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 +====== Academia ======
 +This idea for an institution,​ to teach children to be higher class. A person learns to read, learns to write, learns to use numbers, learns the dictionary, learns the encyclopedia. Later on a person learns a skill that he can do in exchange for money.
 +Academia is not exempt from political struggles, religions and the state have overturned the education system to brainwash children. A child might be taught that their political country name is good and right and the best, they may be taught to believe in a religious doctrine. However this is not the intent of parents sending their children to be educated for them it is a means to a higher state of existence perhaps not to be duped into fighting wars and suffering trauma or a worthless death in some worthless affair for the success of aristocrats.
 +People are institutionally and generationally degraded. The governments are threatened by intelligent people, and so they gut the education system, blast dumb propaganda everywhere. Push imaginary people in religions, beat them with Police and after which they mock them in their degraded state. When they stampede like animals do, or behave lowly in their confusion. An intelligent person would then by their state of intelligence not stampede like an animal or be violently associating also like an animal.