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The Odds - Group Vs Individual

First there is evenly matched individual vs individual, for a government, the odds are too even. Rather than an unevenly matched contest, the state sought group vs the individual. That means never segregate because you must maintain the odds, group vs group power. That did not work and so the government went on the create big armed groups against unarmed small groups again to keep up with the odds, maintain big armed groups. The odds must stay 50:50 and the employment of new forms to keep the odds even at all times.

1 police versus 1 citizen, no guns the odds are 50:50 even, the Police might use threats or privileged position with the system of their position the citizen might also use threats of their position. This will generally be a discussion the conclusion is everyone leaves.

Due, the odds will shift

1 police with a gun versus 1 citizen without a gun, the odds are higher. To even the odds the citizen must also have a weapon.

The comes, 2 police versus 1…

And so on, they are pushing the odds. The state wants maximum odds against the people and so the people must also alter their construction to even out the odds.

They are a massively armed VIOLENT group, and they deploy that group against unarmed individuals and so you must organize to match the odds. The command structure is always the same, leader, organizers, people. The segregated individual is lost. The large armed committed group will eventually take over government one way or another.

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