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Policy Platform For Humans Living In Balance With Nature By Consensus

Overpopulation has always been an elitest world view. When the crux of the problem is Royal oils.

An age old question, why among all the animals does man exist beyond a balance with nature. The problem it seems is that man lives beyond nature's balance rather than being the pride for some it is a problem. For if man lived in balance with nature somehow all his hopes and dreams would be pacified rather than man doing his best to rise out of the hardship of nature. That man exceeds the boundaries of nature is what makes humans better but for some it seems that is the problem.

This philosophical mystery is simply answered that man exists beyond the balance of nature because his promise is to be space faring. There in the challenge of space is man to find a challenge he will not be able to overcome and in that effort a most productive time.

We can choose to believe the overpopulation hype or reject it, even while the Royal oils of this world are the cause of the exhaust fumes changing the composition of the atmosphere and Royal oil based plastics that do not biodegrade and placing that issue with the amount of people on the Earth rather than their business practices,. Royal Dutch Shell, Aramco, the royal families of the world are the ones spewing rubbish into the atmosphere. The crux of the problem is Royal oils.

The basis of the system today is to mine resources, sell them for profit but eventually all of it goes into the rubbish, and at a certain number of population the entire planet becomes rubbish. People do not consider the problems of mass transit and in the end it is a traffic jam, road rage and waiting around for ever without any brain to realize such. Too many people will render the Earth a waste land and a rubbish dump. The process of product creation is in fact the process of rubbish creation with polluted air, water, food and land. The limits must be scientifically proved and implemented, eventually the world either becomes rubbish, or we all agree to move into a smarter way of living.

This page is about a political policy platform for a society to exist in harmony or balance with nature, not using force but by consensus. The options are as follows…

  1. we live in a balance with the natural system
  2. that failing the rate of birth must fall below the death rate using covert means
  3. that failing WWIII for population reduction.

Obviously the ideal option is the first one, but if the world is at stake we cannot let it go to the rubbish.

Option 1: Political Policy Platform For Man In Balance With Nature

  1. Oil must be phased out. The chemical composition of the Earth is being altered by oil exhaust from cars and that is the crux of the problem. The thermostat of the Earth is in reaction to the exhaust from oil from vehicles. Phase out oil and gas vehicles and in the short term replace them with electric vehicles. It is of no concern if someone wants to sit in traffic for hours each day, and they can continue to do so increasingly and indefinitely but the pollution of the air is the concern. The phasing out of exhaust emitting vehicles starting with the most popular vehicles, sedans and SUV's. All new vehicle sales of sedan and SUV's must be electric only. Heavy vehicles and service vehicles exempt, with the improvements in battery technology, they too phazed out.
  2. Exhaust sequestration of 100% of the exhaust fumes for vehicles that are beyond electrification.
  3. Reversal of existing carbon emissions using air purification machines.
  4. All sources of chemical composition altering emission must be phazed out asap.
  5. Phase out oil and gas in the household for three phase electrical heating and cooking.
  6. Opt for renewable energy, solar, wind, wave, thermal and even nuclear. Fund the direction of energy towards clean energy.
  7. Abandon oil and gas mining forever and refrain from importing gases into Earth in space mining scenario, solids only.
  8. Phase out plastics and replace with paper, tin, aluminium. Implement a rebate for bringing plastics back to the depot. Add the rebate amount to the price of the beverage.
  9. Pesticides and other chemicals that persist in the environment phased out, instead pesticide free farming, vertical farming or technology such as plasma water, alternatives.
  10. Continueous enlargement of protected nature reserves in both land and sea.
  11. Third child tax, the tax system must be refocussed on the basis of the number of children. Perks for two child families and high taxes for three or more child families. The chinese one child policy triggered a threat in the population, the policy should not activate an existential threat. It is not illegal to have more children instead it is taxable. Tax free up to 2 children (no threat) and two child families are seen as doing the right behaviour and are raised up in society while three or more child families pay increasingly severe taxation that puts them on a lower social by affordability. The socialism is paid for by the third or more child, the two child families must recieve compensation by the offense of 3 or more child families, such is the focus of the tax system. Soft Molech, Third Child Tax - this is the generation of a policy framework that bring the population under control by prevention rather than cure. For example to not evoke the threat complex in woman, two children are not only tax free but are valued in raise of standard of living, since they are two child families the population is sustained along with their last name affirmations. Families with 3 or more children will incur a service tax that is levies the cost of the entire system on the third and more so exponentially with subsequent children. Heavy taxes of excessive child families to fund socialism. This policy framework institutes quality socialist care services, The policy framework also prohibits immigration from so called breeder nations. This subsequent child tax, exponential can be used to usher in socialism, that is universal heath care without co-payments, age care guarantee, free education, homeless, drug, mental illness institutions. So that we get a smaller population but more quality care services. If the threat complex is triggered people will breed, if their is no threat complex triggered and no threat in the platform then people may actually agree with the benefits of fewer people, i.e. more space, less competition and thus more opportunity.
  12. End the bond and intergovernmental loan markets and use the resulting monetary deflation to fund social services such universal heath care, universal aged care and more.
  13. Farming has not progressed with any real significance since its inception 6,000 years ago and is not the solution to a population without limits. The majority of meat must come from lab grown meat teachnology, perfecting lab grown meats to scale. The development of this technology is crucial.
  14. Keep Earth 2.0 option open by funding space technology. It is assumed that the balance of humans and nature cannot be reached because man must conquer the cosmos.

Today population is predominantly an India, China problem and will become an Africa problem in the next century. In terms of consumption it is a USA problem.

Funding Socialism With Natural Deflation

An economy requires a minimum amount of funds in the system to avoid deflation. The society needs to have a certain amount of money circulating and spending a certain amount of money for services to maintain themselves and if they spend more the services can grow bigger. If people have no money they cannot spend any money and the fundamental needs that business provides loses customers and funds.

Today the injection of these funds is squandered to banks and to the international bond market. Now if these two orifices were shut down deflation, recession and depression would soon occur.

Now if the power to inflate the economy was taken away from the banks and the international bond markets and placed instead strictly towards social programs targeting the bottom up then socialism would be funded just by warding off deflation (without taxes).

Now you know that the international bond markets mean that a nation will pay in interest the total annual budget of the nation and banks will put out debt hoping to get enough to pay it back with interest. Such a system is inflationary, high taxing and enslaving. Socialism competes against banks and the bond market and the result is too crowded to be effective.

The government will then have to reign in the banks and end their loan business and pull out of the bond market and then democratically institute social programs and fund those programs as the primary means of injecting funds into the system to ward off deflation.

As the funding of those programs becomes the primary means of accessing funds it will re-order society, business is forced to provide services to the poorest in housing, food, clothing and health care as welfare and health care systems become the first receivers of funds causing the focus to be on the poorest and those that provide services will seek to service the poorest and all will get what they need. The program endows the most needy and the service providers doing services to get paid from them.

Getting enough funds out is clockwork. If the government releases a certain amount of funds in social programs per year a certain standard of living is assured. If it increases it service providers will have a bumper crop and if it retrains aid service providers will have a bad year.

Now international bond holders as well as the banks are not going to like the government being the controller of all release of money and that being strictly socialism and will work to destroy the system because they are the largest benefactors of the current system.

UBI For Selected Industries

The employment problem. Selected UBI for research. Any person that does research for a living employed by accepted compnay get UBI from the company.

Focus On Technology & Futurism

Their is simply too much to gain from working out how to do process better, so the focus on futurism.

Option 2: Covert Population Control

The second option, every where their are death and their are births. A nation might average 10,000 deaths and 20,000 births per year. A government will want to either have 40,000 deaths per year and 20,000 birth per year. And will alter the system to achieve such. It is not recommended that people proactively achieve these numbers. If a government stopped trying to save everyones life then it will occur without any action. People do dangerous activites, from smoking to driving badly and so on. Stop making laws that save people's lives.

Option 3: The World War III Solution

This solution is not recommended because when people are threatened they breed, and world wars barely buy you 100 years. World War III - the major solution is world war for the side effect purpose to bring populations under control, this WWIII based for China, India to bring their combined population to under or about 250 million each. Technology Until WWIII - put more funding into developing all the technologies to deal with overpopulation for the purpose of a post WWIII world where the technologies will still be valid. For example lab meat, architecture, space hotel, water purification and all the other concepts to invent for the situation.

Their are place in the world where by the policy of government the population has remained steady and their have also been population control failures. This is about adding to the policies that work, while also improving the care available to the myriad of issues humans face. In preference for sanatoriums where exit is based on stability of the candidate, and rather than safe injecting rooms. If the a candidate is chronic homeless and is taken to a sanatorium facility for chronic homeless persons then if they are able to leave the facility and return at night without issue then they are free to come and go, if they seem to have a disposition to sleep on the street when they have a bed allocated in the clean facility then they will not be permitted to leave. This goes the same for public displays of insanity and street beggars. The level of care at the these facilities are important they are not criminal facilities or mental institutions.

For socialism to ever actually work, the government must come clean, transparent about where taxes are going and why deflationary pressures in a socialist system cannot be used to pay for quality care services.

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