodge too at the time. The Livingstone ​
 +family were participating in the Committee of 300 at that time. One of my 
 +Masonic reference books states that business at the Holland Lodge No, 8 was 
 +conducted in German. If so, why were all these other men involved with it who 
 +apparently had English as their mother tongue? In the 1/1/93 issue, Astor’s ​
 +dirty real estate deals and his activity as a drug king-pin were discussed.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​However,​ Astor’s connivance to create a nation on 
 +the west coast wasn’t. Thomas Jefferson, who I have now come to realize was a 
 +part of the Illuminati, was in on the plot. Jefferson said that he “hoped for 
 +the establishment of an independent nation on the Pacific Coast, bound to the 
 +United States by ties of blood, language, and friendship.” The Northwest was to 
 +become a sovereign nation under Astor’s rule. The plan failed miserably due to a 
 +variety of reasons. Another item that was missed in the earlier article was how 
 +John Jacob Astor profited by using his own courier system and powerful friends ​
 +to profit from the War of 1812. Astor knew the War of 1812 was coming and he set 
 +himself up to profit from it in several ways. (His Masonic brother and friend ​
 +John A.. Armstrong 1758-1843 helped the British war effort as the American ​
 +Secretary of War. A descendent of John’s later married into the Astor'​s.) Astor 
 +himself helped the British when he could profit by it.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​The two illuminati Jefferson and Gallatin gave 
 +Astor special sailing privileges which netted him much profit. When war was 
 +declared against Great Britain, Astor sent agents to the British forts in Canada ​
 +to inform them. This gave the British advance knowledge of the war, before the 
 +Americans troops knew. This allowed the British to seize northern American forts 
 +and to insure that the British had control of the region’s fur trade. This was 
 +essential for Astor to get control of the fur market, because then when the 
 +British furs were embargoed he had less competition. He obtained special ​
 +permission from the President to import all furs owned by him and held in Canada ​
 +before the war. He used this permission illegally to trap new furs. When the war 
 +ended. Astor was able to heat everyone else to Europe with his furs and make a 
 +killing. Astor cleared his name of shame, by sending Washington, D.C. 
 +information about a mutiny at a British fort which allowed the U.S. army to take 
 +advantage of the enemy’s weak condition to capture the area. John Jacob Astor 
 +traded in guns, and his firearms were used in at least one-Latin American ​
 +revolution. Bear in mind Latin-American revolutions have all been planned in 
 +Masonic Lodges. When employees of John Jacob Astor would trap for or trade furs 
 +with the Astor fur houses, they would he paid with letters of credit. Then Astor 
 +agents would he sent out to ambush and kill them, so that the Astor Fur Company ​
 +could save money. The deaths were blamed on Indians. Zachary Taylor stated, ​
 +“Take the American Fur Company in the aggregate, and they are the greatest ​
 +scoundrels the world ever knew.” (O’Connor,​ Harvey. The Astor'​s p.44)</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​WILLIAM BACKHOUSE ASTOR This was the son of John 
 +Jacob Astor. He was infamous for his hank treatment of thousands of people who 
 +rented from him in New York. There were repealed riots by tenants who were 
 +opposed by the harsh filthy living conditions in the buildings Astor owned, but 
 +their complaints were consistently ignored by Astor and their riots suppressed ​
 +by the police. Only half of the children of his tenants lived to age 20. The 
 +Astors were deeply involved with the Tammany organization. William B. supported ​
 +the corrupt administration of the infamous New York mayor, Fernando Wood. The 
 +government at that time was a pack of corrupt men. When Wood was exposed, Astors ​
 +involvement was overlooked. This is another example of Astor power.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​JOHN JACOB III He was the son of William Backhouse ​
 +Astor. He was just as haughty, just as cruel, and just as corrupt as his father ​
 +and grandfather had been. He created “sweat shops” for the poor masses living in 
 +his New York tenements. He also supported corrupt politicians such as the 
 +criminal “Boss” Tweed who ran NYC. The Tweed Ring stole millions of dollars from 
 +the city of New York. Before they finally got caught and sent to prison Mayor 
 +Tweed and gang cost the city $200 million. Again John Jacob Astor III’s power 
 +allowed his involvement to be basically overlooked by the press, while Tweed 
 +went to prison for life.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​THE CHANLER BRANCH Most of the Astors took off for 
 +England, but one branch of the Astors that is clearly involved in Satanism and 
 +the occult is the Chanler family. The Chanler family have Astor blood via 
 +“Madie” Astor Ward. The Chanler’s parents died at an early age, and the Rokeby ​
 +Estate in NY was given by the Astors so that a cousin Mary Marshall could raise 
 +the Chanler children. The Chanler family is one branch that clearly shows all 
 +the earmarks of the Satanic hierarchy. The behavior of Robert Chanler, Elizabeth ​
 +Chanler and Armstrong Chanler have all the classic earmarks of having MPD, and 
 +having suffered SRA. The Rokeby mansion that the Chanler family lived in was a 
 +haunted house of the first rate. Fairies, ghosts, signs and potents, and all 
 +type of occult activity takes place at this mansion, When top rx-Illuminati ​
 +members who have managed to escape Satanism describe their home life, they 
 +mention that occult phenomena was a natural part of home life. This certainly is 
 +what life has been like at the Chanler Rokeby mansion. The Chanlers are not well 
 +known publicly but have been part of the social scene of the elite. Theodore ​
 +Roosevelt and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (of the elite Cabot family) were good 
 +friends of the Chanlers. The Chanlers created the town Roanoke Rapids, North 
 +Carolina. (At some point I hope to do an expose on the resort area in that 
 +general area that is a “meat market” for the Illuminati. Families like the Bill 
 +Clinton’s go down there every year for vacation to mingle with other middle ​
 +management families that the Illuminati use as lackeys. Illuminati “scouts” ​
 +watch and choose who they want to use for political office, etc.) A Who’s Who of 
 +the Astor orphans--the Chanler family who are of interest to our study of the 
 +Illuminati will now be given.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​John Armstrong Chanler-married mystic novelist and 
 +morphine addict Amelie Rives. “Once wandering in the twilight she asked 
 +wistfully, “Do you think If I drank a whole cupful of warm, bubbly blood, I 
 +would see a real fairy” ... Then there had been the period during which she 
 +suffered anguish over the thought that Satan was banished from Paradise forever; ​
 +she prayed with tears that ultimately he might be pardoned and readmitted to 
 +celestial bliss.” (Thomas, Lately. The Astor Orphans: A Pride of Lions p. 76.) 
 +John carried on spiritual experiments in what he termed “esoteric Buddhism”. Due 
 +to his obsession with this practice and a business fight with his brothers they 
 +put him in an insane asylum. He finally did get released. One has to wonder what 
 +the whole story was behind the incarceration. His esoteric Buddhism or 
 +“x-faculty” was a trance state where a spirit spoke or did automatic writing ​
 +through him. His eye color would change when this spirit worked through him.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Margaret Livingston Chanler retained the rights to 
 +Rokeby. She married into the Aldrich family, which is another Illuminati family. ​
 +The Aidriches now own Rokeby.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​William Chanler was a friend of Tom Foley who was 
 +the Tammany district leader of the Irish-Italian district east of city hall. 
 +Another friend was Jack Follansbee. Jack Follansbee’s cousin was William Randolf ​
 +Hearst, an Illuminatus of the 6° who got Billy Graham’s ministry going by 
 +financing the first several years. The Hearst family is in the Illuminati. One 
 +of the Rothschild descendants Don Hearst Bauer, has changed his name to Don 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​Winthrop Chanler’s wife, Amelie Rive, her father ​
 +William Cabell Rives studied law under Thomas Jefferson.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​THE ROOSEVELT CONNECTION The Roosevelt family has 
 +been connected to the Delano family which Is a Black Venetian Noble family that 
 +goes back for many centuries. The lives of these families also intertwine with 
 +the Astors. Examples of the interweaving are: · Franklin Hughes Delano--heir to 
 +a massive whale oil fortune. He married Lavia Astor, daughter of the original ​
 +William Backhouse Astor. · James Roosevelt Roosevelt-married Helen Astor, ​
 +daughter of William Backhouse, Jr. · James Roosevelt--a Freemason, he married ​
 +the sister of Vincent Astor’s wife.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana"><​b>​SUMMARY</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px" align="​left">​
 +<font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​In our revisit to the Astor'​s,​ we have examined in 
 +more detail the early life of John Jacob Astor and his connections to Satanism. ​
 +We have touched on his son and grandson who led the Astor family after John 
 +Jacob died. We have seen more of their meanness and connections to corruption. ​
 +We examined how Satanism and the occult had a hold on England even back when 
 +John Jacob Astor came to the New World. Three important occult organizations of 
 +the 17th &amp; 18th century were introduced. We have looked at the Chanler family, a 
 +branch of the Astor family which is part of Satanism. We also looked at how the 
 +Roosevelt'​s and Delano families have been associated with the Astor'​s.</​font>​
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