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Sound Weapons (Against Cancer and Bugs)


An Opera singer can shatter a glass with her voice, the frequency matches the resonance of the glass and it begins to vibrate until it exceeds and the glass shatters. Their is an effort to create medical treatments using the same idea. The idea is to pin-point cancer cells and target them with their resonant frequency making them vibrate until they shatter. Along with technologies that can identify cancerous cells, the developers believe they have a new effective cancer treatment with minimal trauma aiding mortality and success. Here are some video's. Prior efforts want to cross section ultra fine rays of radiation targeting cells that are harmless at all areas except where the cross section meets, gamma rays penetrate bone, the sonic therapy has shown to work with patients having some soreness during the healing process of 2 or so weeks but no entry point. Other say that virus and bacteria can also be targeted, predicting a treatment against H.I.V. You be the judge, can a computer system scan, identify and destroy foreign element in the body in a M.R.I like machine, where your back at home several hours later after being diagnosed?

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