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   * Cabinet   * Cabinet
   * Consumables   * Consumables
 +===== Test Protocol =====
 +We require to test the patient before and after and keep records. The problem is when we undertake some treatment if we cannot measure changes then there is no way of knowing if treatment has any benefit, without metrics we are flying blind. So we must develop ageing metrics. For us to see if we are getting closer, we will need metrics, analysis, tests. Not all people are candidates for treatment due to interfering medications and medical issues so an initial analysis is required, it is a cosmetic product, so we do not want any complications.
 +The questions are...
 +  - Do blood indicators resemble that of a young person.
 +  - Do cells/​organs indicators resemble that of a young person.
 +  - Do genetic/​epigenetic configuration resemble that of a young person.
 +  - Blood analysis is an accepted and mature industry. [[https://​​2019/​12/​23/​new-aging-clock-based-on-proteins-in-the-blood/​|1]]
 +  - Cell / organ analysis is not a mature industry
 +  - Genetic/​Epigeneic analysis is possible using the Horvath Epigenetic Test.
 +  - Geriatric tests, non-invasive testing cognitive thresholds.
 ---- ----
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