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Various Pest Insect Eradication

Some insect pest infestation are due to unsanitized conditions and are the fault of the person and better practices rather than eradication is the answer.

All these animals are all searching for food.

Rats, Mice and Ants are solved by sealing the house of gaps either in thoughtful construction or later on using sealants to investigate their access routes and blocking the holes and by wiping down eating areas of waste food so that their is no food source and these pests will move to easier sources.

Mosquitos, these may not enter a sealed house with fly mesh and screens that prohibit their entry but one may not be able to go outside without being eaten alive. The current solution here is a trap that mimicks human food source only to be a death trap. One of these traps will cover a acre of space and in this case eradication is better than repellent as they target humans as food.

If you leave your door open insects will fly in most likely blow flies and their annoying buzzing, these animals surround people when they walk down the streets and annoy them constantly so in this case eradication rather than repellent is the answer. A similar strategy to mosquitos must be sought here hopefully with the same coverage.

Their are many insects that do not bother humans and they are exempted from eradication.

Their are many small lifeforms that enter with the air along with pollutants and for this a home air purifier is largely used. A device that take in air and treats it prior to entry to pass the incoming air through alcohol or water to trap the unseen bugs and to filter out the vehicle pollutants and dusts. Obviously along with the water supply.

Hopefully one day cities will take pest eradication seriously and install city wide attractants and traps so that we can the streets without being attacked.

Stop spraying pesticides. They make their way up and get into our food eventually making it poisonous which is the reason the rising allergy and autism. Instead be more intelligent and find traps that are effective. Moths do not attack humans. This is strictly for the city, the state forests are sanctuary for insects, not the city.

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