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Fighting Coronavirus With Military Grade Weapons, Police Should Not Be Using Military Equipment (inc Drones)

Movement of military vehicles through SoCal is routine and not related to coronavirus, officials say

After photos and videos of armored military vehicles being moved through Southern California started popping up online with claims that the sight was related to the coronavirus pandemic, officials took to Twitter to quash the rumors and explain it was only routine movement.

The images showed hundreds of tank-like vehicles being hauled on a train over the past week, with some social media users tying the movement to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s deployment of the California National Guard to assist with COVID-19 aid efforts.

The reality is many Police are eyeing out armored trucks and these truck may be retrofitted to become Police vehicles. Why Halifax police want to spend up to $500,000 on an armoured trucks.

HALIFAX—Halifax could be next in a growing number of Canadian cities to add an armoured truck to their police fleet.

Monday’s board of police commissioners meeting was packed with members of the public waiting to hear its response to Toronto criminologist Scot Wortley’s report on street checks in Halifax.

Before commissioners got to the carding discussion, Insp. Jim Butler pitched the idea of spending $350,000 to $500,000 on an armoured rescue vehicle or ARV.

“Really it’s about preparedness, it’s about public safety, and it’s about police safety,” Butler said.

San Leandro police say ARCO SWAT standoff is reason to get BearCat

Once inside the tiny office of the ARCO station, Bhallah told ABC7 News both he and his captor used security cameras to monitor the police activity outside, including their use of a robot and an armored vehicle.

“The vehicle was used to actually be a shield for officers that were moving from point to point. It was actually used to transport the hostages,” Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando said.

Type in police and armoured vehicles and you too will learn that Police are militarizing themselves. This is bad behaviour by Police and their controllers. The militarization of Police is a bad move.

And this is being spread across regimes, which suggests that it is an international effort to militarize Police around the world.

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