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A scam is defined simply as theft by deception.

Scam 1: Selling Broken Stuff

This scam to beat, is the seller selling broken things.The correct behaviour that things which are broken are not be sold on. They are to be sent away to the various services that recycle those objects. This is a very common method some types of people used to get out of a bad situation.

A thing could be a real world object or it may be a business or contact that has problems making it worthless.


  1. Prefer a new item rather than a use item.
  2. Change your lifestyle so you do not need the item.
  3. Be meticulous and look at every single detail to make sure you what you are buying.
  4. Do not listen to voice in your head or feelings in your heart.
  5. If you must buy a used item be prepared to walk away and not feel as if you have lost out. Stick to quality brands.

Scam 2: Guy Runs Off With The Money

The guy says he needs some amount of initial money perhaps to grant you a loan. Perhaps he says 10% security deposit and if you put up the money he does a runner. A person may have gone far to have a retail office space and be registered and licensed only to scam.


Do not place trust any trust when it comes to money. Money brings out the worst in people. Do not loan from loan sharks. Choose popular banks only and do not leave a deposit.

You must have a security code of conduct. Given the opportunity most people become thieves, do not think that most people are not thieves for it is only a facade.


Practice a security policy at all time and do not make a big show of it or suspect people incorrectly for your own ego sake.

Scam 4: Receiving Cheques In The Mail

Receiving check in the mail from an unknown person will always be a scam. Regardless of the details. The scam goes cash the cheque it takes three put half into my account and then the cheque bounces and you lost your money.

Scam 5: Charities

Charities and donations are a simply a scam. Any donations based operation for the sake of the poor are a scam.

Scam 6: Religions

Religions are scams. Any bullshit stories with donation trays are a scam.

Scam 7: Lotteries In The Mail

Any piece of mail that says you either won a lottery or are in a select group that could win a lottery, if you subscribe to a magazine. Readers Digest are known to run these subscription scams. While Readers Digest might deny its involvement the paid magazine subscription required to win the sweepstakes is an authentic readers digest magazine subscription.

Readers Digest Scam Letter

Scam 8: Catfishing

Meeting people online who develop a relationship then ask for money, or send you a package and then claim customs is holding it and request you pay customs to release the package. The package was never sent and the customs webpage is a fake webpage that sends the money to the scammer.

Scam 9: Divorce and Alimony

Some women marry, divorce and have children as a means to obtain funds through alimony. While in some countries they get money from welfare on the amount of children they have and so they have more children to receive more money from the welfare system. Some women may marry with a view to divorce.

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