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 +====== Overpopulation ======
 +The solutions for overpopulation are as follows, as civilization develops more universally the constraints of the resources and the Earth reach its limits. It seems that people will generally not consider this limit in the western world with capitalism and in the developing world with national capitalism. Farming has not progressed with any real significance since its inception. Not only does it mean billions of animals slaughtered daily, but all of the other resources also and 60 lane traffic jams. This is predominantly an India, China problem and will become a Africa problem in the next century.
 +  - World War III - the major solution is world war for the side effect purpose of being populations under control, this WWIII based for China, India to being their combined population to under or about 250 million each.
 +  - Technology Until WWIII - put more funding into developing all the technologies to deal with overpopulation for the purpose of a post WWIII world where the technologies will still be valid. For example lab meat, architecture,​ space hotel, water purification and all the other concepts people will invent in the situation.
 +  - Soft Molech, Third Child Tax - this is the generation of a policy framework that bring the population under control by prevention rather than cure. For example to not evoke the threat complex in woman, two children are not only tax free but are valued in raise of standard of living, since they are two child families the population is sustained along with their last name affirmations. Families with 3 or more children will incur a service tax that is levies the cost of the entire system on the third and more so exponentially with subsequent children.
 +This policy framework institutes quality socialist care services, The policy framework also prohibits immigration from so called breeder nations. This subsequent child tax, exponential can  be used to usher in socialism, that is universal heath care without co-payments,​ age care guarantee, free education, homeless, drug, mental illness institutions. So that we get a smaller population but more quality care services.
 +Their are place in the world where by the policy of government the population has remained steady and their have also been population control failures. This is about adding to the policies that work, while also improving the care available to the myriad of issues humans face. In preference for sanatoriums where exit is based on stability of the candidate, and rather than safe injecting rooms. If the a candidate is chronic homeless and is taken to a sanatorium facility for chronic homeless persons then if they are able to leave the facility and return at night without issue then they are free to come and go, if they seem to have a disposition to sleep on the street when they have a bed allocated in the clean facility then they will not be permitted to leave. This goes the same for public displays of insanity and street beggars. The level of care at the these facilities are important they are not criminal facilities or mental institutions.
 +For socialism to ever actually work, the government must come clean, transparent about where taxes are going and why deflationary pressures in a socialist system cannot be used to pay for quality care services.
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